Virtual Bridges, Inc. today announced support for the growing momentum around OpenStack, as a contributor of code to the open source software project, and portfolio company of Austin Ventures, which launched the OpenIncubate accelerator program earlier today.

OpenStack has become the fastest growing open source project ever, with more than 8,000 members of the OpenStack Foundation and hundreds of companies and developers contributing code to provide scalable, elastic cloud computing for public and private clouds. As the project continues to gain momentum, enterprises are looking for DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) solutions that are scalable, secure and offer a rich user experience.

The Virtual Bridges enterprise VDI platform improves security and mobility across organizations by enabling IT professionals to easily deploy, configure and manage the end user computing experience. Going forward, the company plans to incorporate OpenStack as a core component of its private cloud offering, delivering highly scalable, high-performance DaaS solutions that connect end users to the applications and data they need – from any location or endpoint.

“DaaS in OpenStack presents a great opportunity to speed the adoption, success and overall growth of OpenStack,” said Jon Senger, Chief Strategy Officer. “Much like Linux became the open platform of choice for server, OpenStack is poised to do the same for large-scale cloud computing environments. We look forward to collaborating with Austin Ventures to help accelerate the adoption of OpenStack, and simplify desktop and mobile deployment in the enterprise.”

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