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The case for JS++

JavaScript has exploded. It’s everywhere: the browser, the server, your phone, IoT devices, and more. However, JavaScript can be brittle. The language was notoriously designed and developed in just 10 days, and its creator, Brendan Eich, has become JavaScript’s most prominent apologizer. JavaScript is controversial. Rarely have we seen a language divide software developers so …


Pat AI combines linguistics, neural networks to create a new type of artificial intelligence

A new artificial intelligence company thinks that its breakthrough in natural language understanding can take on what machine learning experts say is an unsolvable challenge: getting machines to understand human language and its meaning. Pat Inc., which announced its private beta and US$2.5 million in seed funding this month, is developing artificial intelligence technology that …


NodeSource introduces Node.js platform for enterprises

Node.js got an enterprise boost today, as NodeSource released a beta version of its NSolid platform. The new platform is based on Linux containers, and Kubernetes. Developers can use NSolid as their deployment platform for Node.js applications within a Kubernetes cluster. The benefit of using the NSolid platform is that it can be plugged into …

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Anders Wallgren

Agile 2016: How to measure your DevOps initiatives

ATLANTA — You’ve heard the benefits of DevOps, and you’ve decided to move your teams to this way of working. But how do you know if you are doing it right? Metrics are key indicators for businesses to figure out whether or not they are making the right decisions, but often they aren’t choosing the …


Does your release candidate have an acceptable level of risk?

Today’s DevOps and “Continuous Everything” initiatives require the ability to assess the risks associated with a release candidate—instantly and continuously. Yet, as the release date looms, development teams are still focused on answering the question, “Are we done testing?” Fundamentally, this is the wrong question. It ties the concept of “quality” to static tests that …


GE dives into the Internet of Things

GE today unveiled the road map for its Predix IoT platform, which is designed to be at the heart of all GE equipment by 2020. Until then, developers will be able to toy with an upcoming development kit designed to give them access to the software controls and systems GE is designing to manage IoT. …


Veracode announces Developer Sandbox, Appvance UTP ships for enterprise, and Twilio launches Sync—SD Times news digest: July 26, 2016

Veracode announced Developer Sandbox today, a new feature that allows developers and security risk teams to have more control over their application security processes. With this feature, developers can review security processes early in the development life cycle, and they have the ability to scan full applications or components as they write them. This allows …

biometric screening eye

How imaging SDKs can solve today’s application development challenges

In a mobile-first world, developers understand the importance of creating a next-generation app that fits in with client or user expectations. Developers should consider the myriad of SDK options if they want to improve functionality for the user, especially imaging SDKs. Although they are a niche market, these SDKs can add better imaging capabilities and …


Agile 2016: cPrime reveals a new approach to agile: the Software Services Lifecycle Management

ATLANTA — cPrime wants to address the fragmentation it sees in the agile space. The company announced the Software Services Lifecycle Management (SSLM) at the Agile 2016 conference today. SSLM is a new approach designed to support and promote the new connected world of software development and delivery. According to Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime, …


SD Times Blog: Agile 2016: Scrum is not done yet, and neither are you

Scrum has been around for the past 21 years, with fueling and supporting the methodology since 2009. According to the organization, today about 90% of teams use Scrum, and more than 1 million people have taken the assessments. But with the recent innovations and ever-changing trends in the software development space, is there …


Apache Kudu becomes top-level project

The Apache Kudu Project is, as of today, a top-level project within the open-source technology foundation. Originally contributed by Cloudera, the project is an effort to build a highly efficient and fast analytics platform for quickly moving data, such as streams. Kudu, in practice, is actually a columnar storage manager for Hadoop. The system is …


Agile 2016: Happy workers are productive workers

ATLANTA — You can’t expect good performance from your employees if you are practicing bad management, according to Jurgen Appelo, CEO of the business network Happy Melly and cofounder of Agile Lean Europe. Appelo kicked off the Agile 2016 conference here with tips from his new book on how to manage for happiness. According to …


MIT CSAIL’s new way to experience 3D, Synopsys releases Seeker 3.8, and Yahoo sells for $4.8 billion—SD Times news digest: July 25, 2016

A team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science have developed a way to let audience members experience 3D films in a movie theater without the bulky glasses. They call it Cinema 3D, and it uses a special array of lenses and mirrors that let an audience …


Atlassian updates Bitbucket with Pipelines

Atlassian is taking Bitbucket back to its roots by adding support for the Mercurial SCM system to its Bitbucket Pipelines workflows. Mercurial was formerly the chosen SCM system of Atlassian until Git took over the development world. The move comes as part of the Bitbucket 4.8 update. Bitbucket Pipelines enable fast builds and workflows for …

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    When Agile, DevOps and Lean Aren’t Enough: The Missing Imperative in Software Delivery

    Agile, DevOps and Lean principles have improved software delivery in many important ways. And as increasingly competitive markets compel software organizations to step up quality and productivity, interest in these concepts has never been higher. But despite considerable merits, they fall short in addressing the full range of issues confronted by modern software organizations. Read …

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    Welcome to the Intelligent Testing Revolution!

    DATE: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 TIME: 1:00 PM ET/ 10:00 AM PT Whether for holiday readiness, specific events, or general performance, many organizations struggle to create accurate testing plans. Why? Because they lack visibility into exactly how their customers behave. This webinar will explore the details of how test plans are typically created and how …

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    How DevOps Changes the Mobile Delivery Pipeline

    Building and testing for mobile is an essential part of modern delivery pipelines. Yet organizations struggle to fit mobile into their DevOps workflows because mobile presents special challenges. Among them are: the great diversity of mobile devices, and rapid mobile update cycles the fact that many organizations consider mobile development separately from their business applications. …

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    Embedded Analytics for Business Intelligence

    Businesses across all applications and in every industry are faced with mountains of data. The only question is: will data be your company’s weak point or competitive differentiator? After all, customers rely on your application to help them understand the data that it holds, especially in our increasingly data-savvy world. To capitalize on the value of …

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    Laying the Groundwork for a Scalable Continuous Testing Strategy

    Continuous testing is the principle of testing your software as often as possible, from early on in development and continuing through release. But what many organizations implementing continuous testing fail to do is to ensure they have a workflow that fits into every stage of the development process. In this paper from Rainforest QA, the kinds …

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    CDAP 101: A Developer’s Guide to Data Analytics

    Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) is an integrated application development framework for Hadoop and Spark. It integrates and abstracts the underlying infrastructure technologies to provide simpler and easy-to-use APIs to build, deploy and manage complex data analytics applications and data lakes in the cloud or on-premises. This guide goes into the underlying functional and deployment architecture, complete with system diagrams, definitions, …

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