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Android’s growth is a pain in the app for developers

Although it’s become the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android is still an expanding frontier—and developers are always the first to explore it. Android grew to 81.5% of the global smartphone market share in 2014, according to the International Data Corporation, passing a billion phone shipments for the first time. In terms of actual …


MIT researchers work to find integer overflow errors

MIT researchers have created a new algorithm to tackle one of the most common bugs in programming: integer overflows. According to the researchers, these errors not only can cause computer programs to crash, but also leave them vulnerable to attack. “Integer overflow errors are an insidious source of software failures and security vulnerabilities,” they wrote. …


Putting the ‘Ops’ back in DevOps

DevOps is a good thing. In today’s Application Economy, after all, it’s important to get new code into production quickly, because that new code empowers you to deliver more value to your customers than your competitors do. But a differentiated customer experience is not just about cool app features. It’s also about great performance. That’s …

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SD Times March Developer Madness: Road to the Championship!

SD Times March Developer Madness has entered the Sweet 16! #1 seed HTML5 has already survived its game against dangerous #5 seed Node.js, and #2 seed JavaScript is in a close game with #3 seed C#. You can find and vote in the current poll here. A recap of Round 1: In the Programming region …


Microsoft’s Visual Studio timeline and Z3 Theorem Prover, Google Cloud Launcher, Facebook’s Fresco—SD Times news digest: March 27, 2015

Microsoft has released a rough timeline of the upcoming features and capabilities on track for the release of Visual Studio 2015 and beyond. The tentative feature rundown for the company’s flagship developer IDE is below: More details are available on the Visual Studio blog. Google unveils Google Cloud Launcher Google has announced Google Cloud Launcher …


SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: React Native

Facebook captured the hearts of the open-source community this week by announcing the release of the iOS version of React Native on GitHub during its F8 developer conference. React, a JavaScript framework for native development environments, allows developers to build mobile UIs without browser or WebView involvement. React Native for Android will be coming soon, …


SD Times Blog: Google concedes: Dart is just like everybody else

Google never publicly admitted it, but the company always had designs on Dart ultimately supplanting JavaScript as the preferred programming language for complex modern Web development. So when the Dart team announced the Dart VM would not be integrated into Chrome and the language would compile to JavaScript, it was less an admission of defeat …


Industry Watch: The development world is changing rapidly

Changing your application development culture to embrace mobility is akin to moving from a Soviet-style economy to laissez-faire: It’s mind-blowing. That’s how significant it is to understand and implement all that writing applications for mobile devices entails, according to Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond, who spoke to me about the changes facing developers in today’s world …


Google lays out steps for developing for Android Auto, and a call to reform U.S. surveillance activities—SD Times news digest: March 26, 2015

Google wants developers to start creating apps for cars by detailing ways they can work with Android Auto. “Have you ever wanted to develop apps for the car, but found the variety of OEMs and proprietary platforms too big of a hurdle?” wrote Joshua Gordon, developer advocate, in a Google blog post. “Using familiar Android …


Agile is becoming the de facto standard for software development, according to VersionOne

Agile is continuing to be a driving force behind software development. VersionOne recently released its results from the annual State of Agile survey and found that 94% of organizations are practicing agile. “Agile is quickly becoming the de facto standard for software development, and five to 10 years from now it is going to go …


3D Robotics releases a free and open-source drone application development platform

3D Robotics (3DR) wants to make it easy for developers to add custom features or create applications for their drones. The company has unveiled a free and open-source drone app development platform. DroneKit is the company’s API for drone app development, designed to provide a platform for developers to create Web-based drone apps. “Unlike other …


Facebook announces Messenger Platform, Parse IoT SDKs, app analytics at F8

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new developer platform for its Messenger application today during the keynote of the company’s F8 developer conference. Along with an SDK available today, Facebook’s new Messenger Platform will enable developers to integrate apps and services directly inline in the Messenger composer. The Messenger applications demoed—apps providing GIFs, text animations, …


Microsoft releases Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio

Microsoft has released version 1.0 of its Node.js Tools for Visual Studio (NTVS). The open-source extension for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 turns Microsoft’s development environment into a Node.js IDE. NTVS has been in development for more than a year. Sara Itani, Node.js Tools for Visual Studio software engineer, detailed the NTVS 1.0 features in …


Inside OpenBSD’s new httpd Web server

The OpenBSD project has undergone a great deal of change in the past year. The open Unix-like operating system removed the Apache httpd server and replaced it with Nginx, only to sub out Nginx soon after for its own httpd server in OpenBSD 5.6, all while trying to revamp OpenSSL with its LibreSSL fork in …

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    Enabling DevOps, Continuous Delivery and QA with IncrediBuild

    DevOps best practices are driving the IT industry to new capabilities such as continuous delivery.. Implementing DevOps can be challenging. Commonly requires best practices include: Continuous integration Continuous delivery and deployment Comprehensive testing to keep up with accelerated deployments Fast builds to keep up with demand Enhancing knowledge through instrumenting and fully transparent builds Learn …

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    Why SharePoint Search Out of the Box Isn’t Enough

    With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft offered a significant increase in Search functionality that might suggest that it is the ultimate Enterprise Search solution. Companies like to think about SharePoint 2013 Search as a “working out-of-the-box” solution, rather than a platform.  Considering SharePoint 2013 Search as a ready-to-go solution might seem to be the easy way, but …

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    Lifecycle Management for Web Applications

    Webinar Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 Time: 1:00-2:00 PM EDT Managing the lifecycle of web applications can be filled with challenges. Apps need to be visually compelling, deliver a great user experience across desktops, tablets and mobile phones as well as be delivered on time and on budget.Join us as we discuss key innovations in …

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    12 Ways to Turn Licensing Challenges into Business Opportunities

    Software is everywhere. It drives the complex technology that enables communication, information, and automation in virtually every part of our personal and professional lives. For software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers – this is good news. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. New business models are emerging that require vendors to adapt their offerings to …

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    Load and Performance Testing in Production

    Due to a handful of factors, including time and budget constraints, many organizations are turning to testing in production (TiP). This process introduces considerable risk and can bring on an onslaught of challenges for even the most experienced testers. Luckily, there are ways that testing teams can considerably reduce this risk and overcome testing in …

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    Deliver Better Mobile Apps Faster with Continuous Quality

    Mobile apps have drastically changed the way users interact with brands. But with the rapid pace of mobile hardware and software innovation, many organizations struggle to meet user expectations. These challenges are well understood; it’s the solutions which have proven to be elusive. In order to ensure application quality in the modern age of mobile, …

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