What is value stream management? Why do I need to do it? How do I get started?

Questions like these and more will be answered at the second {virtual} VSM DevCon, taking place on March 10 in a fast-paced, one-day educational format.

Value stream management enables organizations to find the areas of inefficiency, bottlenecks and actions that don’t deliver value to customers and the organization. It has been called the crown atop DevOps that finally brings IT and the business together.

According to a February 2020 Forrester report, “Value stream management takes over where application lifecycle management leaves off.” The report states: “Practicing value stream management (VSM) allows companies to turn their Agile-plus-DevOps environments into real digital business drivers. With VSM, organizations implementing Agile-plus-DevOps will better understand the value they deliver and the efficiencies they gain.”

General keynote talks by Dave West of Scrum.org (“Value Stream Management and Scrum — Friends or Enemies?”) and David Messinger of Topcoder (“Modern VSM in the Gig Economy”) highlight the event. Lance Knight, COO of ConnectALL, will deliver the industry keynote (“Value Trumps Flow.”).

VSM DevCon this year will also feature a workshop from value stream consultant Steve Pereira (“The 4×4 Method of Value Stream Traction”) in which he will show the four key maps an organization should implement to get the most uptake around value stream management.

Along with the sessions, {virtual} VSM DevCon will provide attendees with access to some of value stream solution providers, to learn about the tools available on the market to begin or enhance your value stream journey.