Tasktop is updating its Tasktop Viz solution to give organizations more ways to connect their software delivery processes to their business outcomes. The latest release focuses on real-time, data-driven metrics and on-demand expert advice. 

A key feature of the release is the addition of leading indicator analytics, which will alert business leaders to any problems impacting the speed and productivity of their value streams. Leading indicator analytics will be tracked through neglected work in progress, predicted flow time increase and months to complete work in progress. 

Additionally, dashboards now include on-demand tutorials and access to value stream management experts through the embedded flow advisory. 

Other updates include new automation that leverages real-time pattern matching to map hundreds of native artifact statuses and product portfolio structures to make it easier for leaders to view products, their context, and navigate and group them logically and easily. 

“Enterprise agility can be hard to achieve: old habits die hard, even under the glossy new surface of agile operating procedures and cadences, but that can be hard to see and catch,” said Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop. “Tasktop Viz holds up a mirror to product value streams, making it possible to observe and measure the mechanics for delivering a product to market.”