The React framework Next.js is getting a major update for front-end development. Vercel, the Next.js company, announced Next.js 10 at its user conference today with new ways for front-end developers to create rich web experiences. 

“Performance, or lack of it, is the most critical factor in the success or failure of the modern web site,” said Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel. “Next.js 10 addresses the most critical pain points developers face when optimizing their workflows and websites to deliver high quality, highly-performant content at scale.”

Top features in this release include automatic image optimization, internationalized routing and automatic language detection, quick-start e-commerce capabilities and continuous Web Vitals analytics.

According to the company, Google’s Web Vitals is expected to become the next PageRank, which can impact a website’s success or failure. With Next.js 10, developers get real-world continuous user insights to help them understand where their site needs improvement and provides continuous feedback.  

Internationalized routing and automatic language detection automatically determines what content to serve based on users’ language preferences. 

Automatic image optimization automatically replaces legacy HTML image tags and adds React-based image components through automatic progressive loading, according to the team. 

Lastly, Next.js Commerce is an open-source platform that provides performance, personalization, customization and modern experiences for large websites. It was created in partnership with BigCommerce and automates common e-commerce site components with a data layer and reusable data primitives from BigCommerce. 

Other features include React 17 support, fast refresh for MDX, and npm support for importing CSS.

“By enabling a true develop-preview-ship-iterate workflow, Next.js 10 makes it easier than ever for them to achieve excellence in web development and helps assure them that their users will have the highest quality web experiences possible, wherever they may be in the world,” said Rauch.

More details are available here