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Mobile in 2014: Going beyond smartphones and tablets

In 2014, “mobile” evolved into a more widely unified and interconnected concept. The last several years have seen smartphones, tablets and mobile apps take control of how we consume and compute information, redefining how we communicate with each other. A train with that much momentum doesn’t stop when the market reaches its peak; it barrels …

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Zeichick’s Take: Big Security, Big Cloud and the Big Goodbye

Software-defined networks and Network Functions Virtualization will redefine enterprise computing and change the dynamics of the cloud. Data thefts and professional hacks will grow, and development teams will shift their focus from adding new features to hardening against attacks. Those are two of my predictions for 2015. Big Security: As 2014 came to a close, …

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A year of change, and risk, at Microsoft

A change at the top, followed by a clearly defined focus, with an all-out embrace of open technologies and an increased update release cycle. Throw in a further commitment to consumer devices for good measure. One could argue that 2014 was the year of Microsoft. Or, at least, the year it remade itself. But it …

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The cloud in 2014: An open, interoperable ecosystem

In 2014, the selection of cloud platforms and services was more plentiful than ever before, and it saw countless partnerships and integrations to tie them all together. Cloud users and developers are dropping eggs in many different baskets, be it Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud or open-source platforms such as …

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The year agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery took over the life cycle

When the term “application life cycle” was first introduced, there was no knowledge or even any practice of agile development or Continuous Delivery (CD); there were no wearables, and mobile phones were dramatically different than what they are today. What used to suggest a beginning to an end to a program’s life evolved into this …


Five questions with new Dynatrace CEO John Van Siclen on APM and company’s future

Application performance management solution provider Dynatrace is a private entity once more, becoming an independent business and naming John Van Siclen as its new CEO. After the initial dynaTrace company, which also had Van Siclen as its CEO, was acquired by Compuware in 2011, the company assumed the role of the APM business in the …

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Analyst Watch: 2015 will be a pivotal year for HTML5

In October 2014, some 25 years after Tim Berners-Lee first sketched the outline of what would become the World Wide Web in 1989, the W3C HTML Working Group voted to pass the final “Recommendation” of the Open Web Platform standard known as HTML5. Five releases in 25 years is not a fast pace of evolution …


Google’s self-driving car, Microsoft Azure Media Services live streaming, and Apple’s first automatic security update—SD Times news digest: Dec. 23, 2014

Google has unveiled the first prototype of its self-driving vehicle. The vehicle was first revealed in May, but the car Google presented was just a mockup without headlights. “Since then, we’ve been working on different prototypes-of-prototypes, each designed to test different systems of a self-driving car—for example, the typical ‘car’ parts like steering and braking, …


The year security was on everyone’s mind

Every year there are a number of vulnerabilities exposed and exploited, but 2014 was bad in terms of software security. In the beginning of the year, Cenzic revealed the latest results from its 2014 Application Vulnerability Trends report and found that a majority of apps have at least one security vulnerability; but it wouldn’t be …


2014: Into the breach

Software vulnerabilities have existed for as long as there has been software. Organizations and their developers have been locked in a cat-and-mouse game with the legion of hackers looking to steal data. Every time one breach is fixed, another is exploited, and ‘round and ‘round it goes. So, after Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, …


Zeichick’s Take: Innovate in the cloud, cheaply and securely

For development teams, cloud computing is enthralling. Where’s the best place for distributed developers, telecommuters and contractors to reach the code repository? In the cloud. Where do you want the high-performance build servers? At a cloud host, where you can commandeer CPU resources as needed. Storing artifacts? Use cheap cloud storage. Hosting test harness? The …


Snapchat and enterprise software: A match made in heaven

Snapchat might be all the rage right now, but if we’re being honest, it seems about as likely a candidate for enterprise software adoption as Yo or Twitter. Sure, it’s good for teenyboppers and twenty-somethings, but realistically, how could any software branded as “ephemeral” possibly be reconciled with quality business software? Before I dive into …


SD Times Blog: Twelve ugly techie sweaters for the holidays

The ugly sweater phenomenon is upon us in full force. People all around the world are raiding their closets, sifting through thrift shops and spending an obscene amount of money online just to find that perfectly awful holiday sweater for their office parties and family gatherings. This new holiday hunt has gotten so big, there …


Microsoft updates Windows App Studio and TouchDevelop language

Microsoft has announced a major update to the beta release of Windows App Studio, its Web-based developer tool for creating mobile apps. The most significant changes and additions to Windows App Studio, detailed in a blog post by Emilio Salvador Prieto of the Windows Phone Developer Experience team, are integration with Microsoft’s TouchDevelop programming language, …

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    Top Tactics to reduce your Open Source Risk

    By using these strategies, companies will be able to maintain a sustainable open source environment that also allows developers to be as creative and productive as possible. Open source communities provide new features, shortening time to market and helping organizations gain competitive advantage. Open source can also introduce risk to organizations through security vulnerabilities in …

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    Open Source Software – Security Risks and Best Practices

    Open source communities provide new features, shortening time to market and helping organizations gain competitive advantage. Open source can also introduce risk to organizations through security vulnerabilities in the libraries. This paper examines steps organizations can take to mitigate these risks. These measures require engineering and security teams to understand the risks associated with Open …

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    Software Providers: Let your Reporting be your Competitive Advantage

    However you define yourself — software provider, solution developer or OEM — there’s no denying that: Companies with SaaS and mobile tools are upending established software businesses The Internet is boosting the exposure of lower-quality challengers in your space Advances in development tools and languages mean smart competitors are not only quicker to market but are copycatting many of your …

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    Buy or Build? Ten Things to Consider when Incorporating Reporting into your Software

    Should you buy a reporting or docgen application or build your own? This white paper looks at the main factors in that decision: How quickly can we get reporting into our product? How difficult will it be to integrate into our application/system? How well will the application perform? How flexible and capable is the design component? …

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    Your Complete Checklist for Evaluating Reporting Software

    Evaluating reporting software can be a complex process. Vendors make many of the same claims (“We’re the easiest to use, our output is the most flexible, our customer support is the best” – do these sound familiar?) but those claims can’t tell you whether their reporting or document generation software will become your competitive advantage. There are 8 keys to consider when …

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    Consistently Achieve Higher Quality with Application Release Automation

    LIVE DATE: Wednesday January 14, 2014 TIME: 1:00-2:00PM Eastern IT organizations face increasing demands to reduce or eliminate error and shrinking deployment windows, while increasing application deployment frequency. These two sets of demands seem to be at odds for IT becoming more DevOps-like, however, by adopting an appropriate culture, process standards and ARA tools, consistent and accurate …

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