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Android Developer Conference shows expanding products

In an exposition that was more reminiscent of early PC conferences than a developer event, the Android Developer Conference showed off numerous innovative products. For developers, tools on display offered new ways to monetize, test and monitor apps. Hardware makers were also on hand to offer help for designers working on-next generation devices and applications. …


The Detekt government spyware detection tool, a speech recognition software competition, and Google acquires RelativeWave—SD Times news digest: Nov. 20, 2014

Privacy advocates including Amnesty International, Privacy International, Digitale Gesellschaft and the EFF have teamed up to unveil Detekt, an open-source software tool to detect government spyware. Detekt scans Windows computers for traces of known surveillance spyware used to target and monitor human rights defenders and journalists around the world, according to the Detekt website. The …


Zeichick’s Take: The wisdom of Bob Metcalfe

Washington, D.C. — “It’s not time to regulate and control and tax the Internet.” Those are words of wisdom about Net Neutrality from Dr. Robert Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet, held here at the MEF GEN14, the annual conference from the Metro Ethernet Forum. Bob Metcalfe is a legend, not only for his role in inventing …

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EFF wants to make HTTPS the default protocol

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, along with a coalition of tech companies, organizations and researchers, have announced Let’s Encrypt: a new certificate authority (CA) initiative to implement the HTTPS encryption and communications protocol across the entire Web. Let’s Encrypt, which is also backed by Akamai, Cisco, IdenTrust, Mozilla and University of Michigan researchers, is intended as …


Google shows developers Android possibilities

When Android was young in 2008, every developer working on an application for the platform was taking a huge risk. But for some early adopters, that risk yielded massive rewards. Today, there are more than 1 billion active Android users worldwide, and building applications for this blockbuster platform is no longer such a great risk. …


Google releases Android Auto APIs, Senate votes down FREEDOM Act—SD Times news digest: Nov. 19, 2014

Google has released the first APIs for Android Auto, opening up third-party development for its in-car operating system. The two APIs support audio apps and messaging apps, allowing developers to integrate content into Android Auto for users to browse, play back audio from car and messaging apps that receive incoming notifications, read messages aloud, and …

Oracle reveals additional Java 9 features

Oracle continues to pile on the new features planned for Java 9, posting feature outlines for unified JVM logging and additional compiler controls, as well as plans to remove deprecated garbage collection combinations and fix Project Coin. Adding to the initial Java 9 feature set approved for release back in August, Java chief architect Mark …


The Top 20 countries for software piracy

The pervasiveness of online privacy is an acknowledged reality of today’s Internet. Software licensing, security and usage tracking provider V.i. Labs has analyzed customer data to identify where in the world most software piracy and license misuse originates from. While illegally downloaded movies and music may be the focus of government and financial efforts against …


Facebook wants to Flow developers through JavaScript

Facebook is releasing an early version of its open-source static type checker for JavaScript. Flow is designed to advance developer productivity and ensure code quality with features such as early error checking and code intelligence, according to the company. “Facebook loves JavaScript; it’s fast, it’s expressive, and it runs everywhere, which makes it a great …


Code Watch: Can we code conscious programs?

A few months ago, I pondered the growing gap between the way we solve problems in our day-to-day programming and the way problems are being solved by new techniques involving Big Data and statistical machine-learning techniques. The ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge has seen a leap in performance with the widespread adoption of convolutional …

Image courtesy of Nokia

The Nokia N1 Android tablet, Tumblr’s Colossus framework, and Intel combines PC and mobile divisions—SD Times news digest: Nov. 18, 2014

Nokia has unveiled the Nokia N1 tablet, Nokia’s first-ever Android tablet and the first device the company has released since Microsoft acquired its devices and services division. The tablet runs the Nokia Z launcher and uses “Scribble” navigation, where the user draws letters on the screen. The Nokia N1 tablet will be available in China …

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Developers losing interest in Google Glass, report finds

When the Google Glass was first released, the company promised to provide seamless, beautiful and empowering technology all through a consumer’s eyes. But with the device in the hands of developers for more than a year, a new report finds that the Glass is more than half empty, as developers are losing interest and the …


Engaging women in computer science, The Internet of Toys, and self-repairing software—SD Times news digest: Nov. 17, 2014

A new Kickstarter project wants to help mold the next generation of innovators. DynePods is a wearable, educational, programmable and connected toy that is designed to teach fundamental concepts of customization, programming, engineering and socialization. “I am thrilled to be in the toy business,” said Krissa Watry, president and CEO of Dynepic, which developers DynePods. …

Image courtesy of NBC News

Zeichick’s Take: Microsoft is getting stuff done

I like this new Microsoft. Satya Nadella’s Microsoft. Yes, the CEO needs to improve his public speaking skills, at least when talking to women’s conferences. Yet when you look at the company’s recent activities, what appears are lots of significant moves toward openness, a very positive focus on personal productivity, and even inventiveness. That’s not …

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    Why DevOps Needs a Development Testing Platform

    DevOps requires us to move past simply finding bugs with static analysis. We have to be more proactive and reevaluate the analysis techniques used in the SDLC. DevOps is a collection of practices that facilitate the cross-departmental collaboration and communication necessary to help organizations optimize and accelerate their development processes. Its roots can be traced …

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    Service Virtualization: Accelerating the Development Life Cycle

    Organizations are looking for a competitive advantage by delivering their applications more quickly. But as they do so, bottlenecks in the process become evident. One of the bottlenecks that continue to plague SDLC acceleration is testing. At best, testing has been considered inevitable overhead. At worst, organizations are passing off testing to their customers, creating …

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    Securing Your Private Keys as Best Practice for Code Signing Certificates

    The efficacy of code signing as an authentication mechanism for software depends on the secure storage of code signing private keys used by software publishers. Companies that are diligent and willing to invest in the appropriate security measures can make the compromise of their private keys highly unlikely. This white paper describes recent security breaches …

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    Protect Your Brand Against Today’s Malware Threats with Code Signing

    The malware threat and resulting lack of confidence on the part of online users puts software developers and other companies that rely on software downloads at risk. Code signing is an industry-recommended and widely-used defense against tampering, corruption, or malware infection in software code, armed with a powerful method to both identify code and assure …

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    Define a Software Delivery Strategy for Business Innovation

    The modern business world echoes with the sound of time-tested business models being shattered by digital upstarts, while the rate of disruption is accelerating. Organizations that will win in this world must hone their ability to deliver high-value experiences, based on high-quality software with very short refresh cycles. Customers are driving this shift; every experience …

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    The HTTP Live Streaming Success Guide

    HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is an established standard for adaptive bitrate video. Adaptive bitrate video delivery is a combination of server and client software that detects a client’s bandwidth capacity and adjusts the quality of the video stream between multiple bitrates and/or resolutions. The adaptive bitrate video experience is superior to delivering a static video …

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