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From the Editors: A different software development timeline

Along with this month’s issue of SD Times, you’ll find our SD Times 100 supplement, which shines the spotlight on several of the most innovative, industry-leading companies in software development today. This marks the 12th year the editors here have chosen the SD Times 100, and glancing back at the first group of selections in …


From the Editors: Be the secure manager

It’s a mess out there. OpenSSL was compromised. The U.S. government is in your database. Cats and dogs living together; mass hysteria! But there is a solution. You, as a software development manager, hold the keys to making sure your software is secure. You hold the keys to making sure your infrastructure is secure. You …


SD Times news digest: July 31, 2014—Google I/O source code, an official PHP spec, and custom Android fork for Project Ara

Google releases Google I/O 2014 app source code Google’s source code of its 2014 version of the Google I/O app is now available on GitHub. “If one of the goals of the app is to be useful to conference attendees, the other primary goal is to serve as a practical example of best practices for …

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Leading developers up the Azure road

For the last decade people close to Microsoft have watched, often with consternation, as the software giant sat out the first phase of several major sea changes in the technology world and then played a sometimes unconvincing and at times underwhelming game of catch-up. Even with the cloud, Microsoft was not the first out of …

Augmenta keyboard screenshot

SD Times Blog: Augumenta projects a gesture-controlled augmented reality

Amid the mishmash of augmented and virtual reality devices being strapped to people’s heads, a new development platform looks to transform your hands into a virtual keyboard, integrating gesture control and touch-based projection into AR applications. Augumenta, a Finland-based wearables startup, debuted an SDK and developer tools defining a new user interface for smartglass devices …

Nokia Z launcher

SD Times news digest: July 30, 2014—The Nokia Z Android Launcher, Windows Phone 8.1 update, Password protector, and Google’s Startup Launch

Nokia enters post-device future with Nokia Z Android Launcher The Nokia Z Android Launcher, a home screen replacement for Android phones that learns and evolves based on usage patterns, has released its first major update and opened its pre-beta to download and test the launcher. Developed by the Nokia Technologies Group, a separate entity from …

Computer Security

The secure software development life cycle

Even with all we know about cross-site scripting and SQL injections, these attacks on servers remain pervasive. Part of that is due to the fact that security technology (firewalls, signatures, past definitions) was not focused on these types of attacks. Another part is that developers have not embraced security as something that is their concern. …


If computers only had a brain…

Someday, your technology will be able to help you in ways you could only imagine, or at least developers and researchers are hoping so. They envision a world in which technology learns from the user, and takes actions accordingly. It is a goal that comes out of the idea of brain-inspired computing: software that runs …


Survey: Hadoop isn’t enough for Big Data developers

The bigger Big Data gets, the more need, it seems, developers have for complex event processing outside of Hadoop. In its 2014 Big Data & Advanced Analytics Survey, market research firm Evans Data found that only 16% of developers said Hadoop batch processing was satisfactory in all use cases. Seventy-one percent of the more than …


SD Times news digest: July 29, 2014—BitcoinJS 1.0, the Sharks Cove development board, Google Play API updates, and CMake for Windows

Microsoft releases Sharks Cove development board for pre-order The Sharks Cove development board, a Windows-compatible hardware development board designed to facilitate software and driver development for mobile devices, is now available for pre-order. First introduced at the Build developer conference this past April, Sharks Cove is intended to create mobile software that runs Windows Phone …

Valhalla, as depicted in "Thor," not in Java

Oracle announces Project Valhalla to spearhead new Java features

The Java language is moving forward from Java 8, and its future now lies in an experimental OpenJDK incubator called Project Valhalla. Oracle has been planning and proposing enhancements to Java and OpenJDK 9 for months, but Valhalla marks the first step toward long-term development. Oracle Java language architect Brian Goetz announced the language-VM co-development …


Security is front and center for developers

When it was announced on June 8 that OpenSSL was vulnerable to a dangerous new attack that could reveal security certificates to an attacker, the Internet spent a few days in panic mode. Thousands, if not millions, of sites used (and still use) OpenSSL, and the fix for the problem took a few days to …


Linkapalooza: July 28, 2014

Today, The Linker is about to get on a plane. Since he is leaving on a jet plane, he leaves it to you to entertain his cat with your thoughts. His cat is psychic, you see, and can read your minds. Microsoft has changed its GitHub page. Gosu: A pragmatic language for the JVM… Sublime …


SD Times news digest: July 28, 2014—Samsung Z Tizen phone delays, HiVE encryption, a wearable programming toy, and EMMS 4.0

Samsung indefinitely postpones launch of Tizen-powered Samsung Z It’ll be a bit longer before we see a Samsung phone running Tizen OS. Samsung announced it is delaying sales of the Samsung Z smartphone, the company’s first device running Tizen, the rival mobile platform to Android and iOS. Samsung canceled a developer conference in Russia where …


User experience: The key to application performance

Consumers are taking over. They are whom businesses target, and these days, with software infiltrating almost every industry, users have the power to make or break a business. Software is the lifeblood of businesses, according to Patrick Lightbody, vice president of product management at New Relic. But if that software doesn’t work fast enough or …

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    The ISV’s Checklist for Cloud-Scale Database Management Systems

    As cloud computing has risen into the mainstream, ISVs have headed to the cloud for more reasons than just leveraging it as a technical enabler or a cost saver. Your customers are demanding the kind of speed and flexibility that only the cloud can provide. They may also be expecting your software to do things …

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    Best Practices in Release and Deployment Management

    The velocity and complexity of application releases continue to increase as businesses try to gain competitive advantage. Manual deployments, poor collaboration between teams, and lack of control of the release process all lead to poor quality releases at a high cost to the business. In order to achieve higher levels of performance, organizations should use …

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    E-Learning Provider Reduces Liferay Development Time with JRebel

    “Redeployment is a big problem for my application…Java Classes are a pain,” said CEO/Founder of MS Learning & Consulting, Muhammed Shakir. Shakir was building a portal application for a production website, and facing 30-35 minutes of turnaround time every hour. That’s 30-35 minutes essentially wasted.In this case study, learn how MSLC was able to view …

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    What Developers Want: The End of Application Redeploys

    For developers, turnaround time due to application redeployments and restarts after code changes is a huge waste of time. According to a recent survey of 1100 developers, the average developer forfeits over five 40-hour workweeks a year due to turnaround time. That’s time you could be spending writing code or testing. In this white paper, …

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    Improve your Secure Software Development Lifecycle

    In 2013, approximately 70% of all hacks happened at the application layer - becoming the main attack surface for hackers. This has led many organizations to implement some form of a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC). Yet real-life implementations of a SSDLC can be at least a distraction (and at most extremely challenging) for application developers. This paper will outline… Why …

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    Transforming SharePoint into a Unified Information Access Platform

    The modern enterprise is struggling to make sense of the structured and unstructured information that is being generated and leveraged in exponentially growing volumes across an increasing variety of application silos. This whitepaper discusses Unified Information Access platforms and applications, including how the BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform transforms SharePoint into a powerful UIA platform, …

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