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SD Times Blog: Making art out of numbers

We all know that, at its core, programming is about math. And there are plenty of examples out there of beautiful math; most are familiar with fractals and computer-generated images such as 3D landscapes. But there is another way to use all that math to make art: demos. If you grew up on computers in …


Cisco opens DevNet portal

Cisco has unveiled DevNet, its online portal for developers looking to work with Cisco products. In a blog entry discussing a software-intense future, Susie Wee, Cisco’s vice president and CTO of networked experience, wrote that Cisco would be making resources available to developers worldwide through the DevNet site. Already, DevNet hosts forums and information on …


SD Times news digest: July 21, 2014—The TiddlyBot coding robot, Splunk 3.1, and Microsoft moving TypeScript compiler to GitHub

TiddlyBot, a Kickstarter robot project teaching programming and robotics TiddlyBot, a programmable robot built on Raspberry Pi, allows kids to program and control while learning coding and problem solving skills. Developed by U.K. startup Agilic, TiddlyBot has already exceeded its Kickstarter project goal and is now funding stretch goals of creating an illustrated beginner’s guide …

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Linkapalooza: July 21, 2014

The Linker wonders if you’ve noticed anything different about SD Times lately. Newly redesigned SD Times Website! Weather-themed icon font… Irmin: Git-like branchable storage… How to get a job using technology you don’t know… Devicons: an iconic font for developers… Random solutions are often good enough. R3 bindings for Node.js… Anatomy of a system call, …


Microsoft announces unified technology conference in Chicago

Microsoft is launching one conference to rule them all. As part of its new unified strategy, the company is combining previously standalone conferences including the SharePoint Conference, Lync Conference, Exchange Conference, Project Conference, and TechEd North America into an inaugural, unified Microsoft commercial technology conference from May 4-8, 2015, in Chicago. Julia White, the general manager …


Guest View: The agile mindset: It’s time to change our thinking, not Scrum

Organizations that have transformed their software development from conventional to agile have gone through numerous trials. Some of these have worked and some haven’t, but the trial results have delivered invaluable knowhow. Even after textbook implementations of agile methodologies, many organizations have found that they’re far away from realizing its true benefits. In fact, many …


SD Times Blog: The new Microsoft

For your edification, the term “pink slip,” which has largely fallen out of favor due to our paperless offices, originates with the Ford Motor Corporation. While there is only word-of-mouth evidence out there, the term is said to have come from slips that were placed in worker cubbyholes at the end of each day. White …


Zeichick’s Take: Look to the intranet

Where do your employees go to find shared data? If it’s external data, probably an external search engine, like Google (which apparently holds 67.6% of the U.S. market) or Bing (18.7%) or one of the niche players. What about internal data? If your organization uses a platform like Microsoft’s SharePoint, that platform includes a pretty …


Top 5 projects trending on GitHub this week

#1: πfs It’s a file system in Pi. Developed by Philip Langdale, πfs takes one of the most important constants in mathematics to simple, compressed file storage. Πfs applies a disjunctive sequence to files, converting all files into metadata stored in a metadata directory. It’s a data-free file system for the metadata-driven world. #2: Realm …


Django REST framework kickstarts new release

The popular Web API framework for Django is looking to move forward with a major new release, and to do so it is turning to Kickstarter. “Since its initial release in 2011, Django REST framework has been developed almost exclusively in personal time,” wrote Tom Christie, author of the framework, on the project’s Kickstarter page. …


SD Times news digest: July 17, 2014—BlackBerry’s virtual assistant and RightScale’s self-service portal

BlackBerry takes on Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana BlackBerry has announced a new feature expected for BlackBerry 10.3: BlackBerry Assistant, a virtual assistant similar to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The virtual assistant is voice-activated and helps manage simple tasks such as searching e-mail and calendar, sending invitations, and figuring out what’s trending on Twitter. …


Nadella vows up to 18,000 Microsoft layoffs in memo

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has followed up his lengthy inspirational memo on Microsoft’s future with a harsh dose of reality, promising layoffs of up to 18,000 employees over the next year. In a brief e-mail to Microsoft employees this morning titled “Starting to Evolve Our Organization and Culture,” Nadella explained that the “strategic alignment” of …


Appcelerator readies software for a post-Web world

Are we entering a post-Web world, where browsers are becoming less relevant and mobile applications take center stage for getting data to users in a format they can use? Mobile platform provider Appcelerator thinks so, and today issued the summer release of its platform with optimizations for business analytics, a new API builder, and greater …

Agile's transformation is like a pink amorphous blob evolving into a fast, supercharged electric rodent.

Illustration by Travis Orams (

Agile requires a transformation

Almost every day, there are software development teams finishing agile sprints who are left wondering what happened. How did we fail? Where did we go wrong? The answers are as hard to come by as it is to successfully implement an agile approach that is sustainable and maximizes its true value. There’s a saying in …


SD Times news digest: July 16, 2014—Android development course, NSA’s cybersecurity program, and JFrog’s series B funding

Google crash course for Android development Google is offering an online training course for experienced developers new to Android or mobile. The course, Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals, will be available through Udacity and provides step-by-step training to building an Android app, and best practices for mobile development in general. “With Android expanding rapidly into …

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    Transforming SharePoint into a Unified Information Access Platform

    The modern enterprise is struggling to make sense of the structured and unstructured information that is being generated and leveraged in exponentially growing volumes across an increasing variety of application silos. This whitepaper discusses Unified Information Access platforms and applications, including how the BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform transforms SharePoint into a powerful UIA platform, …

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    3 Things You Can Still Do to Prepare for Holiday Traffic Spikes

    LIVE DATE: Thursday July 31, 2014   TIME: 1PM EST  Getting ready for a big traffic spike like the ones that come around the holidays, and the business that comes with it, can be exciting times for companies…but they can also create a lot of stress and anxiety for teams responsible for making sure everything goes perfectly. Luckily …

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    Why Switch to Automated Release and Deployment?

    Learn how you can accomplish more in less time, increase the frequency of software delivery, and produce higher quality software; all without adding overhead!  …

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    How to Make Mobile App Quality Your Top Priority

    Is your mobile app enriching users’ lives, or enraging them? The quality of your mobile apps has a direct impact on your brand and your reputation. That’s why mobile app quality must be your company’s top priority. In this white paper, Intertek offers some best practices on how to ensure your app accurately reflects the …

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    Four strategies to reduce your open source risk

    The lure of open source is undeniable. Developers take advantage of it every day and organizations are just beginning to understand the impacts of having license, security, and technical issues impact their time to delivery. Software is software, regardless of source, and investing in open source scanning, support, and policy tools help organizations understand what …

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    The Business Value of Continuous Delivery

    Continuous Delivery helps companies release applications faster and with greater quality by streamlining and automating the process of bringing software from code to production. The business values of adopting Continuous Delivery are compelling enough; higher quality, reduced cost, greater data-driven decision making, easier experimentation and overall accelerated time-to-value. It’s really revolutionizing the way businesses use …

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