CloudBees has announced new integrations with top continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) engines for its Software Delivery Management (SDM) platform. The new integrations include Google Cloud Build and Tekton. 

“Our customers want to be able to move faster and innovate,” said Pali Bhat, vice-president, product and design at Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to work with CloudBees to integrate its platform with Cloud Build and Tekton pipelines, expanding our partnership to enable greater DevOps velocity and accelerate time to market for our joint customers.”

Why software delivery management matters
What problem are we looking to solve with value stream management

According to CloudBees, SDM defines software delivery as a core business process and is focusing on challenges such as the ability to connect tools and processes in a way that provides value. The CloudBees SDM platform is designed to help companies embrace, not replace, tools. 

Integrated capabilities will include: 

  • A central view of all product and feature development
  • Ability to create policies that trigger actions 
  • Ability to create reports related to development efficiency, contributions and progress
  • Real-time insights into on-time delivery of features
  • Real-time value stream management for modelling and visualizing the software delivery process
  • A flexible application framework for linking tools together in the toolchain

“Integrating and embracing an open ecosystem of DevOps tools is part of our DNA,” said Moritz Plassnig, senior vice president cloud and general manager for Software Delivery Management, CloudBees. “With these integrations, we further enable customers to embrace their tools of choice in order to get maximum value out of their software development and delivery efforts – to finally break down the silos that block them from becoming software-first companies. SDM is the backbone for advancing software delivery processes, without becoming a lock-in.”