BZ Media LLC today announced its opening keynote at Wearables TechCon, the technology event that is like a CES for OEMs and developers, with Dr. Qaizar Hassonjee, Vice President of Innovations, Adidas Wearable Sports Electronics, The three-day conference, March 9 – 11, will feature the keynote at 9:45 am on Monday, March 9.

Additionally, Wearables TechCon will feature four exciting industry panels: Ethics: Wearables, Data Collection and Privacy; Visions: The Future of Augmented Reality Devices; Quantified Self: Fitness Devices and Apps; and What’s Up Doc? The Wearable Healthcare Revolution.

“Last year, we saw the launch of Android Wear, and the announcement of the Apple Watch. All signs are pointing to 2015 becoming the year wearable tech goes mainstream, and we’re excited to bring manufacturers, developers, and enthusiasts all together under one roof,” said Ted Bahr, President of BZ Media.

The event will also feature a special networking event, the Women in Wearables Luncheon, which will be hosted by speaker Erica Stanley. Erica co-founded the Atlanta network of Women Who Code where she leads new developer workshops and organizes monthly tech talks, hack nights and networking events for women technologists.

Wearables TechCon is an expansion of Wearables DevCon last year and features over 50 classes split into three tracks: Hardware and Design, Software and App Development, and Wearables Business Opportunities. Wearables TechCon also has the support of over 20 industry-leading exhibitors, including UICO as its Diamond Sponsor, IBM, Applause, Epson, Sony and UL.

Watch these short videos for recaps of last year’s Wearables DevCon. Please also visit Wearables TechCon’s news section for additional event information and development news.