Requirements are the DNA that shapes the being, the plans that define the building. Getting the requirements right (and the right requirements) is by its very nature extremely difficult. You have non-technical business people trying to explain to highly technical IT people what they want, and the technical people trying to interpret those explanations into something they can work with.

SPTechReport today brings you the final installment of a three part series (see Part I and Part II here by consultant Eric Riz on the subject of writing the right requirements. He looks at it from the point of view of creating requirements for SharePoint projects, which adds a bit of specificity to his writing. It’s a great read, and if you want to learn more, Eric will be presenting a half-day workshop at SPTechCon San Francisco next month on the subject. You can’t get your project right until you get your requirements right, so this is a “must-see” session for anyone in an organization that is considering creating a custom portal for its SharePoint implementation.

— David