Xceed today launched Xceed Blendables for WPF, a UI suite that helps designers and developers create more compelling user experiences. A fully functional trial version of the product is available now for download at xceed.com.

“Blendables was originally developed by well-known former Microsoft employees who built the WPF framework itself,” said Odi Kosmatos, VP of R&D at Xceed. “We recognized the excellent craftsmanship, acquired the product from IdentityMine, and updated it to work with .NET 4.0.”

Xceed Blendables for WPF helps let a UX match the vision software creators have of their product, providing controls, layouts, panels, and more. Developers and designers can take advantage of nearly 30 tools to deliver compelling user experiences in a fraction of the time it normally takes, helping to release the full potential of software and avoid the damage a weak UI can do to end-user productivity and product loyalty. From lag-masking animations to focus- and cue-enhancing elements, the strategies made available by Xceed Blendables for WPF can have a positive impact on an end-user’s impressions of a product and how well he or she can work with it.

The suite contains a wide variety of controls, including ones that provide zoom and pan, drag-and-drop, ChromelessWindow, Pie/Gauge controls, and performance boosts. Over a dozen 2D WPF layouts are provided, which work with the product’s core layout-to-layout animation control, SwitchPanel. Five of these layouts are SwitchPanel-compatible versions of the stock WPF layouts, which lets software creators provide traditional, familiar layouts in a smoothly animated switch environment. The core 3D control lets developers and designers concentrate on rolling out an immersive user experience and not the details. Five 3D layouts are provided.

Xceed Blendables for WPF also features an extremely extensible architecture, allowing for unlimited innovation.

The product comes with complete documentation that fully integrates into Visual Studio for quick access. It also provides C# and VB.NET sample applications that make getting started with it easy. Single-developer licenses are available for the product, as well as cost-effective team and site licenses. Standard e-mail support is provided, but adding a Vanguard subscription gives you upgrades and priority support for an entire year. Full C# and XAML source code is available in the Blueprint Edition.