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An App Search API for deep linking

The growth of deep linking is one of the reasons apps seem more intuitive lately. When a user wants to get from one app to another, a deep mobile link opens one app inside another directly to the action the user needs, without them having to leave, open the other app and find what they …


SD Times news digest: August 27, 2014—RethinkDB 1.14, Nokia DVLUP dies, Netflix threat modeling tools

RethinkDB 1.14 released Version 1.14 of the RethinkDB open-source distributed JSON database has been released with more than 50 new enhancements. RethinkDB ecosystem engineer Josh Kuhn announced the release in a blog post, explaining that 1.14 is the first RethinkDB release that doesn’t require data migration. Some of the main upgrades and new features include: …


Don’t blink: Mobile app testing is more important than ever

You’re sunk deep into your leather seat, enjoying the scenery that blurs by as the adaptive cruise control in your luxury sedan interprets data from the radar headway sensor and longitudinal controller to keep your car a safe distance from others on the road. This machine practically drives itself. Life is good. Your highway traffic-analysis …

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Git 2.1 released

Git 2.1 has been released, adding a large number of new features in what is considered to be a minor release. A few months after Git 2.0, this incremental release of the source-code-management and revision-control system rolls out improvements across the entire Git system, from the UI and workflows to performance, implementation and bug fixes. …


VMware cozies up to Docker, hardware

VMware yesterday announced a new effort to sell its software pre-installed on a new server form factor, and to bring new partners like Docker onto its platform. VMware’s EVO:RAIL system is a new take on server hardware based on the VMware stack. Working with hardware vendors like EMC, these servers will come pre-installed with VMware …

Intel Parallel Studio 2015 updates compilers, tool chain

OpenMP 4.0 has made its way into the Intel compiler set. The company today announced the release of the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 family, which includes three different bundles of tools for developers working in C, C++ and FORTRAN. With the introduction of support for OpenMP 4.0 comes the ability to apply explicit vector …

Andi Gutmans, CTO of Zend Technologies

PHP gets new cloud support from Amazon and Zend

PHP has been a staple of Web development for longer than Wikipedia’s existence. But the language has rarely received much love from the software development community due to its less bureaucratic governing body and reputation for being copy/paste friendly. But the PHP community is still growing, as is evidenced by new offerings from Amazon and …


Software licensing trends mean business

Software licensing models are continually evolving to accommodate new technologies and business models. Over the past 15 years alone, licensing terms have expanded to take into consideration the mobile population, virtualized servers, multicore processors, subscription models, and the digital delivery of products. Metered usage may represent the next wave of change as the number of …


Humans prefer taking orders from robots, study says

Soon you’ll have to bow before your robot overlords. New research from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) revealed that workers actually favor robots having control over human responsibilities. “In our research we were seeking to find that sweet spot for ensuring that the human workforce is both satisfied and productive,” says project …

Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters

Industry Watch: Make your holiday plans now

It seems the gift-giving season each year starts earlier and earlier. Walk into a store in January and see Valentine’s Day promotions. Go to an online retail site in late September, and you’ll see Christmas/Chanukah promotions. So, if you’re writing applications at a retail outfit that counts on online revenue, your planning, development and testing …


Docker 1.2 released with restart policies

Docker 1.2 has been released, adding restart policies and improvements to Docker Engine, Docker Hub and Docker documentation. (Related: Docker does deployment reconstruction) Docker core engineer Victor Vieux announced the release in a blog post detailing the latest updates and improvements to the application container solution. The most significant new feature is restart policies, which …


SD Times news digest: August 25, 2014—Robo Brain, first Firefox OS smartphone available in India, and Appcelerator’s latest funding round

Robot brain learns concepts by searching Internet Computer scientists have developed a large-scale computational system that learns from resources that are publicly available on the Internet. Robo Brain is currently downloading and processing about 1 billion images, 120,000 YouTube videos, and 100 million how-to documents and appliance manuals, and will store the information in a …


Zeichick’s Take: Handling feedback

Your app’s user interface is terrible. Your business plan is flawed. Your budget is unrealistic. Your code isn’t efficient. Clients are unhappy with your interpersonal skills. Your meetings are too long. You don’t seem to get along with your developers. You are hard to work with. You are being kicked off the task force because …


Office 365: Will old developers learn new tricks?

“Mobile First, Cloud First” is the new Microsoft mantra. You can’t read anything about their strategy under new leader Satya Nadella without reading or hearing those words. A large part of this “Mobile First, Cloud First” world is Office 365. Now, for several dollars a month, the common man (or woman) has access to Exchange, …

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    Seven Ways to Fail: Avoid the business risks of inadequately testing your applications

    Software is today’s currency for many businesses, which increasing relies on their applications to improve revenue, customer satisfaction and brand perception. In the age of Mobile, Cloud, Agile and Big Data, businesses need comprehensive testing of their applications BEFORE they go into production. Today’s testing requires the same tenets of testing used for years, along with …

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    5 Star Performace: Win customers with world-class application performance

    In today’s business environment, where your software can make or break your bottom line, companies cannot afford to “go live” with poorly performing applications that alienate your customers, partners and employees. More than ever, you need to validate your applications against realistic, end-to-end conditions BEFORE they go into production. Some of the factors that can …

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    Getting Started with API Testing

    People use GUIs with their applications, but software uses APIs to talk to outside services and certain back-end systems.Your application almost certainly exposes APIs to the outside world—especially if your application is in “the cloud” and the subsystems your application uses internally communicate with each other via APIs. Just as you need to test the …

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    Three Steps to Evolve your Application Troubleshooting

    How easy is it for your development team to troubleshoot an application issue? The environment in which your application development occurs has been changing at a rapid pace. So rapid, in fact, that methods to troubleshoot custom applications have not kept up and are causing app troubleshooting to be a length and painful process. Evolve …

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    3 Reasons Why CRM Built on SharePoint Maximizes ROI

    A CRM system is one of the best technology investments you can make. But how can you stretch your ROI even further? The answer: build your CRM system on top of your existing SharePoint platform. By leveraging SharePoint – a powerful, widely used application – you improve the speed and ease of implementing your new …

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    ChaIlenging Some of the Myths About Static Code Analysis

    Static code analysis, or SCA, can be described as the analysis of whole-program source code without the execution of that program. A number of interpretations and even misconceptions about this technology and how it impacts or benefits you, the developer, have emerged over time. Thankfully, there is also a lot of information about the many …

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