XebiaLabs today announced that XL Deploy, its enterprise application release automation software, is available as a supported deployment option from AWS CodePipeline, a continuous delivery service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS CopePipeline allows users to build, test, and deploy their code every time there is a code change. With this new integration, AWS CodePipeline users can leverage XL Deploy to deploy existing enterprise applications to on-premises and hybrid IT infrastructures hosted on premise or on AWS.

“XebiaLabs is pleased to offer AWS CodePipeline users an integrated experience with XL Deploy,” said Andrew Phillips, Vice President of Product Management for XebiaLabs. “The integration provides development teams with the necessary tools to manage enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps initiatives that can handle the existing platforms, applications and services that every enterprise has.”

XL Deploy integrates with AWS CodePipeline to seamlessly deploy complex, existing enterprise applications as a part of the AWS CodePipeline-managed release process. The ability to leverage XL Deploy’s integration allows AWS CodePipeline users to consistently deploy across the board to on-demand environments provided by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), as well as other on-premises environments. XL Deploy gives AWS CodePipeline users a standardized audit and security model for deployments and allows them to deploy applications to abroad array of platforms.

“Software developers require a broad selection of tools that automate the build, test, and release process, allowing them to innovate quickly and, more importantly, reliably,” said Scott Wiltamuth, Vice President of Dev Productivity and Tools, Amazon Web Services. “The integration of XebiaLabs’ XL Deploy with AWS CodePipeline enhances the options for application deployment in an increasingly complex enterprise environment.”

XL Deploy integration with AWS CodePipeline is available now. For additional information on the integration please click here.