WSO2 today announced that the WSO2 StratosLive Java platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is now available on the Google Apps Marketplace, the popular one-stop shop for hosted business applications.

WSO2 StratosLive is the industry’s most comprehensive PaaS for enabling service-oriented architecture (SOA) and composite application development and deployment in the cloud. It is hosted by WSO2 and powered by the award-winning, 100% open source WSO2 Stratos cloud middleware platform. With access via the Google Apps marketplace, WSO2 StratosLive makes it easier than ever for developers to instantly provision any of more than a dozen middleware services and pay only for what they use.

Since its launch in 2011, WSO2 StratosLive has featured Google Apps integration that lets enterprises take advantage of their existing Google Apps accounts. Administrators can automatically link Google Apps user directories into WSO2 StratosLive, enabling OpenID single sign-on into WSO2 StratosLive using an authorized Google Apps user name and password. Administrators also can allow users to directly access WSO2 StratosLive from Google Gmail. Finally, the data services functionality in WSO2 StratosLive allows data stored in documents, such as Google Spreadsheets, to be exposed as Web services within an SOA.

“We are excited about the addition of our WSO2 StratosLive PaaS to the Google Apps Marketplace,” said Jonathan Marsh, WSO2 vice president of business development and product design. “It extends our commitment to delivering comprehensive middleware services to the broad community of enterprises that take advantage of Google Apps today, and it provides a new level of convenience for developers to build, integrate and deploy applications in the cloud.”

About the StratosLive Java PaaS
WSO2 StratosLive gives developers immediate access to a complete Java middleware PaaS. It provides messaging, data, business and presentation services, as well as common identity, security, governance, monitoring and management services—all with a consistent, easy-to-use check-box GUI for configuring and managing services.

WSO2 StratosLive is powered by the WSO2 Stratos software, which shares the same code base as the award-winning, 100% open source WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform. As a result, developers have the freedom to focus on composing high visibility applications and tuning business processes along with the flexibility to deploy in a public cloud, private cloud, on-premise, or hybrid cloud environment as their requirements evolve.

WSO2 StratosLive is available through the Google Apps Marketplace and WSO2. As a fully open source middleware solution released under the Apache License 2.0, it does not carry any licensing fees. WSO2 StratosLive is backed by a standard service-level agreement, and it is available at three paid subscription levels: SMB, Professional and Enterprise, as well as a free Demo subscription.

WSO2 StratosLive is backed by a world-class technical team in which the experts that helped create the software provide support, leading to direct and immediate access to the people with in-depth knowledge of the middleware. In addition to production support, WSO2 service and support options include evaluation support, development support, and a special CloudStart(SM) consulting program.