The leading software intelligence solutions provider, V.i. Laboratories, Inc. (“V.i. Labs”), today announced CodeArmor Intelligence for SafeNet Sentinel. This new solution enables SafeNet Sentinel RMS and HASP customers to generate revenue by taking control of their license overuse and piracy issues without impacting their license management infrastructure, licensed customers or product functionality.

SafeNet provides software-based license enforcement systems to an estimated 25,000 customers as well as hardware and USB dongle-based license enforcement technologies such as Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HASP, SuperPro, UltraPro, and SHK. As with any licensing or Digital Rights Management (DRM) system, the cracking community has created multiple mechanisms to bypass SafeNet security, leading to the wide-scale availability and use of unlicensed applications.

CodeArmor Intelligence for SafeNet Sentinel enables software vendors to track and identify software misuse to accelerate revenue recovery. It offers SafeNet customers a revenue generating alternative to reduce piracy. CodeArmor Intelligence detects when SafeNet licensing has been circumvented and identifies which organizations have adopted the unlicensed software, allowing sales and compliance teams to generate revenue from unpaid software.

“Licensing technologies can provide value to both software vendors and their customers, but unfortunately there is a never ending cat-and-mouse game between vendors and crackers of these systems,” said Amy Konary, Research Vice President, Software Licensing, Provisioning, and Delivery at IDC. “Our interviews with V.i. Labs’ customers showed a significant revenue opportunity associated with identifying sources of piracy. By addressing them through a targeted and organized initiative, the data generated by CodeArmor Intelligence can help companies add millions of dollars to their top line.”

“We currently use SafeNet Sentinel SuperPro keys to enforce our licensing to keep our honest customers honest, but know that we are still susceptible to piracy and see a lot of illegal copies of our product in use,” said the Director of Product Development at a leading CAD software vendor. “Upgrading to the latest dongle technology would significantly impact our existing customers and is no guarantee against future piracy. By using CodeArmor Intelligence we can still get value from our existing SafeNet investment, but now we are able to generate revenue and reduce piracy by turning infringers into customers.”

Vendors can leverage CodeArmor’s actionable intelligence as sales and compliance leads, enabling them to directly recover revenue and reduce unlicensed use of their products. In addition to being able to provide a significant return on investment, CodeArmor Intelligence can be added to the software vendor’s application without any change to existing SafeNet licensing routines and with minimal resources.

“Nearly 25 percent of our customers use SafeNet Sentinel licensing and dongles to manage their relationships with their customers,” said Joseph Noonan, President and CEO, V.i. Labs. “By adding CodeArmor Intelligence they are able to take a proactive approach to recovering revenue when their SafeNet licensing has been bypassed. They can further monetize their intellectual property by identifying and capturing new license revenue opportunities that were previously unknown to them as a result of piracy.”