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Programmers use code to develop poetry

Programmers use code to create apps, websites, cool new features and more. But, in a recent contest, they displayed a new way to utilize code: poetry. The Source Code Poetry 2015 contest showcased programmers who turned their computer skills into literary skills. “Real professionals know their stuff,” according to the contest’s website. “Real professionals talk, …


SD Times Blog: Cyber Monday highlights changes in software organizations

Cyber Monday: You’re soaking in it. If you’ve got the time to read this today, you clearly aren’t working in a company that has a major online retail component. Rather, you should be staring at your dashboards, religiously checking to see if anything has broken. Or if it’s broken now. Or now. Or maybe even …


Adware disguised as media player hits Android

Advertising is to be expected when using a mobile device. But a recently detected Android adware takes advertising to a whole new level by setting up other programs with advertisements in an unwanted and malicious way. It even steals confidential information from the victim. Discovered by “Dr. Web,” a group of Russian anti-virus specialists, Android.Spy.510 …

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Code Watch: Let’s be clear about code clarity

Code is for communication. Good code is clear code. Clever code is crap. As Abelson and Sussman phrase it in “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs,” “Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.” But we rarely open a source code out of pure intellectual curiosity; rather, we …


Raspberry Pi Zero, GE Health Cloud, and virtual wounds—SD Times news digest: Nov. 30, 2015

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new programmable computer at a lower cost. The foundation has unveiled the Raspberry Pi Zero, priced at US$5. The new computer features a Broadcom BCM2835 application processor, a micro-SD card slot, 512MB of LPDDR2 SDRAM, a mini-HDMI socket for 1080p60 video output, and micro-USB sockets for data and …


Microsoft introduces PowerApps

While most of the world has gone mobile, Microsoft thinks there are still roadblocks keeping businesses from following suit. As a result, the company has announced PowerApps, a new enterprise software service designed to create, deliver and share business apps. “The way we work is changing. We are more mobile than ever before,” said Omar …


PDF 2.0: Clarifying the standard

We are living in a digital age, and businesses no longer want to store their information and data on hard copies. Businesses from across a broad range of industries are turning to the Portable Document Format (PDF) to bring their printed documents online. “PDFs are really becoming the de facto electronic document standard,” said Gerald …


Apache Kafka updates to 0.9

As Apache developers awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, they found themselves transformed in their beds into a giant new version of Apache Kafka. Version 0.9, released yesterday, adds security support for SSL for the first time, as well as new consumer APIs. This latest version of Kafka includes updates that should make it easier …


Progress announces Rollbase 4.0 to give businesses new development capabilities

Progress wants to help businesses cut the time it takes to bring new apps to market. The company has announced Progress Rollbase 4.0, with significant UI enhancements and integration with the Telerik platform. Rollbase is the company’s application development platform for building mobile and Web-based business applications. “The problem it aims to solve is the …


Developers can translate apps into different languages with new IBM cloud-based service

If you are a developer that just built a new cloud app on IBM’s Bluemix, the next step might be to translate your app into a different language for new markets around the world. This normally means finding a translation vendor, which could cost time and money for the developer. Today, IBM announced a new …


Microsoft’s AI advancements, tech tattoos, and Dell addresses security vulnerability—SD Times news digest: Nov. 25, 2015

Microsoft researchers say they are making advancements in computer vision, deep learning, and understanding images. The company, along with colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University, has developed a new system that analyzes images and interprets it as a human would. “The ability to answer questions is critical to developing artificial intelligence tools, and this breakthrough could …


MIT researchers find covert communication connections have no effect on user experience

More than half the data transferred to and from 500 popular Android applications was found to have little or no impact on user experience, according to a recent MIT study. “We looked at the communication of mobile applications and counted the number of statements in the application that establish these connections,” said Julia Rubin, a …


SD Times Blog: Programmer creates hacks to automate his work

You come across a lot of interesting things when you are searching the Internet, and while some of it is out of this world or just plain stupid, there are just some things you can’t ignore. Today, I came across this interesting blog and GitHub post, and although I can’t validate their authenticity, it is …


NodeOS nears 1.0 in its quest for a 100% JavaScript OS

The Node.js community has built itself an operating system. Known as NodeOS, this Linux kernel-based distribution layers a 100% JavaScript world on top of the traditional OS foundation. This layer is backed by the Node Package Manager (NPM), which allows all of the JavaScript applications to be downloaded and installed easily. NodeOS is a slender …

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    How to Deliver Superior Web Performance to End Users in China

    With all of its growth, the Chinese consumer market is one of the biggest revenue opportunities in the world for companies outside of the country, as it is still largely untapped by foreign businesses. In this eBook, you’ll learn about the different obstacles you’ll face as you create a web presence in China, as well …

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    DNS User Guide

    We all know that Domain Name Systems are critical components of the infrastructure that make up a website, but how exactly does the translation from a domain name to an IP address work? More importantly, how and why does the quality of your DNS resolution process affect the experience of end users on your site? …

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    Guide to Exceptional Holiday eCommerce Shopping Experiences

    Ensuring your users have exceptional shopping experiences is a matter of optimizing and testing your website to avoid the potential failures and outages that can occur as a result of increased traffic. Download this free eBook to learn how you can start preparing your site to handle the demand of this year’s shopping season. …

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    Reporting, Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization Software Explained

    You’ve got data, what do you do with it? With Software being an ever-evolving industry we are constantly coming across different ideas as to what “reporting,” “analytics,” “business intelligence” and other related terms mean. In this white paper we will explore: What reporting software is and how to deploy it. The gray area between DocGen …

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    Getting started with API Testing

    People use Graphical User Interfaces, or GUIs, to interact with their applications, but software uses APIs to talk to the application or its services. Applications today almost certainly expose APIs to the outside world—especially if they are in “the cloud” and the subsystems they use internally communicate with each other via APIs. As a tester …

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    Building Highly Scalable Applications For Bluemix

    RECORDED WEBINAR: You deployed your app with the Bluemix PaaS and it’s gaining some serious traction, so it’s time to make some tweaks. Did you design your application in a way that it can scale in the cloud? Were you even thinking about the cloud when you built the app? If not, chances are your …

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