2017 has come to a close with React taking the lead as the top application and data tool. This comes from StackShare’s recent release of its top 50 developer tools of 2017.

After appearing on StackShare’s list at number 10 last year, React kicked JavaScript out of the number one spot for the first time this year. “Of course, if you’re using React, you’re also using JavaScript, so it’s tough to say React “beat” JavaScript in the rankings. But the fact that its popularity has outstripped not just every other JavaScript library but JavaScript itself shows how dramatically React has taken over the front-end world,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The top 10 tools of 2017, according to Stackshare, are:

  1.    React
  2.    JavaScript
  3.    Nginx
  4.    Bootstrap
  5.    PHP
  6.    AngularJS
  7.    Redis
  8.    Vue.js
  9.    Java
  10.  HTML5

“2017 continued to be dominated by front-end technologies, with 6 of our top 10 Application & Data tools falling under that umbrella. Of those, 4 were JavaScript tools,” the company stated.

The top ten tools also showed how data is on the rise with Redis representing at No. 7. Last year, there were no databases that made the top ten. Additionally, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB took the No. 13, 14 and 16 slots on the list.

As for new tools, StackShare found Lottie — the open source mobile library for iOS, Android and React Native — was the number one new tool of the year. Lottie was followed by Uppy, LocalStack, React Sketch.app, and Element.