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MIT researchers are working on object recognition through flexible machine learning

Do you want your photo tagging sites like Flickr to better recognize cats and dogs? MIT’s research lab, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), is working on it. In December, CSAIL researchers will present a new way of using machine learning at the annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. Built on a …


Facebook wants to bolster connectivity for slow Internet users and Sub-Saharan Africa

The series of Facebook outages, caused by planned software updates, at the end of last month caused an uproar for millions of its mobile users. The social networking site is trying to prevent the issue in the future by working on two other ways to improve connectivity. There are still users stuck on mobile 2G …


Microsoft wants developers for HoloLens

Microsoft is looking for developers to create new experiences for its augmented reality headset. The company announced today at its Windows 10 device event that it is starting to take applications for the HoloLens development kit, which will be made available during the first quarter of 2016. “HoloLens is the only device that mixes holograms …

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JIRA gets two new versions

Atlassian has long made a name for itself by selling the highly targeted, highly configurable issue-tracking system known as JIRA. Today, the company announced that it has built two new versions of the software, making them available for more than just software developers. Software developers can still use JIRA Software, which is the distribution of …


Adobe previews Project Comet, Google addresses Stagefright, and Red Hat joins the Node.js Foundation—SD Times news digest: Oct. 6, 2015

Adobe is working on a new solution for UX designers and developers. The company is previewing Project Comet, an end-to-end solution for creating and prototyping websites and mobile apps. It will provide intuitive layout tools, performance for wireframing and interface design, the ability to create interactive prototypes, real-time preview on devices, and the ability to …


Android Marshmallow arrives

Google has begun pushing out the Android Marshmallow update. This new version of the mobile operating system includes new features and bug fixes across the platform. Although the rollout began today, end users will have to wait for their phone manufacturers to port the OS to their platforms in order to use it. This means …


Rogue Wave adds PHP company Zend

Rogue Wave Software announced today that it has acquired Zend Technologies, an end-to-end PHP Web and mobile application development and deployment solution company. With 50% of the Web’s workload running on PHP (including services like Drupal, Magento and WordPress), Zend products drive PHP in the enterprise, from code creation through production deployment. (Related: An ‘API-first’ …


How to plug into DevOps

The DevOps movement is gaining momentum, albeit at different speeds in different organizations. While the goal has been to streamline workflows between development and operations teams, there are a number of technological and cultural challenges companies have to address to optimize DevOps, and more importantly the entire software life cycle. If you’re confused about how …


Progress offers free business app tools for developers

Progress is offering a free development toolkit to help developers build next-generation business apps. The new solution will be offered as a classroom edition of the company’s OpenEdge Developer Kit, a platform designed to simplify and streamline the development, integration and management of business applications. According to Progress, the OpenEdge Developer Kit: Classroom Edition was …


Linux Foundation takes on the FOSSology project

The Linux Foundation is taking on open-source license compliance through the FOSSology project. FOSSology is a software system and toolkit designed to help technology companies understand and adhere to open-source licenses. “As Linux and open source have become the primary building blocks for creating today’s most innovative technologies, projects like FOSSology are more relevant than …


Microsoft acquires Havok, and Daimler starts testing a self-driving truck on public roads—SD Times News Digest: Oct. 5, 2015

Microsoft has acquired Havok, a provider of 3D physics technology for the games industry, from Intel. Microsoft will continue to license Havok’s development tools to partners. Havok will be added into Microsoft’s existing tools and platform components for developers, including DirectX 12, Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure. Microsoft sees the acquisition of Havok as an …


Expanded Real-Time Linux support is on the way

Linux is about to get (more) real. At LinuxCon Europe and Embedded Linux Conference Europe, which took place together in Dublin, Ireland, the Linux Foundation announced plans for a new Real-Time Linux (RTL) Collaborative Project. The ultimate goal of the project is to bring better real-time support into the Linux kernel, and to spread that …


Transforming the Web with HTML5

The Web is ever changing. What was once a place where documents and information could be accessed has turned into a place where users can communicate verbally, visually and virtually, where users can play interactive games, and where users can stream music, movies and television shows. To keep up with these advanced features and capabilities, …

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Code for America takes on procurement and contracts

Code for America met this week at its annual Code for America Summit to discuss how best to work with government organizations, how to propose solutions for civic problems, and perhaps most importantly, how to fix civic software procurement. Have you ever seen a government software contract? They take years to obtain, months to sign, …

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    Three Things You Need to Know About Document Data Modeling in NoSQL

    DATE: Thursday, November 12, 2015 TIME: 1PM ET We’re all familiar with modeling data the relational way. When we move to a document database we need to think about things a little differently. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to best plan, model and maintain your data using a NoSQL document database. Join Matthew …

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    The Evolution of SharePoint InfoPath and Forms – and What to Do About it

    As most Microsoft customers know, Microsoft has retired InfoPath forms and has decided to invest in new forms technology across SharePoint, Access and Word. This means that InfoPath 2013 is the last release of the desktop application and InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Server 2013 is the last release of InfoPath Forms Services. The InfoPath …

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    Comparing NoSQL Solutions in a Real-World Scenario

    The scenario: Support a real-time voting process during massive live events, such as ‘America Votes’ game shows. Keep voter data anonymous but unique. Ensure scalability to support surges in requests. A cloud-based approach was taken to deal with fluctuations in usage during voting periods and non-voting periods, so the ability to scale infrastructure up or …

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    Flexible Options for Fast Mobile Development

    Consumers and business users expect high-quality, innovative apps for their mobile devices. To meet that demand, companies are adopting a “mobile first” strategy, but there are challenges to overcome. Among them are: The ever-expanding number of mobile operating system versions that must be supported The growing number of devices, each with its own storage capacity, …

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    5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Mobilizing SharePoint

    This guide explores 5 common mistakes made by organizations when planning to support mobile workers with SharePoint access. Through the use of real mobile business scenarios, the guide uncovers alternative ways to think about SharePoint mobility and offers new ideas for successfully driving mobile worker productivity. Mobilizing SharePoint can be complex. To get it right …

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    Building Modern Cross-Platform Web Apps in Java

    RECORDED WEBINAR: Developers are increasingly feeling the pressure to deliver great-looking, highly-performant, web applications that can run on multiple device types – faster. Despite advances in Javascript frameworks, the robustness of Java continues to appeal to large teams and/or large applications. Sencha GXT builds on the open source GWT compiler to enable Java developers to …

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