Versant Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNT), a worldwide leader in high-performance database engines for complex, mission critical applications, launched today a code preview program for its new Versant Java Persistence API (JPA 2.0), a pure Java client for the Versant Database Server. With the new API, Versant is introducing support for the widely accepted JPA industry standard, enabling enterprises to implement Big Data applications more quickly and easily.

Traditional database technology fails when presented with the scale and complexity of Big Data. While new NoSQL technologies offer alternatives, developing true mission critical applications on them, such as real-time analytics systems, typically requires learning proprietary APIs and custom coding when data models become complex.

Designed to manage complex object structures and relationships using the well-established Java programming standard, Versant JPA provides a foundation for real-time analytics with very large data sets by connecting to Versant’s high performance database. Developers can use existing coding skills to process previously unmanageable Big Data sets without learning yet another proprietary persistence API.

Versant’s Dirk Bartels, VP, Strategic Product Management, commented: “As data volumes have grown, so has the complexity of enterprises’ information models. Businesses need databases and applications to link richer data sets and provide more intelligence, more quickly — extending beyond simple keys and values and traditional relational JOIN operations. To address this issue, we’re introducing a standard JPA interface into the Versant portfolio. With this cornerstone solution, enterprises can leverage existing JPA coding skills that can now be applied to develop new Big Data and real-time analytics applications.”

The National Snow and Ice Data Center’s (NSIDC) Associate Scientist III, Information Technology Services, David Gallaher, commented: “When analyzing 30 years’ worth of information about Greenland’s ice sheet, we explored the commonly used relational database options, but they collapsed under such a massive data volume. To accommodate our nearly petabyte-scale worth of data, we turned to Versant’s databases, which were able to process billions of arbitrarily complex, time-series data objects with true database functionality, enabling a time-scaled analysis. Ultimately, adding this new API to Versant’s technologies will allow even more development teams and organizations to derive the kind of value from Big Data that we have.”

Versant JPA is part of the company’s new strategic initiative which builds on Versant’s heritage for large, distributed database applications, enabling enterprises to become highly agile and data driven.

A code preview of Versant JPA is available immediately for download in the Versant Developer Community.