Devart has recently released the new  versions of powerful file and folder comparison tools CodeCompare and CodeCompare Pro, v2.50, that demonstrates an absolutely new level  of source code comparison. Taking the specificity of programming languages into account,  improved versions of Devart diff tools make significant advantage in source code comparison and perfectly fits the needs of developers.

CodeCompare 2.50, that is still free, provides improved basic code comparison functionality and solves most of tasks referred to the source code comparing.
CodeCompare Pro 2.50  provides advanced  professional functionality like Structure Comparison and Difference Explorer. The 3-way comparison and merge functionality was added in new version of CodeCompare Pro to perfectly fit any requirements of developers.

The really brilliant advancement is that both of products are distributed as a Visual Studio integrated products and as standalone applications. Along with new functionality mentioned above it adds real value to this code comparison tool from Devart.

Advanced features of CodeCompare and CodeCompare Pro in details:
    •    3-way comparison and merge
It is most reliable way if you need to compare and merge different revisions of file and merge them to result file that includes all changes. CodeCompare allows you to switch quickly between 2-way and 3-way comparison modes.
    •    Folder Synchronization
Compare your solution revisions even if you haven’t source control. CodeCompare provides wide functionality for folder comparison and merging. It is very useful for detecting changes in different versions of source code or web pages.
    •    Standalone version and Visual Studio add-in

With this version CodeCompare  and CodeCompare Pro can be used as a Visual Studio add-ins and as a standalone applications.

Benefits of standalone version of CodeCompare and CodeCompare Pro:
    ✓    High speed at the opening of application;
    ✓    More sizable space for comparing operations;
    ✓    The most of popular programming languages are supported.
Benefits of Visual Studio add-in:
    ✓    One environment for development and comparison;
    ✓    Enhanced intellisense and code navigation in your project context.

    •    Enhanced support for source control systems
CodeCompare can be easily integrated with any version control system that support external comparators. Solution can be set up as a comparison and merge tool with the help of the command line.
    •    Comparison algorithm enhancement
    •    The quality of Structure Comparison and symbol-by-symbol comparison option was greatly improved in new version of CodeCompare and CodeCompare Pro.  Now the symbol-by-symbol comparison is available for blocks of any size.
    •    Application startup optimization

The startup optimization option makes the start of CodeCompare extremely fast and convenient for developers.

Pricing and Availability
CodeCompare is an absolutely free tool, but nevertheless you can receive full support. 

Code Compare is a free software, that provides basic functionality and solves most of the tasks referred to the source comparing. It includes a 30-day free trial of CodeCompare Pro.

Price of Code Compare Pro as little as $49.95.

Users are welcome to write any comments and suggestions about CodeCompare on its support page.