Weaveworks today announced the availability of Weave Cloud Enterprise Edition (EE) tier for its container-based microservices management platform. New features for Site Reliability Engineering teams include incident management, release automation and rollback for CI/CD, and full stack Kubernetes troubleshooting.

This major new version includes:

  • Incident management with historical audit, instant query and comprehensive dashboards.
  • Release automation and point in time rollback for Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Advanced Kubernetes troubleshooting including resource-container mapping.

Weave Cloud is an ops platform for app developers that removes obstacles to production so teams can easily deploy, manage and monitor microservices and container-based applications. A managed cloud service for teams and enterprises it supports all container orchestration platforms including Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. As a Kubernetes addon it is 100% compatible with the underlying platforms. It provides:

  • Release management: deploy applications automatically by policy, delivering the latest features to production quickly.
  • Visualization: Observe and understand how applications and micro-services are connected together in containers, making complex troubleshooting and optimization simple.
  • Management: Manage individual containers and services within the cluster, simplifying the handling of complex services and containers.
  • Monitoring: Inspect all aspects of the application and cluster, along with alerts and dashboards, providing insightful metrics for managing application performance.
  • Networking: Connect containers together in a secure virtual network, simplifying connecting and scaling complex container clusters.

“With this release we are bringing together all of our experience running Weave Cloud, Prometheus and Kubernetes at scale on AWS,” said Alexis Richardson, CEO and co-founder of Weaveworks. “We are sharing all of Weaveworks’ critical infrastructure experiences and know-how with our customers. By integrating monitoring more deeply with deployment and management, we’re helping customers fix problems immediately and ship their development changes incredibly fast. The Enterprise Edition provides history and snapshots ensuring reliability and stability.”

Integrating Advanced Kubernetes Features

With this latest release, Weaveworks has integrated a number of advanced Kubernetes features into Weave Cloud, including:

  • Incident management with historical audit, instant query and comprehensive dashboards. A single place to diagnose problems fast and take immediate action. This includes new incident capture features, point in time comparison, and rapid analytic creation.
  • Release automation and point in time rollback for Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines. Repeatable and consistent deployment from laptop to a scalable production deployment across multiple clusters. Weave Cloud adds an entirely new UI and system for comparing present and past states with versions to solve this, making it very easy for any developer regardless which CI tools they use.
  • Advanced Kubernetes troubleshooting including resource-container mapping. Root cause analysis – correlation between applications, the Kubernetes platform, and the underlying hosts and network infrastructure.

“Weaveworks has really homed in on right mix of features here. Deploying Kubernetes is the easy part. The hard part is getting a clue when things go wrong and then making meaningful changes to a deployment, without biting your users,” said Jamie Dobson, CEO of Container Solutions.  “We bought into the Weave way some time ago, and they’ve never let us down and we’re very excited to see how this unfolds.”