Typemock, the leading provider and pioneer ofeasy unit testing solutions, has announced the launch of Typemock Isolator V8.5 for .NET. The new Typemock Isolator V8.5 provides the ability to upload Typemock via NuGet package. This significantly eases the development process and as well as makes it easier to switch between different versions of Typemock.

NuGet is a Visual Studio extension that streamlines the ability to add, remove, and update libraries and tools in Visual Studio projects that use the .NET Framework. NuGet packages allow developers to configure their project with one click or one line command, as well as download all dependencies during the server builds, instead of being forced to store large amounts of dependences. With the new version, developers can now update Typemock’s references for all their solution projects – which are now only referenced from the project – with one click from the Nuget package.

Typemock’s NuGet package also supports the Suggest feature, so suggested tests are now also easier to store and update. Typemock Suggest is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to generate suggestions to test the validity of the code as its written. This feature uses static and dynamic analysis to suggest code that covers the parts and logic of any pre-existing code that does not have unit testing, including legacy code.

In addition, Typemock V8.5 supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Preview. This latest version of Visual Studio was developed with the new enhancements of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) in mind, and provides improved performance and reliability.

Eli Lopian, founder of Typemock said: “The release of Isolator V8.5 takes developer productivity even further, speeding up programming processes and eliminating development down-time due to redundant debugging and QA. We are constantly adding to Isolator unique productivity-enhancing features, specifically aimed at helping developers work faster & better. Automating processes is the basis of saving valuable developer work hours, by having previously manual labor done by the computer, allowing developers to concentrate on actual coding: Typemock Isolator V8.5 enables them to do exactly that.”