XebiaLabs today announced the release of XL TestView, the first software test results management and analysis solution that enables users to collect results from their full spectrum of test tools in a central location. XL TestView allows users to aggregate test results across multiple testing tools, analyze results and execute automated test jobs from one central dashboard.

As companies continue to automate more of their software tests with powerful tools such as Cucumber, FitNesse, and the xUnit family, they struggle to keep track of the results from so many tools. XL TestView fills a market void created by the wide usage of various test tools: the lack of an easy way to collect all of their results, and then analyze this data so it becomes cohesive and usable feedback. Companies need a central location to quickly observe the overall “health” of their software; understand which tests are passing, failing or yielding unexpected results; and pinpoint areas that need more attention. With the launch of XL TestView, growing enterprises can now use a single dashboard to measure quality, reduce risk and improve efficiency within the Continuous Delivery pipeline.

“XL TestView solves a major business need by collecting all test information into one place to provide real-time awareness of software health, said Derek Langone, CEO of XebiaLabs. “Functioning as the central nervous system for the Continuous Delivery pipeline, XL TestView allows businesses to better understand the health of their releases while streamlining the delivery of higher-quality software.”

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, founder and community leader of the popular open source Jenkins software for continuous delivery, observed, “Using Jenkins, companies are able to automate more and more of their testing, but as the amount of data increases, analyzing it becomes more and more challenging. By letting you see a customizable dashboard of all of your test results in one place – regardless of job or tool – XL TestView from XebiaLabs can help to overcome this challenge.”

Bol.com, a major Dutch online retailer, uses XL TestView to support its 35 software development teams that are iteratively developing functionality for its website, which requires more than 6,000 automated tests.

“Until we began using XL TestView, there were no tools capable of managing the complex test scenarios required by our development teams to keep pace with our growth,” said Ralph Hopman, IT Manager at bol.com. “XL TestView replaced our legacy code with a modern solution that complements our other tools and that scales with us as we grow.”

XL TestView already supports functional testing tools such as FitNesse, Cucumber, HP UFT and all tools capable of producing xUnit output, including Karma, Coverity, Protractor, and others. It also plugs into performance testing tools such as JMeter and Gatling, and mobile testing tools like Appium. XL TestView is fully extensible and can be easily integrated with additional test tools with minimal effort.

For more details and to try XL TestView free today, please visit http://xebialabs.com/products/xl-testview/. For the information on the state of test and XL TestView, please visit: https://xebialabs.com/resources/infographics/one-test-results-management-and-analysis-tool-to-rule-them-all/