Cyber risk company UpGuard today announced a major addition to their suite of product offerings with UpGuard Procedures, a new product to automate and standardize the documentation and validation of IT procedures. UpGuard Procedures will reduce procedural failures and create more secure IT operations, helping UpGuard customers avoid errors, save time, and streamline efficiency. UpGuard Procedures transforms traditional, manual IT processes into automated procedures.

UpGuard continues to lead the industry in developing multifaceted solutions that address the ever-evolving challenges of the cyber risk landscape. UpGuard has provided operational integrity to millions of IT systems since it was founded in 2012 by co-CEOs Mike Baukes and Alan Sharp-Paul, giving companies visibility into their cyber risk by discovering and testing the complete state of their digital environments. With the addition of UpGuard Procedures to its suite of products, cross-functional teams will have the ability to validate that the processes are being followed, automating the validation of the actual machine state.

As IT systems evolve, so do the processes that control these systems and the teams responsible for managing them. IT Managers are tasked with monitoring massive infrastructures and juggling a slew of tools, making it difficult to validate that their processes are being properly carried out. This lack of certainty contributes to the expanding, and largely unknown, risk surface of the organization, which can be seen through the proliferation of data exposures and breaches that occur as a result of simple human error.

UpGuard Procedures eliminates the procedural failures that compromise informational security, defining the template and automating the execution of each step to validate that every step of the process is done each time. In the case of a task like server provisioning, system administrators would have to manually create a set of IT tasks and perform them on each and every single machine across thousands of nodes. With Procedures, system administrators can ensure that group policies are being applied correctly, that firewall and antivirus systems are effectively running, and that the appropriate level of remote access is defined.

“There is nothing scarier than an old process being implemented by a new employee,” says Mike Baukes, co-founder and co-CEO of UpGuard. “Often times, it’s not the policy or process that is flawed, but the manner in which it was carried out. Procedures addresses that concern for our customers.”

Since UpGuard’s founding in 2012, the business has grown more than 300% year over year and now counts ICE-NYSE, NASA, Rackspace, Ulta, PGI and ADP among its customers. This product news comes on the heels of several announcements from UpGuard, including an expansion to the APAC region and several key leadership hires, including Chris Vickery, Director of Cyber Risk Research.