Platform today announced a new AI-powered end-to-end solution for bridging the gap between software delivery and business outcomes. The new Platform is meant to be a next-generation intelligent value stream solution that accelerates value, increases efficiency and reduces risks for enterprises. The company explained adding AI into the new solution will help teams find and fix issues without having to manually sift through all the data; break down silos and align goals, execution and outcome; and provide automated governance. 

“In today’s fast-paced digital economy, Agile and DevOps are important foundational practices, but they are not enough. To achieve the full benefits of digital transformation and deliver better outcomes faster than the competition, organizations must adopt a value stream center of excellence approach,” said Ashok Reddy, CEO at “With Value Stream Management (VSM) and the Platform, organizations transform traditional project teams, typically structured around and focused on outputs and features, to cross-functional value stream teams, structured around customer-centric value. These teams are able to continuously adapt to market changes and customer needs, and predictably deliver business outcomes.”

According to the company, about half of enterprise leaders today are not getting the results they’d like from their digital transformation efforts and more than 50% are worried about how to compete in today’s digital environment.

The Platform features end-to-end DevOps life cycle orchestration to standardize and automate release processes; visibility into the DevOps value stream with Analytics Lenses to get deep insight into data; and AI/ML-powered predictive and prescriptive insights with Change Risk Prediction, Release and Service Management Process Optimization solutions.

The company also announced Flow Acceleration for adopting Agile and DevOps at scale with AI-powered analytics; and Quality Improvement for software quality management.