A new association has been formed to help advance the adoption of value stream management (VSM). The Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC) was established by Digital.ai, HCL Software, Plutora, ServiceNow and Tasktop. 

“At this stage in the development of value stream management it’s important that we create and foster a community of experts to further VSM practices, innovation, and adoption,” said Helen Beal, chair of the Value Stream Management Consortium. “By creating this community, we will increase and accelerate the use of VSM, while developing and instilling best practices and standards. And, ultimately, just like the practice of VSM itself, we will help deliver the utmost value to industry practitioners.”


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According to the team, while VSM is still a rising trend, it can greatly improve software development and delivery with new data, visibility and problem-solving tools.

The consortium is designed to be a central hub for VSM information and education. It will work to inform how organizations can measure and improve their value as well as provide training and certifications to make VSM and industry standard. 

The first task of the consortium will be looking into the state of value stream management to see how teams are applying principles, practices and metrics. 

The board of directors includes chair Helen Beal as well as Richard Knaster, chief scientist of VSM at Digital.ai; Brian Muskoff, director of product management and development at HCL Software; Jeff Keyes, vice president of product at Plutora; Rohit Jainendra, vice president and general manager for ITBM and DevOps at ServiceNow; and Neelan Choksi, president and COO of Tasktop. Advisors to the board include Alistair Watkins, Bryan Finster and Steve Pereira. 

“Guiding any organization through a digital transformation journey is a daunting task and can feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions,” said Plutora’s Keyes. “Working with the VSMC and emphasizing the importance of the tools we provide to a wider market will only help me with my most important task at hand, delivering value to our customers. The customer is key, and value stream management is how software development teams are able to consistently meet their evolving needs.”