Utopia Global, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise data solutions and a long-time SAP partner, has released a new software version of its master data governance solution for enterprise asset management that SAP resells as a solution extension under the name SAP Master Data Governance, enterprise asset management extension by Utopia. The new capabilities in the solution extension will help customers to improve maintenance planning, increase regulatory compliance and advance the delivery of customer services dependent upon high availability of infrastructure, facilities and fleet assets.

This new version of the solution extension adds the ability to create and maintain maintenance plans complete with task lists, items and master data issues commonly associated with preventive and predictive maintenance program work. The enterprise asset management extension introduces the SAP Fiori user experience for selected create, review and approver functions, along with:

  • Enhanced search based on SAP HANA – leverages improvements to search functionality in SAP Master Data Governance including fuzziness and duplication checker to accelerate search and make it much easier to locate and select the right records.
  • New work objects – the addition of maintenance plans/items, task lists, measuring points, work centers and service manager work objects supports governance of work and maintenance strategies that help improve program planning and delivery.
  • Enhanced linear asset management – linear data attributes added to work objects improves scheduling, dispatch of linear asset and work management tasks.
  • Extended baseline workflow and business rules – leveraging the new technical improvements of the master data governance product line provides more fluid, robust controls for repeatable success.
  • Mixed object change requests – the ability to create related asset, work and MRO BOM (maintenance repair and operations bill of material) objects within a single change request accelerates governance processing and eliminates redundancy and errors.

The new version of SAP Master Data Governance, enterprise asset management extension is a comprehensive commercially available enterprise asset management extension that integrates with the SAP ERP application and complements existing master data governance data models for material, supplier, customer and finance. It works with the SAP Master Data Governance application, SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and SAP Fiori, and is designed to work with SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

“We believe that master data is the DNA of an enterprise.  We are very proud of the new release of this solution extension because it responds to client demand for solutions that accelerate movement to the digital economy, Internet of Things, Big Data analytics and commitments to SAP solutions like SAP HANA and SAP Asset Intelligence Network,” said Arvind J. Singh, CEO of Utopia Global. “We feel this latest version of SAP Master Data Governance, enterprise asset management extension will provide clients with the best tools and methods to build a trusted bridge to SAP HANA adoption.”