Altova recently announced availability of Version 2012 of its UML tool for software modeling and application development, UModel.

This UML tool that delivers the most advanced functionality for UML software modeling, while maintaining its affordability compared to similar solutions, now supports Model Driven Architecture (MDA) through platform-independent models.

“In response to numerous customer requests, UModel now supports Model Driven Architecture with platform independent models that can be described without concern for the details of any specific programming language,” said Alexander Falk, President and CEO for Altova. “The addition of MDA support in UModel 2012 makes this advanced yet affordable UML modeling tool even more attractive to software architects.”

MDA support in UModel 2012 lets users focus exclusively on the logic of the subject domain rather than worry about the characteristics of any particular programming language. Through the new Model Transformation selection in UModel, software architects can instantly transform a model to any supported language, such as Java, C#, Visual Basic, databases, XML Schema, or even from one source code language to another.

Additional new features introduced in UModel 2012 are detailed below.
• JDBC database driver support: In addition to ODBC and ADO drivers, UModel 2012 supports JDBC database drivers for database modeling.
• New, native Java API: UModel now includes a totally revamped, native Java API in addition to the existing COM API. The Java API gives Java developers an easier way to automate UModel functionality in custom applications.
• Visual alignment guides: Now it’s easy to quickly align elements in any UML, SysML, BPMN, or database diagram by dragging them in the drawing pane.
• Three editions of UModel are now available to meet specific customer requirements:

o The Basic Edition contains all the functionality previously included in UModel 2011 Professional Edition, including support for all 14 UML 2 diagram types, code generation and reverse engineering in C#, Java, and Visual Basic, generation of project documentation, and extensive teamwork support.

o The Professional Edition includes all of the features of the Basic Edition, plus support for SysML, BPMN, database modeling, integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse, automatic synchronization of code and model, and much more.

o The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Basic Edition and the Professional Edition, plus support for Model Driven Architecture described above.

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Availability and Pricing
Version 2012 of the Altova product line is available for purchase in the Altova Online Shop: with prices starting at $59 (USD) per product. For optimum savings, customers can choose the Altova MissionKit, which includes up to eight Altova products for less than the price of two. Altova recommends the purchase of its Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) with all software purchases. Learn more at: