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Python 3.5 beta arrives

A new beta of Python 3.5 arrived today. Beta 4 of the next revision of the popular programming language adds only four bug fixes, while 3.5 itself is a few months from completion. The primary changes between 3.4 and 3.5 are the inclusion of a new matrix multiplication operator and co-routines with Await and Async …


Microsoft delays Team Foundation Server 2015, releases TFS 2015 RC2

Microsoft is getting ready to unveil Team Foundation Server 2015, but it’s going to take a little longer than expected. The company originally announced the application lifecycle management solution would be released on July 20, but after careful consideration Microsoft decided to delay the release date. “In the end, getting quality right is more important …


Microsoft HoloLens gets some outside help

Microsoft is dedicated to creating new holographic computing experiences, but it needs some outside help to get there. To do so, the company today announced the Microsoft HoloLens Academic Research request for proposals (RFP) for the academic community. “This emerging technology teems with opportunity, so we’ve issued this RFP to inspire the academic community to …

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Windows 10 almost finalized, OpenSSL’s security fix, and Google’s self-driving cars in Texas—SD Times news digest: July 7, 2015

Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on Windows 10, and plans to wrap it up by this week, the Verge reports. According to the Verge, sources say that a release to manufacturing (RTM) build could be released this week. While Microsoft is working on its final copies of the operating system, Terry Myerson, the company’s …


Researcher develops advanced computer vision technology

A researcher from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has developed a new artificial intelligent user interface designed to simplify the detection and analysis of images. While computer vision technology for images has been popping up more recently, this new UI allows users to visualize, navigate and manipulate visual media. The system was created …


Pneuron and PubNub secures new funding

Pneuron and PubNub have announced new rounds of funding to help their companies grow. Pneuron, a company that focuses on application development and deployment with an emphasis on business value, announced a US$5 million Series B-1 round of funding from Safeguard Scientifics, Osage Partners and Scott Group LLC. This is the company’s latest funding round …


SD Times Blog: No more excuses for enterprise software

If you’ve been around this industry long enough, you likely recall a time when your manager came down to your office, large cardboard box in-hand, smiling like a boss that’s done good for his workers. The scenario likely played out as follows. Boss: Here, take this! (hands you the shiny box) You: What’s this? Boss: …

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.56.13 PM

IBM Watson’s new cognitive services, Windows 10 rollout, and the Hacking Team’s hack attack—SD Times news digest: July 6, 2015

IBM is introducing new cognitive services for IBM Watson. The company announced IBM Watson Language Translation, IBM Speech to Text and IBM Text to Speech. “These cognitive speech and language services are open to anyone, enabling application developers and IBM’s growing ecosystem to develop and commercialize new cognitive computing solutions,” Jerome Pesenti, VP of Watson …


Guest View: Why developers shouldn’t perform software testing

It may sound counter-intuitive to say that developers shouldn’t perform testing on the products they produce. After all, who knows a site or app better than those who created it? Aren’t developers exactly the people who should be testing software, given that they put it together and know how it’s supposed to work? It’s this …


ALM techniques can help keep your apps in play

For developers and enterprise teams, application life-cycle management in today’s development climate is an exercise in organized chaos. As movements such as agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery have created more hybrid roles within a faster, more fluid application delivery cycle, there are new definitions of what each letter in the ALM acronym means. Applications have …


Requirements must keep pace with agile

It long has been understood that requirements are the very first step in the application life cycle. After all, you can’t build what you don’t know, so requirements are what inform software development from the beginning. Requirements take time to create, though. Business meetings result in ideas for new products or features, and then business …


The Future of Life Institute wants to make sure AI remains safe

The Future of Life Institute’s (FLI) mission is to protect mankind from artificial intelligence, and it is recruiting research teams to do so. The Elon Musk-backed program announced it has chosen 37 research teams worldwide to investigate the possible advantages and disadvantages of AI. The 37 teams will be awarded about US$7 million from Musk …


From the Editors: When did open-source software get so scary?

In the beginning, open-source software was meant as a way for developers to scratch each other’s back. If you created a functionality, you released it into open source so that some other developer didn’t have to start from scratch. In the 1960s and early 1970s, “No one thought about rights to the software, let alone …


Google Cloud Console, and Microsoft joins IoT Thread Group and releases Windows Application Insights SDK 1.0.0—SD Times news digest: July 2, 2015

Google has announced the new Google Cloud Console, a mobile app for Android and iOS to help developers manage cloud platform resources from their devices. Google Cloud Console lets developers view the overall health of their system, view projects, set alerts, monitor billing, and manage Google Cloud Platform resources. The console has the ability to …

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    Making the Leap from Server to Cloud

    Are you considering a move to Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud to take advantage of benefits like always having the latest features and security updates, reducing management costs without having to maintain costly hardware infrastructure and more predictable expenses with a subscription model? Maybe so. But how do you migrate your SharePoint environment if you …

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    The cloud is here to stay and many SharePoint IT Managers are moving to the cloud to reduce costs, improve access for external partners, an increased mobility. But the problem remains: how do you do this securely? The White Paper gives you 4 critical tips on how to move to the cloud securely, including: Managing …

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    2015 State of Application Security: Closing the Gap

    As software applications are increasingly distributed through cloud and mobile platforms, the risk of vulnerabilities affecting enterprises rises. Both builders and defenders of apps are well aware that these new types of applications—and the languages and frameworks they are developed in—pose substantial, complex risks. Download this SANS whitepaper, based on its 2015 State of Application …

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    The Forrester Wave: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools

    Application development leaders don’t have to choose between speed and quality any longer. Agile testing practices, combined with modern functional test automation tools, enable faster testing without compromising quality. Forrester Research evaluated nine functional test automation solutions on the market. Download this white paper to find out who the leaders in the market are! …

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    Effective DevOps Requires ‘Continuous Quality’

    Rapid delivery of differentiating software has become a business imperative, and organizations are seeking new ways to speed up their release cycles. But this speed has left room for software failures and attacks. There needs to be a cultural shift from testing an application to understanding the risks associated with a release candidate. Organizations need …

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    Building Mobile Apps that Always Work

    The amount of rich multimedia content and data we are creating and sharing has exploded, and the ability to generate and manage this data has become integral to the value and richness of mobile applications. But apps like social media sharing platforms, productivity and collaboration apps, lifestyle management apps, run slowly when network connectivity is …

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