uSampTM, a leader in providing mobile insights, has today announced a new way for businesses with mobile apps to utilize its software development kit (SDK) technology to monetize their app and drive user engagement. By allowing integration of its platform, uSamp offers businesses and app developers the opportunity to add an additional revenue stream, and learn more about their members.
Mobile app developers are able to seamlessly funnel uSamp’s entire set of mobile insights features into their own app, giving their users the option to participate in mobile missions or surveys in exchange for rewards. In addition to standard survey questions, the SDK enables app users to capture photos, shoot videos, record audio, and scan barcodes as part of the missions.
The solution brings on-demand access to a vast library of mobile survey missions that will keep their users active. These mobile missions offer lucrative rewards and are shorter in duration than traditional online surveys, with some mission payouts being as much as $50. Ultimately, this cultivates a better user-experience and increases the lifetime value of mobile app users.
Developers can create deep demographic and usability profiles that can help them not only enhance their own app, but also negotiate better cost per impressions (CPMs) from display advertisers. By integrating the SDK, app developers will make money each time one of their app users completes a mobile mission or survey that they qualify for.
“As a pioneer in mobile research, uSamp has spent years developing technology to help companies reach their key audiences and customers,” said Gregg Lavin, Co-Founder and President, uSamp. “This is an exciting step toward our goal of providing mobile developers and advertisers with the most comprehensive tool set in the market to better understand and engage loyal mobile users.”
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