SmartBear, the leader in software quality tools for teams, today announced new integrations with Microsoft PowerPoint andMicrosoft Visio in the latest release of Collaborator. These new integrations build on existing document and code review capabilities, making it easy for teams to streamline and speed-up their workflows by standardizing code and document reviews with one tool.

Process-conscious development teams conduct peer reviews on changes that could introduce defects into their code base, requirements, design documents, test cases, and user stories. Currently, those reviews for most teams are scattered across email threads, chat tools, document review tools, and code review tools – which slows down productivity and introduces risk into the review process. Collaborator is the only peer review tool with the standardization capabilities necessary to drive meaningful process improvement, such as custom templates, checklists, and detailed reporting, all in a central peer review platform. With the release of v11.3, Collaborator adds PowerPoint and Visio to its list of native Microsoft integrations, joining Word, Excel, Visual Studio, and Team Foundation Server.

The 2017 State of Code Review Report revealed that 91percent of teams are conducting document reviews as part of their development process. Other peer code review tools are not designed to incorporate collaborative document review, especially not at scale. For organizations eager to streamline workflows and consolidate tools, the robust document review capabilities enhanced in the latest release of Collaborator offer a compelling alternative to managing separate peer review solutions for code and documents.

“This release of Collaborator makes it easier to manage peer reviews across the software development lifecycle as we continue to add support for additional document types,” said Ryan Lloyd, VP of Products, Test and Development at SmartBear. “Teams that have benefited from standardizing their code review process with Collaborator can now easily add PowerPoint and Visio files into their review. This is really valuable for highly-regulated companies that would otherwise need to manually document these reviews.”

Collaborator 11.3 also introduces “light mode” and “dark mode” UI themes, the ability to create JIRA tickets within the Diff Viewer, and LDAP/AD syncing to easily port over user and group configurations from an existing directory. As development teams continue to adopt new tools and accommodate legacy systems, interoperability has never been more important. Collaborator offers the most connected peer review solution on the market with 21 actively-supported integrations.