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SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: DeepLink Kit

Deep links are making the mobile Web more effortless for users and more profitable for developers through targeted app pathways. This week’s GitHub Project of the Week shows how Button, a mobile e-commerce startup founded by two former Venmo employees, is simplifying the deep-linking process for developers to ultimately drive cross-app acquisitions. DeepLink Kit is …

0521.sdt-codeorg-collegeboard partners with College Board for nationwide CS education, the nonprofit computer science education organization behind Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code campaign, has announced a partnership with the College Board to bring computer science courses to school districts nationwide. The partnership is intended to encourage high schools in 35 of the nation’s largest districts, including New York City, Chicago …


A Windows 10 PC build, questioning password security questions, and new AWS SDKs—SD Times news digest: May 21, 2015

Microsoft has announced that its Windows 10 insider preview build 10122 for PCs is now available. According to Gabe Aul, engineering manager at Microsoft, the build is more stable and polished, and future builds will become less feature-centric and more focused on fine-tuning. The build includes Start and Continuum improvements, the new tab page for …

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Qt framework celebrates its 20th anniversary

Qt, the cross-platform C++ application development framework, turned 20 years old this week. Currently maintained by The Qt Company, a subsidiary of Digia, the Qt framework’s first release of Qt 0.90 took place on May 20, 1995. The company is currently preparing for the impending release of Qt 5.5 in late June. Lars Knoll, Qt’s …


Microsoft open-sources WCF, and OpenStack debuts Community App Catalog—SD Times news digest: May 20, 2015

Microsoft announced it has open-sourced the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) framework as a .NET Foundation project. According to a blog post by WCF project lead Ron Cain, the new open-source version of WCF will target the .NET Core framework for cross-platform architectures on Linux, OS X and Windows. Visual Studio 2015 RC also supports WCF …


New test automation solutions released

While test automation has helped speed up the process of software testing, it can also cause headaches when creating and maintaining automation scripts with ever-changing apps. Applause aims to address this problem with its recently released test automation solution. Applause Test Automation is designed to provide automation frameworks, scripts, software, device, experts, and a single …


Twenty years of Java through its creator’s eyes

As the father of Java, James Gosling gets a lot of love from the millions of developers who use the language around the world. Today, however, he programs robots that swim in the ocean. We caught up with him to discuss the early days of Java. SD Times: How did your work on Java start? …


DataStax Enterprise 4.7 released

DataStax has announced the release of DataStax Enterprise 4.7, the latest version of its Apache Cassandra database platform for enterprise applications. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 4.7 includes a production-certified version of Cassandra 2.1, and it adds enhanced enterprise search, analytics, security, in-memory, and database monitoring capabilities. These include a new certified version of Apache Solr and …


Code Fellows announces new scholarship program for women, underrepresented minorities and veterans

Code Fellows wants to improve diversity in the technology industry. The organization has announced a new scholarship to fund up to 70% of Code Fellows’ tuition costs for women, veterans and underrepresented minorities in technology. “This diversity scholarship program builds on one of our core beliefs: Everyone should have the opportunity to develop,” said Kristin …


ASF announces Apache Drill 1.0

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the release of Apache Drill 1.0. Drill is a schema-free SQL query engine for Hadoop, NoSQL and cloud storage that uses columnar execution, data-driven query compilation, and the JSON document model to store data in various formats for Big Data analytics and BI. Drill was upgraded to a Top-Level …

A Virtual Machine moves from a cloud Server Rack to the other

Preemptible VMs for Google’s cloud, Rust 1.0, and Meteor raises $20 million—SD Times news digest: May 19, 2015

Google has announced Preemptible Virtual Machines, a new beta cloud technology for Google Compute Engine. Preemptible VMs are cloud instances that can be shut down at any time for short-term storage capacity at a low fixed cost. Google recommended them for distributed, fault-tolerant workloads that don’t require continuous availability of any single instance. The temporary …


IBM debuts new OpenStack cloud services

IBM has announced a new suite of beta services for the OpenStack cloud platform, enabling developers and enterprises to integrate applications and data across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The new IBM Cloud OpenStack Services allow developers to launch applications on-premises or in the OpenStack cloud using IBM’s SoftLayer cloud computing infrastructure, without making …


OpenStack wants to make it easier to use OpenStack

OpenStack is receiving more attention these days as more and more enterprises are moving toward the open-source cloud-computing platform. A recent survey from Red Hat revealed that 75% of respondents are turning to OpenStack for cloud initiatives for various stages of deployment, ranging from learning and evaluation to preparing for deployment. “These survey findings are …

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.02.39 AM

‘Silicon Valley’ Season 2, Episode 6: Pulling a stunt

Rather than pose a new business challenge or throw Pied Piper and Hooli another compression algorithm curveball, “Silicon Valley” stayed firmly planted in its midseason rut with an episode devoted to dueling PR stunts. After Hooli’s 4K HD live stream of UFC Fight Night crashed and burned in a lag-ridden mess of pixelated frozen video, …

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    Develop Better Apps, Faster

    WEBINAR DATE: Tuesday June 9, 2015 TIME: 11:00 AM ET A rapidly changing app development landscape is challenging the enterprise to rethink its development strategy. From the disruptive forces of mobility, to the increasing inevitability of open source, to the growing complexity of connecting legacy systems to modern apps, software development is evolving fast and …

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    Make Testing a First-Class Citizen in your Development Process

    WEBINAR DATE: Wednesday June 24, 2015 TIME: 1:00-2:00PM EDT For years, testing has been considered a second-class citizen when it comes to the pecking order of importance in any software development endeavor. The words, “I am a tester,” might typically get a response along the lines of sympathy card from Hallmark –  “Oh, sorry to hear …

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    Forms-Driven Workflow Solutions

    Modern forms should enable rich interaction with business processes. They should aggregate data and content from multiple sources, and encourage informed and collaborative human interaction. However, once the data is collected you still need to do something with the data you collect; you need the data to surface somewhere else and drive processes. As a result, forms tied …

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    5 Best Practices for Successfully Navigating the Transition from SharePoint to Office 365

    The SharePoint platform is undeniably going through a transformation. Driven by customer demand for more flexibility and options in how people consume and manage their content, Microsoft is boldly pushing forward with a “cloud-first, mobile-first” strategy across all of their platforms and brands. However, the path to the cloud can be rocky and expensive, depending …

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    Responsive AppSec: Maintaining Development Agility with Application Security Testing

    WEBINAR DATE: Thursday June 11, 2015 TIME: 11:00AM – 12:00PM EDT Your development team needs to integrate an Application Security Testing program—probably because of a compliance requirement. Testing takes time and resources, and your team already works hard to stay agile in order to be responsive to your customers. The process of implementing Security can …

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    Automate Testing for Continuous Integration and Delivery Success

    Automated testing is an integral part of the continuous delivery pipeline. However, despite the acknowledged benefits of automated testing, most organizations still use outdated manual testing processes. The initial effort required to set up a test automation process makes teams want to avoid the pain, and make do with manual testing. However, to benefit from …

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