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Video: Microsoft’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” parody is hilariously terrible

Microsoft has a long history of parody videos, and its latest is quite possibly the nerdiest, most facepalm-worthy one yet, which is saying something. Microsoft’s OneNote team posted a parody on YouTube spoofing LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” with a music video about OneNote and the Surface Pro 3, called “Click it and …


The W3C looks to standardize the social Web

Social media is no longer just a way to connect with family and friends, or a way for businesses to deliver news and connect with customers. Business have started to take advantage of social interaction to reach employees and collaborate on projects, but with today’s diverse IT systems, BYOD policies and remote workers, crucial information …

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SD Times news digest: July 24, 2014—IBM Watson to help military community, Hortonworks and HP’s Big Data partnership

IBM’s Watson to help military community IBM and USAA, a financial services provider for the military community, have announced that the cognitive capabilities of IBM’s Watson supercomputer will now be available to military men and women as they transition to civilian life. USAA will be offering members IBM’s Watson Engagement Advisor in a pilot that …

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Docker buys company behind Fig

Docker announced today that it has acquired Orchard Laboratories, the company behind the Fig. The acquisition will bring Orchard’s CEO Ben Firshman and cofounder Aanand Prasad in-house to work on other projects. Fig will be brought into Docker as well, where it will now grow and evolve as a Docker project. The Orchard hosting service …

Satya Nadella at Microsoft’s Cloud4Mobile press event in March

Analyzing Satya Nadella’s Microsoft’s Q4 earnings call

Microsoft announced its fourth-quarter earnings last night, revealing an 18% revenue increase year-over-year to US$23.4 billion. The financial results were mixed but positive, with a decrease in overall profits along with the upped revenue. Microsoft benefitted from the continued and growing success of its Azure and Office 365 enterprise cloud services. In terms of devices, …


SD Times news digest: July 23, 2014—One huge Windows platform, Privacy Badger, Firefox 31, and more

All major versions of Windows to merge into one Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed that the company has plans to unify all major versions of Windows into one operating system, according to Business Insider. “This means one operating system that covers all screen sizes,” Nadella said to analysts on the quarterly conference call, according …


Industry Watch: Websites: Courteous, or downright creepy?

Today I wear the hat of SD Times ombudsman, peeling back the curtain to reveal some of the thought processes behind what we do. Somewhere between creepy and courteous lies the current state of the media business. What with visitor tracking refined down to the article being read, even to the line of an article …

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SD Times news digest: July 22, 2014—Apple’s ‘iTime’ smartwatch, open-source Azure support, and Onsen UI 1.1

Apple granted patent for ‘iTime’ smartwatch Apple’s rumored development of an “iWatch” wearable device got a lot more real with a newly granted patent for a smartwatch dubbed “iTime.” (Related: Microsoft’s recent patent for a fitness-focused smartwatch) The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an approved Apple patent entitled “Wrist-worn electronic device and methods therefor,” …


SD Times Blog: Microsoft is testing developer biometrics to cut software bugs

There are plenty of methods to catch and fix bugs before a piece of software is shipped, but Microsoft is testing a new one that may be a wee bit invasive for developers: biometrics. A Microsoft Research paper entitled “Using Psycho-Physiological Measures to Assess Task Difficulty in Software Development” details experiments with developer biometrics, or …

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Analyst Watch: Smartwatch drivers: Form over function?

This is the question for each new personal technology wave. Nearly always until technology got personal, it was function that won out. Mainframes, terminals, even the first couple decades of volume personal computers were ugly things that were focused on doing what they did best but didn’t exactly win beauty contests. Then Steve Jobs took …

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SD Times Blog: Making art out of numbers

We all know that, at its core, programming is about math. And there are plenty of examples out there of beautiful math; most are familiar with fractals and computer-generated images such as 3D landscapes. But there is another way to use all that math to make art: demos. If you grew up on computers in …


Cisco opens DevNet portal

Cisco has unveiled DevNet, its online portal for developers looking to work with Cisco products. In a blog entry discussing a software-intense future, Susie Wee, Cisco’s vice president and CTO of networked experience, wrote that Cisco would be making resources available to developers worldwide through the DevNet site. Already, DevNet hosts forums and information on …


SD Times news digest: July 21, 2014—The TiddlyBot coding robot, Splunk 3.1, and Microsoft moving TypeScript compiler to GitHub

TiddlyBot, a Kickstarter robot project teaching programming and robotics TiddlyBot, a programmable robot built on Raspberry Pi, allows kids to program and control while learning coding and problem solving skills. Developed by U.K. startup Agilic, TiddlyBot has already exceeded its Kickstarter project goal and is now funding stretch goals of creating an illustrated beginner’s guide …

Linkapalooza: July 21, 2014

The Linker wonders if you’ve noticed anything different about SD Times lately. Newly redesigned SD Times Website! Weather-themed icon font… Irmin: Git-like branchable storage… How to get a job using technology you don’t know… Devicons: an iconic font for developers… Random solutions are often good enough. R3 bindings for Node.js… Anatomy of a system call, …


Microsoft announces unified technology conference in Chicago

Microsoft is launching one conference to rule them all. As part of its new unified strategy, the company is combining previously standalone conferences including the SharePoint Conference, Lync Conference, Exchange Conference, Project Conference, and TechEd North America into an inaugural, unified Microsoft commercial technology conference from May 4-8, 2015, in Chicago. Julia White, the general manager …

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    The Business Value of Continuous Delivery

    Continuous Delivery helps companies release applications faster and with greater quality by streamlining and automating the process of bringing software from code to production. The business values of adopting Continuous Delivery are compelling enough; higher quality, reduced cost, greater data-driven decision making, easier experimentation and overall accelerated time-to-value. It’s really revolutionizing the way businesses use …

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