WatchDox, a provider of secure access and collaboration solutions, today announced the release of its software development kit (SDK) for the iOS platform. The WatchDox iOS SDK enables businesses to integrate the WatchDox mobile document collaboration platform with their own custom iPhone and iPad apps. This creates a secure, native mobile experience that offers a seamless solution for accessing, sharing, collaborating and syncing documents remotely, in addition to optimizing documents for viewing and collaborating on the iOS platform.
“Today’s mobile workforce expects access to files from iOS devices and the ability to easily collaborate, while IT wants control over and visibility into what happens with enterprise data,” said Ryan Kalember, chief product officer at WatchDox. “By providing a SDK to integrate WatchDox capabilities into official enterprise apps, we help CIOs deploy a secure, custom mobile file sharing and collaboration solution. Employees can see not only their own documents synced to iOS, but also all the workspace documents used to collaborate with others, both inside and outside the organization. This provides users with more value than they could get from shadow IT services like Dropbox and Box.”

The WatchDox iOS SDK enables organizations to combine existing mobile applications with WatchDox functionality to create a fully branded app with document sending, sharing and syncing functionality. It provides a full or partial module-based integration of WatchDox components, including:
· Document viewer module – This secure container renders and presents WatchDox-secured files optimized for iOS devices. It also allows users to search, annotate and share documents and annotations with collaborators.
· Document navigation module – Users can browse WatchDox-protected documents sent via email, synced via desktop PC folders, or uploaded into workspaces. Users can open those files directly in the document viewer or save files and workspaces in an encrypted format for later viewing offline, ensuring that documents never leave the enterprise’s container and never lose protections. Administrators can also access tracking logs for all document and user activity within iOS apps, adjust functionality settings and instantly lock the application.
· Passcode settings module – Administrators can enable passcodes for users to access documents and turn passcode protection on or off, as well as enter and change passcodes as needed.
· Authentication module – This module enables the enterprise iOS app to support multiple authentication methods, including email self-enrollment, user name and password, or integration with a third-party identity provider. Companies can also implement their own custom authentication schemes, such as single sign-on, and provide WatchDox with final authentication tokens.
· Server API module – This module contains the logic for API calls initiated against the WatchDox server, including fetching new documents and document updates, fetching and uploading annotations, refreshing the file browser and facilitating document sharing.
The server-side components of the WatchDox platform can be deployed via a cloud service or as an on-premise virtual appliance. Please email to request the WatchDox iOS SDK.