So, Valentine’s Day is here, and while some of you simply can’t stand the sight of all red during this time of year, those on the other side of the coin might be looking for the best way to add some variety to their special day with their significant others.

For the latter, I think you’ll enjoy this little round-up of V-Day-themed apps to give you a bit of a tech-themed hand for the holiday; call it a “Valentine’s Day App Toolkit” if you will.`

The Valentine’s Day app toolkit
1) ProFlowers: You’re running late to meet your mate, and you forgot one crucial component before you guys see each other: the flowers. But then it hits you: You planned in advance with ProFlowers and ensured a beautiful arrangement will be delivered to her door. Available arrangements, which can be selected within the app, include additions such as teddy bears, chocolates and other adorable items.
2) Love Quotes: At a loss for words when taking in the sight of your loved one? Enter Love Quotes to give you a much-needed respite in thought processes. The app gives you options from all notches of the “sappy” scale—from Cute, Funny, Sexy, Poems, Sayings and more—to have your significant other in awe of your romantic nature in a heartbeat.
3) Moodies (Beyond Verbal): Moodies has the ability to take a person’s raw vocal intonations to decode and measure a full spectrum of human emotions. With the press of a button (and 20 seconds), you can easily find out if the guy or gal spouting Love Quotes your way is genuine or completely full of it.
4) OpenTable: Need a quick reservation to take your partner on the perfect date? Don’t fret, simply download OpenTable and let the app give you an in-depth selection of first-rate romantic hotspots for a date. The app even lets you finalize and book table reservations natively from its interface.
5) Valentine’s Day Radio: After the flowers, the sweet nothings you whispered in each other’s ears, and the amazing dinner date, it’s time to wind down together at home. Dim the lights and hit play on Valentine’s Day Radio. With a wide range of selections and stations available for play, it’s the perfect aural companion to help cap the night. Can I suggest the Isley Brothers’ “Between the Sheets” to kick off your playlist? Never fails.