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SD Times news digest: Sept. 30, 2014—A new electronics development kit, and the Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows program

SAM: The electronics development kit A new Kickstarter project wants to close the gap between software development and hardware development. SAM is an electronics development kit that integrates hardware, software and the Internet to make it easer to learn about electronics, the Internet of Things and coding. “SAM is for anyone who wants to create …

Jan Chong speaking at this year's Velocity Conference

Scaling Android Development: The evolution of a Twitter app

In January 2012, three Twitter engineers were in charge of writing and maintaining the entire codebase for Android. New versions of the app were released every two to three months. Twitter’s mobile development needed to scale way up, and to do that the social networking company needed not only to restructure its development team, but …


The Amazonian apocalypse

Were you Left Behind? Did your company experience some Fallout? Are a Boy and His Dog all that’s left in your IT department this morning because all your admins were up until 2 a.m. every day this weekend rebooting Amazon images? You were not alone. This weekend, Amazon pushed all of its users through the …

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Eclipse goes for the Internet of Things

The Eclipse Foundation today announced its Internet of Things (IoT) projects, making them available online. The projects range from development helpers to server-side frameworks for dealing with the numerous different standards and proprietary protocols that exist in the IoT. Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, said that “We’ve led quite a few projects …


Apache Storm has been upgraded to a Top-Level Project

The Apache Storm project has graduated to a Top-Level Project (TLP), according to the Apache Software Foundation. Storm is an open-source high-performance distributed real-time computation framework for Big Data stream processing. Hadoop clusters and other queuing and database technologies can leverage Storm to process a full range of workloads, from real-time to interactive to batch. …


SD Times news digest: Sept. 29 2014—Nixie, Universal SSL, Clasp, and Akamai Cloudlets

Nixie: The wearable drone Imagine being able to take a picture while rock climbing, bike riding, hiking, snowboarding and more without having to miss a step. That’s what Nixie aims to do. Nixie is a tiny wearable drone that lives on a user’s wrist and, when launched, can fly around to take photos and videos …


Kinks persist in continuous workflows

As agile practices continue to gain momentum, and as delivery deadlines grow shorter, the ability to quickly fix bugs and add features is imperative. Despite the hype, not all organizations have adopted Continuous Integration (CI) yet. While continuous builds and CI practices are becoming more common—and a smaller percentage of companies have embraced Continuous Delivery …


Zeichick’s Take: Sticker shock and decommissioning ceremony

I once wrote a parking sticker application for an East Coast university. If you had a faculty, staff, student or visitor sticker for the campus, it was processed using my green-screen application, which went online in 1983. The university used the mainframe program with minimal changes for about a decade, until a new client/server parking …

Docker expands Official Repositories with 11 language stacks

Docker has said it will use what it learns from users’ Docker Hub search habits to deliver additional language stacks to customers, and as a result the open-source platform is adding 11 of the most searched programming language stacks to Docker Hub Official Repositories. “We determined that the community wants prebuilt stacks of their favorite …


SD Times news digest: Sept. 26, 2014—Detecting Shellshock, and Google’s developer survey

Have you been Shellshocked? A new website has launched for users to test if their systems have been affected by the Bash vulnerability known as Shellshock. Shellshock is said to pose a bigger threat than OpenSSL’s Heartbleed bug, according to security researchers. “If your system has not updated bash in the last 24 hours, you’re …


Top 5 projects trending on GitHub this week

#1. chromeos-apk Google has been taking their time bringing Android apps to the Chrome Web store, but for those who want to run Android apps on desktop PCs, they no longer have to wait for Google. Created by Vlad Filippov, chromeos-apk is a command-line tool that makes it possible to run any Android application on …


SynthOS says it’s the non-OS embedded OS

Embedded developers now have a new option when choosing operating systems: no OS. SynthOS is a free-to-use service that builds C code specifically designed to handle all the operating system tasks an embedded developer encounters. Embedded developers can upload their code and have it returned with a complete set of C that handles mutexes and …

First Heartbleed, now Shellshock

The Department of Homeland Security’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has issued a warning about a vulnerability affecting Unix-based operating systems. The vulnerability, dubbed Shellshock, was discovered in the Bourne-Again Shell, also known as Bash. Bash is a popular Linux and Unix shell, and according to security researchers, the newly revealed bug could …


SD Times news digest: Sept. 25, 2014—Harvard’s soft robotics toolkit, Apple’s iOS 8.0.1 workaround

Harvard’s DIY soft robotics toolkit A Harvard University lab is making it possible for everyone to build “soft” robots. (Soft robots are modeled after biological systems and use soft, flexible materials. They can be used in jobs that interact with humans, such as helping with daily activities, according to the Harvard Biodesign Lab.) The lab …

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    Improve application testing performance by 20x

    Application development is already an expensive and time consuming process. Additionally, growing performance expectations – from the company CEO to the end user – means apps need to work as needed and across a growing number of platforms, devices and systems. As a result, QA and testing teams are faced with increasing pressure and demand with an ever-narrowing margin …

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    Accelerate Software Development with DevOps and Hybrid Cloud

    Agile methodologies give development and test teams the ability to build software at a faster rate than ever before. Combining DevOps with hybrid cloud architectures give teams not just the principles, but also the technology necessary to achieve their goals. By combining hybrid cloud and DevOps: IT departments maintain control, visibility, and security Dev/test teams …

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    Behavior-Driven Development and BRMS

    Accommodating change and avoiding feature decay when designing and developing applications is necessary to align systems with requirements brought on by competitive pressures, increased demands for compliance and technological advancements. The fast and frequent release of software to meet those demands may be achieved by using what some agilists call “the Three Amigos” of development: …

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    Three Ways that Outdated Middleware Hinders Software Development

    Business applications are the gateways to customers, suppliers and partners. As their expectations change, so much the software, putting enormous pressure on the development team to keep up with demand. But agile development, continuous delivery and other techniques for improving productivity don’t work if the underlying middleware lacks modularity and flexibility. Here’s how outdated middleware …

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    The Intelligent Integrated Enterprise Advantage

    Complex systems – for retail, suppliers, manufacturing and more – involve the coordination of work across multiple applications inside and outside the enterprise. With these systems, the potential for process failure is significant during the handoff from one application to the next. Customer-centric design maintains control over the coordinated set of handoffs through the elimination …

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    Agility in the Cloud: How Dev/Test Teams Can Increase Velocity While Reducing Defects

    Over the past decade, Agile development methods and continuous integration have seen broad adoption across the enterprise, large ISVs, and even amongst system integrators.  Adopting an Agile mindset can help development and test teams improve software quality, shorten release cycles, and enable business owners and stakeholders to quickly deliver higher value to their customers.  Yet, …

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