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SD Times Blog: MotorMood wants drivers to show how happy they are

Cars are smarter than they used to be. Bluetooth, power windows and Aux cables have long since replaced VHS players, window cranks and giant 1980s-style car phones. So why do drivers still stick their hands out their windows and wave to signal thanks in traffic? MotorMood, a Kickstarter project from a Los Angeles startup team, …


The R language gets support from top tech companies and the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is setting up a new organization dedicated to the R programming language. The R Consortium is designed to advance the analytics and data science language, as well as support both technical and user communities. “Millions of data scientists and academic researchers use R language every day and want to collaborate with their …


Code Watch: What made Java win?

Java’s emergence 20 years ago was the last time a programming language enamored the industry. It was not the first time: It had been the rhythm of the programming community to anoint a new “it” mainstream programming language every seven years or so. While that pattern has clearly been disrupted, I believe that it is …

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Amazon’s s2n TLS implementation, the AllSeen Alliance Superconnector, and Zephyr Mobile—SD Times news digest: June 30, 2015

Amazon has introduced s2n, a new open-source implementation of the TLS encryption protocol. The s2n implementation, short for “signal to noise,” is a library designed to be small, fast and simple. s2n avoids implementing rarely used TLS options and extensions, and it contains little more than 6,000 lines of code. Amazon plans to integrate s2n …


Poll: Where is your Hadoop deployment?

At what stage is your Hadoop deployment? Is it still in the planning stages, in the lab, in development, in production or already making you money? Or is it still hiding under your desk? Let us know, and feel free to expand on your answer in the Comments section of this article! Where is your …


Docker and the ‘coolification’ of containers

His first presentation may have ended inauspiciously with the moderator cutting him off mid-sentence at the five-minute mark, but the developers sitting in Solomon Hykes’ 2013 PyCon session knew that the founder of Docker, an open-source application container engine, had unveiled a tool that would bring revolutionary simplicity to deployment. They began texting their respective …


MIT researchers develop an automatic software bug-repair system

MIT researchers want to fix software bugs by borrowing functionality from other apps. “Over time, what you’d be doing is building this hybrid system that takes the best components from all these [other] implementations,” said Stelios Sidiroglou-Douskos, research scientist at MIT’s CSAIL. (Related: Google expands bug bounty program to Android) The researchers have developed CodePhage, …


Zettaset patents Big Data access management

You want to keep your hot data hot and your cold data cold. That’s the idea behind a data-access-management patent issued to Zettaset on June 23. The new technology, dubbed “DiamondLane” by the company, allows administrators and developers to prioritize the storage of data based on its “temperature.” That temperature setting amounts to varying degrees …


Analyst View: Your next platform will be a digital business cornerstone

Having been the first to move on advanced digital customer experiences, consumer-brand companies like GE, Home Depot, Lowes, Coca-Cola, and Under Armour/MapMyRun learned that the platforms for their modern digital apps are as crucial to their success as investments in capital, supply chain, labor, and product management. Yet, in the age of the customer, these …


Oracle v. Google case turned down by Supreme Court

After four years of litigation, the legal fistfight between Google and Oracle will not be tried in the top court of the land. The Supreme Court decided today that it would not hear arguments in the ongoing battle over the Java APIs. The fight between Google and Oracle centers on Google’s use of portions of …


Visual Studio 2015’s release date, Google spells the end for Eclipse Android Developer Tools support, and Meteor acquires Percolate Studio—SD Times news digest: June 29, 2015

Microsoft has announced that the final RTMs of Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015 and .NET 4.6 will be available for download on July 20. More details are available in a blog post from S. Somasegar, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Developer Division. Google sets end of support date for Eclipse ADT Google has …


Navigating through an open-source world

Open-source software is becoming the backbone of the software development industry, helping to spur innovation, reduce time to market and lower costs. According to Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, almost every device or piece of software we use today contains some open-source code. “There are hundreds and thousands of products and services …


What the Dynatrace/Keynote merger means for APM

Dynatrace’s chief marketing officer Nicolas Robbe described walking through the company’s Boston office into an open, rounded room with bright screens lining the walls all displaying cloud infrastructure and applications. As DevOps and business stakeholders have grown more aware of and reliant upon the detailed data afforded organizations through application performance-management tools, this “cockpit,” as …


Guest View: U.S. encryption export controls and misconceptions

As global trading explodes, U.S. software companies are expanding their sales and product development internationally. Whether it’s a small company beginning to sell internationally or a sophisticated company looking to outsource product development, one issue often overlooked or misunderstood is how encryption functionally can impact, and in some cases restrict, international activities. These restrictions arise …

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    Making the Leap from Server to Cloud

    Are you considering a move to Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud to take advantage of benefits like always having the latest features and security updates, reducing management costs without having to maintain costly hardware infrastructure and more predictable expenses with a subscription model? Maybe so. But how do you migrate your SharePoint environment if you …

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    The cloud is here to stay and many SharePoint IT Managers are moving to the cloud to reduce costs, improve access for external partners, an increased mobility. But the problem remains: how do you do this securely? The White Paper gives you 4 critical tips on how to move to the cloud securely, including: Managing …

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    2015 State of Application Security: Closing the Gap

    As software applications are increasingly distributed through cloud and mobile platforms, the risk of vulnerabilities affecting enterprises rises. Both builders and defenders of apps are well aware that these new types of applications—and the languages and frameworks they are developed in—pose substantial, complex risks. Download this SANS whitepaper, based on its 2015 State of Application …

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    The Forrester Wave: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools

    Application development leaders don’t have to choose between speed and quality any longer. Agile testing practices, combined with modern functional test automation tools, enable faster testing without compromising quality. Forrester Research evaluated nine functional test automation solutions on the market. Download this white paper to find out who the leaders in the market are! …

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    Effective DevOps Requires ‘Continuous Quality’

    Rapid delivery of differentiating software has become a business imperative, and organizations are seeking new ways to speed up their release cycles. But this speed has left room for software failures and attacks. There needs to be a cultural shift from testing an application to understanding the risks associated with a release candidate. Organizations need …

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    Building Mobile Apps that Always Work

    The amount of rich multimedia content and data we are creating and sharing has exploded, and the ability to generate and manage this data has become integral to the value and richness of mobile applications. But apps like social media sharing platforms, productivity and collaboration apps, lifestyle management apps, run slowly when network connectivity is …

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