UrbanCode, the leading provider of DevOps release and deployment tools, today announced the release of uBuild–the company’s enterprise class build automation solution.

uBuild is the first product to provide true build automation on a global scale. uBuild offers a unique central authoritative build framework for quality and dependency control. uBuild enables enterprises to codify their best practices into build process templates. Centralized builds allow the user to collect metrics around these builds such as change tracking, test results, code coverage and overall analytics. The build process templates are based on UrbanCode’s successful build automation solution, AnthillPro, and provide an industry-leading level of architectural, testing, coding, and quality control.

“Team builds are a solved problem; however, when build management is left at a team level, it serves a very different purpose than the build management that is required at the enterprise level,” said Maciej Zawadzki, CEO and co-founder of UrbanCode. “Build automation can now be used as a management tool rather than being primarily a developer productivity tool. Now a manager can ensure best practices are followed, approved tools are used, and project-level quality control is maintained, regardless of locations.”

Enterprises are focused on improving the software development process in order to gain quality and predictability in their releases. As teams scale in size and distance from the central location, it becomes very difficult to ensure best practices are followed. uBuild provides a solution to the problem of scale with quality indicators and best practices “checks”. Unit tests, code coverage, and static analysis are three of uBuild’s built-in sensitivity automation indicators that allow such errors to be caught before they turn into a production issue.

The long-term aggregation of build data also allows managers to make data-driven decisions for the development, test, and release engineering teams. uBuild automatically compiles this build data and provides a unique view into the process, showing build progress or regression over time. This feature provides a unique form of visibility that shows at every level where errors are originated, as well as where elements of the code or process excel.

Features of uBuild include:
—Supporting developers working in C#, Java, C/C++ and others
—Reusable and customizable build templates
—Dependency management trigger and relationship customization
—Customizable reporting engine for build and test statistics
—Dynamic agent pools
—Automated building and testing

uBuild is available immediately directly from UrbanCode.