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Guest View: Bridging the developer-tester divide

Software testers may at times feel like their efforts are not fully appreciated by project programmers and developers. In some instances, they may even face a great deal of disdain from these parties and be seen as drags on the production process. These conditions can become so far gone that quality assurance teams may feel …


From the Editors: Technology in search of a raison d’etre

Wearables When talking about the Internet of Things, people usually think of the software in their cars, or smart appliances that communicate with back-end systems to keep the house running smoothly, or robots on factory floors doing manufacturing. When talk turns to wearable devices, though, the conversation seems to begin and end with watches, wristbands, …


Mozilla calls out Microsoft on new Windows 10 browser features

Windows 10 officially arrived this week, and not everyone is impressed. In an open letter to Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, Mozilla’s CEO Chris Beard called the company out on what he calls a disturbing feature of Windows 10. The latest release of the operating system automatically changes users’ default apps, such as making Microsoft Edge …

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Android Developer Conference highlights growing community

The underlying theme for this year’s Android Developer Conference was cross-platform development, with even Intel getting in on the multi-OS targeting party. This was reflected in the vendors at the show today. For developers looking to deploy to Android and iOS, they have a new option: Darwino. This platform allows developers to build applications that …


Google announces Android Studio 1.3

Google has announced the latest release of its native app Android development environment: Android Studio 1.3. “Android Studio 1.3 is our biggest feature release for the year so far, which includes a new memory profiler, improved testing support, and full editing and debugging support for C++,” wrote Jamal Eason, product manager for Android, in a …


Intel announces Java-to-iOS path

At Android Developer Conference Boston yesterday, Intel unveiled a new set of features for its Integrated Native Development Experience (INDE) developer tools platform. These new capabilities will allow Android developers to port their applications to iPhone with only UI changes likely being required. Jeff McVeigh, general manager of performance client and visual computing at Intel, …


SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Phaser

This week’s featured GitHub project was created with the mantra that building HTML5 games should be just as fun as playing them. Phaser is an open-source 2D game framework for building HTML5 games to run on desktop and mobile browsers. The framework supports Canvas and WebGL rendering, and games can be compiled to Android and …


Industry Watch: Software industry M&A grows in the last year

Mergers and acquisitions in the first six months of this year grew by 3% over the last six months of last year, according to a new study by mid-market investment bank Berkery Noyes. That’s a positive sign that investment in the technology sector remains strong. In fact, beginning from the last six months of 2013, …


Report: New funding brings GitHub’s value up to $2 billion

GitHub is closing its latest funding round at US$250 million, bringing the company’s total value to $2 billion, Business Insider reported. GitHub was founded in 2008, but didn’t accept any investments until 2012 when Andreessen Horowitz contributed $100 million. (Related: GitHub adopts TODO’s code of conduct) “Our company has been profitable for years, is growing …


Devpost’s Hackathon report, Git 2.5 released, and JShell in Java 9—SD Times news digest: July 30, 2015

Devpost, the hackathon platform formerly known as ChallengePost, has released its first Student Hacker Report for the 2014-2015 academic year, ranking the most popular platforms, programming languages, APIs, libraries, frameworks and more at hackathons over the past year. The report shows Android edging out iOS 38.2% to 22.7% for the most popular mobile platform, while …


Researchers develop Buzz, a programming language for robot swarms

Researchers from Cornell University and the École Polytechnique de Montréal have developed a programming language designed to code behaviors for heterogeneous robot swarms. Buzz is an extensible, dynamically typed programming language defining primitive commands for self-organizing robots and swarms of robots. Developers can use the language to code behaviors both from the perspective of a …


AnDevCon keynote highlights app discovery

The Android Developer Conference may have started yesterday, but the big crowds at this morning’s keynote from Google showed that today was when developers would find what they came for. After a keynote entitled “The Future of Search and Apps,” developers got to ask their own questions about that future. (Related: What to expect from …


This is how you enterprise Scrum

It’s been almost 20 years since the term “enterprise Scrum” was coined, but despite the years of practice, organizations still don’t quite understand what it is or how to implement it. “There are a lot of users out there doing the technique, but unfortunately there is a large percentage that still doesn’t understand what it …


Guest View: UX metrics: Bringing mobile app quality to the boardroom

Executives understand that mobile application quality matters. They realize that employees and consumers have a wide range of choices, and that they are willing to abandon apps at the first sign of poor performance. They may even know that 22% of apps are only used once, and 60% of users who don’t return to an …

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    Using Metadata to Enrich the End User Search Experience

    Metadata is essential for findability, yet the vast majority of content within organizations has poor metadata. Creating metadata is challenging, and doing it by machine is the only practical way to get consistent, quality metadata on a broad basis. SharePoint provides a facility for referencing and managing metadata called the Managed Metadata Service (MMS). The …

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    Real-World Hadoop

    How do you win with big data? Lots of people are turning to Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase and related NoSQL technology as a cost-effective way to quickly get value from their data. But just deciding to adopt these new tools isn’t enough to guarantee your success. Read this book to: Find out why so many …

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    Why companies need to integrate the software lifecycle

    The teams and disciplines involved in the software delivery process have always used the technologies that make the most sense for them. This is entirely appropriate and should not change; it allows each team to use its preferred tools to do the best possible work within its specific discipline. But what’s best for each individual …

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    Software Lifecycle Integration: Six Reasons Not to Delay

    Each time you receive an email that describes a defect, or send one asking about a requirement, it costs a little bit of time and money, and introduces the opportunity for errors and omissions. Multiply that by the vast number of emails your teams use to stay on track, and you have a major drain …

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    Making the Leap from Server to Cloud

    Are you considering a move to Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud to take advantage of benefits like always having the latest features and security updates, reducing management costs without having to maintain costly hardware infrastructure and more predictable expenses with a subscription model? Maybe so. But how do you migrate your SharePoint environment if you …

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    The cloud is here to stay and many SharePoint IT Managers are moving to the cloud to reduce costs, improve access for external partners, an increased mobility. But the problem remains: how do you do this securely? The White Paper gives you 4 critical tips on how to move to the cloud securely, including: Managing …

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