As mobile device use continues to grow in the consumer space, businesses are having a hard time keeping up. According to a recent survey by Apigee Institute (the research arm of Apigee), 45% of large enterprises struggle to deploy successful mobile applications.

“One of the biggest challenges is that not everyone is fully embracing the fact that delivering mobile apps is a fundamental necessity for the business,” said Bryan Kirschner, director of Apigee Institute. “Mobile is both a requirement and what people expect.”

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According to Apigee Institute, in order to successfully produce a mobile app, businesses have to meet all five key measures of app deployment success: number of apps, quality of apps, budget, business impact, and time.

“We refer to these companies that exceeded expectations across all measures as ‘App Masters,’ ” said Kirschner.

So, how can a company go from being app-challenged to an App Master?

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