XebiaLabs, the leading provider of delivery acceleration software, today announced XL release, an enterprise-class release coordination product. XL release enables teams to integrate release management and execution for the first time while providing a path to fully automated delivery pipelines, getting features and enhancements to your customers and end users faster.
XL release allows all team members to collaborate effectively and simply on application releases – to plan, execute and track both manual and automated tasks from code drop to end-user. Integration with XebiaLabs’ Application Release Automation software Deployit provides a complete solution to deliver higher quality software faster.
The current reality of software releases is that they consist of a mix of automated and manual tasks, all of which have to be scheduled, coordinated and carried out.
Automation and execution of tasks in a typical release cycle cannot be combined with tracking and coordination, since today’s planning tools do not provide automation capabilities. This results in time-consuming overhead to keep the release coordinator, the release team and all other stakeholders in sync.
Handling the communications divide between Development, QA and Operations introduces additional time lags, increases the risk of miscommunications and errors.
“Recognizing the pains in the marketplace, we created a product that not only addresses those pains but can substantially increase the level of automation and standardization of software releases,” said XebiaLabs CEO Coert Baart. “The end-result for our customers is high-quality software, delivered faster.”
Built for DevOps and release teams and managers and designed from the ground up around an integrated, team approach to application delivery, XL release is built around the following core functions:
· Flexible Release Plans – The most intuitive and flexible planner to describe all the manual and automated activities that need to be carried out in your releases. Define teams, assign tasks, create checkpoints and gates and identify dependencies in a few clicks.
· Single Source of Truth – All participants in a release, from Dev through to Ops, share a single, up-to-date view of all release activities, even with globally distributed teams.
· Ready for Reality – Re-plan and adapt to changing circumstances as necessary. Re-run release steps, rollback unfinished tasks and reassign activities while maintaining a full audit trail.
· Release Templates – Transition to more predictable and efficient release plans by defining release templates for applications and even entire application families. Implement Continuous Delivery by progressing to release pipelines for all your application releases.
· Built for the Enterprise – Designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of large organizations, with role-based access control, LDAP integration, calendar syncing and more.
· Proactive Conflict Alerts – Dependency management and resource usage analytics help you identify potential sources of release delays and failures before they occur.
· Acceleration Platform – With full out-of-the-box support for automating release activities, standardized release pipelines and comprehensive release acceleration analytics, XL release provides you with a dedicated platform for releasing high-quality applications faster.