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Zeichick’s Take: Three first impressions of Apple Watch, Yelp and something else

First Impressions of the Apple Watch: Surprised that it’s not called the iWatch. The user interface looks surprisingly cool. Distressed that the Apple Watch needs to be charged every day, but if the docking station is sufficiently easy to use, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. The watches look like real watches, beautiful as well …


SD Times news digest: Sept. 12, 2014—HP to buy Eucalyptus, Microsoft expands support for middleware providers

HP acquires cloud startup Eucalyptus HP has revealed plans to buy cloud startup Eucalyptus Software, with Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos joining HP to manage the company’s cloud business. The deal is expected to close in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2014, and Reuters reported the acquisition will be for less than US$100 million. Eucalyptus offers …


The state of database Continuous Delivery

While Continuous Delivery practices for applications have gone mainstream, Continuous Delivery for the database is still lagging behind. A recent survey by DBmaestro revealed that organizations are hesitant to adopt Continuous Delivery for the database because of a mistrust in automation, lack of awareness, inability to change organizational culture, budget restraints, and opposition from management …

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Top 5 projects trending on GitHub

#1: Shout Shout is a Web Internet relay chat client that users can host on their own server. Created by Mattias Erming, Shout features multiple user support, the ability to stay connected even when the browser is closed, the ability to connect from multiple devices at once, and a responsive layout that works well on …

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The big business of APIs

When was the last time you dropped off a roll of film to be developed at the local drug store or supermarket? Walgreens software developers were sure there was a way to get people to come back in to pick up pictures again. But the competition was removing its photo development in the face of …


SD Times news digest: September 11, 2014—Twitter Flight, Code Studio, and Google’s self-driving car

Twitter’s first mobile developer conference Twitter has announced a new developer conference with a focus on mobile. Twitter Flight will take place on Oct. 22 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, and will feature a keynote from CEO Dick Costolo as well as a series of technical sessions. “Flight is a gathering …


SD Times news digest: September 10, 2014—Swift language hits 1.0, and Apple’s WatchKit developer kit for Apple Watch

Apple releases WatchKit for Apple Watch Apple launched its first new product line since 2010 yesterday: the Apple Watch line of smart watch wearable devices. For developers this means an entirely new platform, in the form of a new set of tools called WatchKit. WatchKit, a development platform specifically for Apple Watch, enables third-party application …


FoundationDB adds SQL Layer to its NoSQL database

More and more businesses are working with NoSQL and SQL databases, but the problem is that there isn’t anybody providing a vision for how these different database tools might come together, according to Dave Rosenthal, CEO of FoundationDB. FoundationDB wants to change that. The company just released a free, open-source SQL database engine that sits …


SD Times news digest: September 9, 2014—Weave virtual Docker network, Java and C++ popularity hit lows

Weave: The virtual Docker network London-based developer Zettio has open-sourced Weave, a tool to create a virtual network that connects Docker containers across multiple hosts. Weave creates a network bridge on each host, connecting each container to the bridge via a veth pair (a pair of virtual network interfaces connected together). Weave routers then capture …


Shippable ships new version of Continuous Deployment software

Cloud-based Continuous Integration is a scary proposition, what with all the security breaches in the news lately. For enterprises that aren’t prepared to completely commit to cloud-based CI and Continuous Delivery, Shippable has released version 2.0 of its self-titled CI platform today, which for the first time includes the ability to deploy in hybrid or …


OpenSSL unveils first security policy

The development team behind the OpenSSL open-source encryption toolkit has released its first official security policy, laying out its internal security protocols and plans to pre-notify organizations implementing OpenSSL about impending updates and security fixes. The OpenSSL pre-notification policy will allow notices to be sent out over the OpenSSL mailing list and on the homepage …


Chef 12 blends open-source, commercial versions

The software cooks at Chef today have put out the first release candidate for version 12 of the configuration-management platform. This is the first version of Chef to include rules-based controls and multi-tenancy support in both commercial and open-source versions, thus removing the distinctions between the two. Instead, Chef will now charge users with more …


SD Times news digest: Sept. 8, 2014—GM’s hands-free cars, JHipster 1.0, and tracking stress levels with Google Glass

GM to launch hands-free driving by 2016 General Motors CEO Mary Barra has announced that Cadillac will offer advanced “intelligent and connected” vehicle technologies on 2017-model-year vehicles. The vehicle will offer GM’s advanced driver assist technology, Super Cruise, and will provide vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology. “A tide of innovation has invigorated the global auto industry, and …

Red Hat security engineer Daniel Walsh

How Red Hat and the open-source community are fortifying Docker

As Docker has exploded in popularity, so too has the open-source community around it. Now, as more and more large enterprise software companies jump on the Docker bandwagon, the community is tackling some of the larger issues behind the emerging technology, namely container security. One of the big names driving security improvements in Docker container …

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    5 Reasons Hackers Love Your Application Security Strategy

    Learn why your current strategy is exposing your business to significant risk You’ve seen the headlines: pretty much every week there’s a new Global 2000 enterprise or government agency in the news…. for the wrong reason. Information security has huge implications for organizations of all sizes and hacks can lead to potential data exfiltration, network breach, …

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    What to Consider When Considering In-Vehicle Apps

    What’s the latest wearable? Some say it’s your car. Sounds strange, but the functionality in many of today’s vehicles mirrors the functionality in smartwatches, smart glasses and other wearable technology. Vehicles can now tell us where we’re going, play us our favorite music or movies, control the temperature and seat positions, monitor heartbeats and even …

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    Automate Database Deployments in Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline: See Datical and Serena Automation in Action!

    LIVE DATE: Thursday, September 18, 2014 TIME: 12:00-1:00 PM EST Automating your deployment process removes potential for human error, reduces risk, and brings reliability and repeatability to your application deployments. In this live webinar featuring Datical CTO Robert Reeves, we will demonstrate how to automate your deployment process to support Continuous Delivery by keeping your …

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    Live Event: NoSQL vs NewSQL Debunking Myths Surrounding the Modern Database Landscape

    Join MemSQL on Tuesday, September 9 at 1:00pm EST to discuss the modern database landscape and learn how to solve common NoSQL pain points around performance, scale, and flexibility. During this live webinar, CEO Eric Frenkiel will discuss: NoSQL realities and the flexibility of SQL. HuMONGOus misconceptions- taking a look into MongoDB. One of our recent customer’s …

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    The Essential Guide to Enterprise Search in SharePoint

    With Microsoft SharePoint and FAST Search becoming ubiquitous in organizations, visionary companies, both large and small, need to think about SharePoint as their portal for unifying access to information. This Unified Information Access (UIA) strategy provides knowledge workers with a single point of access to all information, people, and expertise across the enterprise.  This eBook covers …

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    Seven Ways to Fail: Avoid the business risks of inadequately testing your applications

    Software is today’s currency for many businesses, which increasing relies on their applications to improve revenue, customer satisfaction and brand perception. In the age of Mobile, Cloud, Agile and Big Data, businesses need comprehensive testing of their applications BEFORE they go into production. Today’s testing requires the same tenets of testing used for years, along with …

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