XebiaLabs, the software pioneer for DevOps and Continuous Delivery at scale, announced today that XL Release v4.5 is now available for download. Designed for DevOps teams focused on delivering more value to their users, XL Release manages the end-to-end delivery pipeline for software applications, mobile apps and micro services needed to deliver better software faster, at scale.

Right now, companies have little visibility into the status of their many lengthy, inter-dependent releases. Teams are flying blind and suffering from mass confusion as they study spreadsheets, documents and wikis trying to gain insight. Teams quickly realize that the approach of having daily status meetings and harried release managers neither scales nor solves the problem. Teams and management are frustrated by delays, unnecessary failures and the inability to get features out to users faster.

XL Release enables DevOps teams to plan, visualize, and control the entire software delivery process. The new features in version 4.5 increase automation, add finer grained security, and provide even more integration points with popular tools, while also improving overall performance.

“Release teams are comprised of a variety of users – from managers to QA to Dev to Ops — and everyone needs visibility into this process,” said Andrew Phillips, VP of Product Management, XebiaLabs. “XL Release is the most user-friendly Continuous Delivery Management tool out there, giving team members from all departments up-to-date insight at all times.”

Phillips continued, “This new version allows you to automate the entire software delivery process. By also providing support for all your manual tasks, XL Release lets you get started today and allows you to transform your release process into an automated software delivery pipeline in incremental steps, on your own schedule, to whichever degree of automation you need. Its focus on automation and ease of use, version 4.5 brings to market innovations that enable true continuous delivery and management.”

XL Release is complemented by two other products in XebiaLabs’ software suite: XL Deploy for software release automation and XL Test for test management and analytics. With XebiaLabs tools, users always have the data needed to make the best decisions at every step of the release process.