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Women face being shut out as developers in the digital economy

There is a shortage of women in the software development industry, and if steps aren’t taken to rectify this, they could be shut out completely, according to a newly released report. Accenture and Girls Who Code, an organization dedicated to closing the technology gender gap, have released Cracking the Gender Code, a new report that …


Guest View: Opportunity and consolidation in the API industry

APIs have been exploding in popularity as a new way to generate enterprise revenue. Huge companies like Salesforce, Expedia and eBay receive at least half of their total revenues through intelligent API utilization. Enterprises with public APIs saw 300% growth from 2014 to 2015. Companies are looking to take advantage of the API economy, and …

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MIT’s CSAIL creates Gitless, consumers worry about IoT devices, and Apache Kafka releases version—SD Times news digest: Oct. 24, 2016

As a way to make Git easier to use, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has developed Gitless, an interface that aims to fix the system’s core problems without altering its purpose. “With Gitless, we’ve developed a tool that we think is easier to learn and use, but that still keeps the core …

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SD Times Blog: Machine learning resources for all levels of expertise

They finally did it: They made “artificial intelligence” a buzzword. Typically, buzzwords don’t come from decades-old evolving disciplines of computer science. Making “machine learning,” “AI” and “neural nets” into buzzwords means that millions of developers are likely having their first experience with this stuff now. In that vein, we bring you a nice long list …


VersionOne’s Fall Release, Django REST framework 3.5, and Rust 1.12.1—SD Times news digest: Oct. 21, 2016

VersionOne wants to give users full visibility from strategy to development to delivery. The company announced its Fall Release with new and improved DevOps features, as well as support for agile methodologies. “As large-scale agile adoption continues to grow, we’re seeing an increasingly critical demand for end-to-end visibility,” said Robert Holler, CEO and cofounder of …


SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Yeoman

Google recently released its open-source report card, and one particular project caught our eye, so we’ve decided to feature it as our GitHub project of the week. In today’s online software world, the demands are always changing, making it difficult for software developers to keep up. Yeoman is a set of tools designed to help …


CA Technologies builds out its DevOps portfolio with BlazeMeter acquisition

With its acquisition of continuous application performance testing company BlazeMeter, CA Technologies aims to strengthen its position in continuous testing, testing efficiency, and its DevOps portfolio. BlazeMeter will integrate with CA’s Continuous Delivery solutions to offer CA and BlazeMeter customers solutions that address testing bottlenecks. It will also give customers a more diverse set of …

Quip’s answer to mobile fragmentation: a shelf full of devices for testing.

Google’s Bret Taylor gives tour of Quip’s architecture

Bret Taylor cut his teeth in the workplace at Google. While completing his bachelors and masters degrees at Stanford, he got a job as an intern at the then-fledgling search company, back when the whole company fit into one Mountain View building. And it was there that he co-created Google Maps. As a follow-up, he …


Google’s most popular open-source software projects

Google is no stranger to open-source software; the company has released more than 20 million lines of code to the open-source community to date. In an effort to demonstrate further commitment to the open-source community, Google is releasing an open-source report card highlighting its most popular projects and statistics. “Open-source software enables Google to build …


Android 7.1 Developer Preview available, Swift 4.0 road map, and Chaos Monkey 2.0 released—SD Times news digest: Oct. 20, 2016

Android developers can get started with the new release of the developer preview of Android 7.1 Nougat. Developers have access to the SDK and tools right on their devices, and can enroll their devices in the Android Beta Program today. With this preview, developers can test their apps on the new platform or extend it …


JS++ 0.4.2 released with code editor integrations, modules and dead code elimination

Onux is still trying to fill gaps in JavaScript with the release of JS++ 0.4.2. JS++ is the company’s safe superset of the programming language designed to address the lack of type safety in JavaScript. The latest release features modules, function overloading, dead code elimination, and new integrations. According to Roger Poon, founder of Onux, …


Gartner’s Top 10 technology trends for 2017

Gartner is giving organizations insight into what they can expect next year with its annual Top 10 strategic technology trends of 2017. The predictions are designed to provide organizations with an understanding of the technologies that are emerging and having an impact to society. According to the organization, the trends can be split into three …

Microsoft researchers from the Speech & Dialog Research Group (from left): Wayne Xiong, Xuedong Huang, Geoffrey Zweig, Dong Yu, Frank Seide, Mike Seltzer, Jasha Droppo and Andreas Stolcke. Photo by Dan DeLong.

Microsoft’s milestone in speech recognition, Node.js v6.9.0 released, and Google open-sources Nomulus—SD Times news digest: Oct. 19, 2016

Microsoft is making waves with its artificial intelligence research by developing a piece of technology that recognizes words as well as humans do. According to a team of researchers from the company’s AI and Research division, the company’s speech recognition system has a word error rate of 5.9%, which is about equivalent to a human. …


Gartner makes predictions about the ongoing digital transformation

Digital transformation is upon us, and Gartner believes it will continue to fuel our future and the future of businesses. The organization announced its top predictions for IT organizations and users going forward, as well as the five domains a digital platform should cover at its Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2016 in Orlando. According to Gartner, the …

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    The Fastest & Safest Way to Secure Access to SharePoint

    In order to achieve true business value from your extranet SharePoint sites, you need to provide your users with continuously secure and reliable access, which extends and enhances the initial functionality of SharePoint. This brief white paper identifies and illustrates three benefits of installing a fully integrated authentication package alongside Microsoft SharePoint.  These benefits include: …

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    Addressing Security Vulnerabilities in Embedded Applications Using Best Practice Software Development Processes and Standards

    An introduction to applying CWE coding guidelines and achieving CERT security compliance using static analysis tools Many embedded systems and “connected” IoT products lack proper security due to outdated software development practices. Organizations now know they need to incorporate security into the software SDLC, yet many lack security expertise and are struggling with how to …

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    How IoT is Making Security Imperative for All Embedded Software

    Why embedded software development needs to change and what organizations can do to improve software security while reducing development time Many IoT products lack proper security due to outdated software development practices.  Hackers and criminals are acutely aware that many of the security procedures and applications in use today were designed to defend against attacks …

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    Better Decisions, No More Bottlenecks: 5 Metrics for Cross-Lifecycle Software Testing

    Testing teams today are under pressure to ensure quality while delivering faster and dealing with mounting system complexity. Test engineers are also faced with the myth that test automation alone will solve the “increase velocity, fail-faster” conundrum Agile companies face. However, by leveraging data from disparate systems, Test has a unique opportunity to become the …

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    Get Forrester’s 2015 Customer Identity Overview

    Download Forrester’s first overview of the Customer Identity market. This in-depth guide covers critical information for tech executives and software architects building customer-facing web applications and cloud services platforms. Learn How Customer Identity Vendors Like Stormpath: Save Your Software Team Time with Turnkey Customer Identity Software Improve Data Security of Your User Credentials and PII Replace …

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    CA’s E.P.I.C. APM: A Better Model for the Application Economy

    Once considered nice-to-haves, applications are now one of the primary interfaces connecting companies to their customers. The feel, functionality and performance of your applications have a direct effect on your business and your brand. Applications have a powerful effect on the way customers see your company, and application performance management (APM) is evolving rapidly. While …

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