Verivo Software, the enterprise mobility company, today announced the release of Verivo Akula 1.0.1 – which extends the enterprise mobile app platform to Adobe PhoneGap (Apache Cordova). Through this new release, businesses will now be empowered to build, secure and control cross-platform, enterprise-grade hybrid apps using the Akula Cordova SDK. Akula users will now have access to extensive offline capabilities, enhanced data synchronization, improved app security and richer data integration features, making hybrid apps built through PhoneGap even more suitable for use in the enterprise.
“PhoneGap has set the standard for hybrid mobile app development,” said Arny Epstein, chief technology officer, Verivo Software. “Our goal in building the Akula Cordova SDK is to provide our users with the capabilities that truly enable enterprise-grade hybrid apps.”
The introduction of the Akula Cordova SDK empowers companies to deliver custom, hybrid apps for the enterprise with access to many new features including:
Extensive local data storage for PhoneGap apps running on iOS and Android. For hybrid apps, data storage limits imposed by browser-supplied databases can be prohibitive for real-world enterprise use cases including CRM, field services and manufacturing. The Akula Cordova SDK provides database APIs to overcome these storage limits, using SQLite databases to store large amounts of data with performance suitable for mobile.
Incremental data sync for PhoneGap apps. The Akula Cordova SDK includes a JavaScript persistence layer that works hand-in-hand with Akula’s data sync infrastructure. This enables mobile web developers to sync large data sets down to iOS and Android devices, leverage existing sync and conflict-resolution rules defined on the Akula server, and create offline, transactional HTML5-based apps.
Extend Akula’s existing enterprise-grade capabilities to PhoneGap. The Akula Cordova SDK leverages the open APIs of the Akula Server to provide companies with access to any back-end system (on-premise or cloud), authentication services and integration with corporate directories, single sign-on, authorization rules, various levels of security, and centralized control and management of each app.
To learn more about the new Akula Cordova SDK, be sure to join Verivo’s webinar on September 12 at 1pm ET: 5 Ways to Accelerate your PhoneGap Enterprise Mobile App Development