The Python Software Foundation and Tidelift are teaming up on the community-driven Pallets Projects. Pallets is a collection of popular Python web development libraries. Through the new partnership, the libraries will receive maintenance, security and license assurances. 

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In addition, Tidelift plans to provide income to the team of developers behind the open-source libraries to help maintain them to commercial standards.

“We’re seeing strong interest among our subscribers in the Pallets Projects, so we are pleased to work with the Python Software Foundation to ensure these critical libraries are maintained to commercial standards by the people who know them best,” said Donald Fischer, CEO and co-founder of Tidelift. 

According to the organizations, the Pallets Project is downloaded millions of times each month. Libraries include:

  • The Flash microframework for creating API endpoints
  • Jinja2, a Python template engine that provides Django inspired non-XML syntax
  • Werkzeug, a WSGI web application library
  • Click, a Python composable command line interface toolkit
  • MarkupSafe for adding untrusted strings to HTML/XML markup
  • Itsdangerous to pass trusted data to untrusted environments
  • Flash-SWLAlchemy for supporting SQLAlchemy in Flask

The libraries are now included in the Tidelift Subscription, which aims to help identify potential issues and resolve those issues. 

“The Pallets Projects are key beneficiaries of our Fiscal Sponsorship Program to sustain critical community-driven projects. Now, through our collaboration with Tidelift, income from corporate subscribers goes to Pallets maintainers so they can devote more time to managing their projects. The Python ecosystem will benefit from this work, as will corporate users of the Pallets libraries, who now have a direct route to support from the creators of these crucial projects,” said Ewa Jodlowska, executive director of the Python Software Foundation.