Agile leaders reconvene at Snowbird

David Rubinstein
February 7, 2011 —  (Page 3 of 3)
Finally, Cockburn admitted there still is “way too much zealotry in the space. Some people go off to a Scrum training session and aren’t looking at real value, but come back shouting slogans. That’s part of human nature.”

He plans to set aside time at the February reunion to discuss problems such as those with project managers, line managers and consultants who are being invited to Snowbird as well.

“What are the solved problems? We know how to do software design, for instance. What is unsolvable? Changing human nature. Then there are those problems that can be solved that are worth going after.”

Sutherland said he’s planning to attend because he is curious “to see what’s going to happen.”

Whether or not they emerge with some new doctrine, Cockburn does expect one thing out of the resort in Utah: “It will be a good party.”

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02/07/2011 02:14:42 PM EST

Great article... Does anyone know of a "tweet" that might be following this meeting? krhohio

United StatesKent Hamon

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