WaveMaker Inc., a leading enterprise application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) software company, today announced the WaveMaker DevPortal (an integrated Developer Portal), as an addition to its industry-first RAADD (Rapid API Application Development and Deployment) platform enabling publishing, sharing, discovery, and consumption of APIs within an enterprise. The WaveMaker DevPortal allows developers to easily discover and consume REST APIs exposed by other developers’ applications in the enterprise. Furthermore, the platform allows developers to quickly establish REST API boundaries, easing the deployment of apps based on a Microservices-based architecture (MSA).

The WaveMaker DevPortal fosters an API focus in the development of apps that can be repurposed and shared interdepartmentally within the enterprise. It is also a key component in WaveMaker’s Enterprise Developer Network (EDN), an online environment that allows collaboration over projects, version control, and sharing of resources such as components, themes and project templates.

How developers use the platform within a RAADD IDE
The developer uses WaveMaker Studio, a RAADD integrated development environment to cover all the aspects of API development which includes design, share, test, publish, discover and consume APIs for the application being built.

  • Design APIs using the API Designer feature in the Studio. Configure query/path parameters, HTTP method and parameter types.
  • Share your APIs within or outside your enterprise by configuring API visibility.
  • Test your APIs using the integrated testing tool and make sure they return the expected data.
  • Publish your APIs with easy 1-click deployment leveraging Docker containers.
  • Discover APIs that have been shared in your enterprise using the convenient EDN.
  • Consume APIs from other applications in your enterprise using the API Designer. The EDN also provides API health checks.

“WaveMaker uses an API-driven app development approach in which REST APIs are generated automatically for an application,” said Samir Ghosh, CEO of WaveMaker. “These APIs are available for modification and consumption through WaveMaker’s API Designer. But imagine you have 20 developers building apps and publishing APIs. How do they discover APIs from other apps they may want to use? How do they ensure they’re not recreating APIs that already exist? And how do they then make it easy to use them by others? These are the questions we address and answer with WaveMaker DevPortal.”