Excel Software announced WinA&D 7.0 for requirements management, system and software design, code generation and flexible report generation.  The new software adds flowcharts, general enhancements to all diagram types and scriptable reports, advanced DFD features and the ability for large projects to use multiple data dictionaries.  Any diagram object within any diagram type can be linked to any foreign document for easy navigation.

A flowchart is a diagram consisting of nodes and lines that shows how an algorithm or process works.  WinA&D implements commonly used flowchart notation plus the ability to integrate the diagrams with a data dictionary, requirements traceability, report generation, diagram import/export features and navigational links between other diagram types.  WinA&D adds flowcharts to a wide range of supported design diagrams including system models, task diagrams, process models, data models, class models, state diagrams and tables, object models, structure models, timing diagrams and the full 14 diagram UML 2.2 notation.

The icon manager within all diagram editors has been enhanced to support picture icons that can easily be added to a document from the clipboard or a variety of image file formats.  Crisp icons with transparent backgrounds can be used on all diagram types and within many diagram objects including nodes of a flowchart.

Multiple data dictionary documents in a design project enable large or geographically dispersed development teams to work independently within an integrated project.  Developers can work with separate dictionary documents or open multiple dictionary documents at once to generate project wide custom reports.  The Compare Dictionaries feature allows two dictionary documents to be compared side by side and selected entries to be copied or moved between documents.

Advanced features have been added to process models like the display of formatted dictionary data on diagrams.  Dictionary editing changes are instantly reflected across diagrams.  A DFD process can link to a child diagram within the same document or in a different DFD document.  A project may use multiple diagram or dictionaries documents with verification and balancing commands working across documents.

WinA&D 7 runs on XP through Windows 7.  The Standard edition is $495, Desktop edition $1195 and Developer edition $1995 with Site Licenses available.  WinA&D includes printed and PDF user guides.