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Code Watch: Two great paradigms, great together

Functional programming is bigger than ever. Between Apple’s new Swift programming language, the availability of F# and Scala on the CLR and JVM respectively, and even the introduction of lambdas to Java, mainstream programmers are increasingly expected to be comfortable not just with object-oriented terminology, but with the jargon and mindset of the functional community. …


SD Times news digest: Oct. 30, 2014—Microsoft Band, Facebook’s Osquery and Adobe’s Spindle

The rumors turned out to be true. Microsoft has officially entered the health-tracking wearable market, releasing the Microsoft Band smartwatch and Microsoft Health service. Available cross-platform on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Microsoft Band and Health can track and provide insights into a user’s heart rate, steps, calorie burning and sleep patterns. Microsoft Health also works with …


Plugging in to Hadoop

Even if it’s not where they end up, Hadoop can be a great starting platform for a data-driven software company. That’s what San Francisco- and Taipei-based Fliptop found in 2009 when they launched a social media identity matching engine, ultimately employed by such companies as MailChimp, Dell, Toyota, Oracle and Nordstrom. Based on Amazon Web …

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Analyst Watch: Mobile’s toughest challenge: Offline

Parallel to the rise in importance of mobile apps comes increased emphasis on certain mobile platform services—geolocation, data service aggregation and home screen widgets, to name a few. Most of these are well understood by both consumers and developers, yet one sticks out as a challenge to both: offline access to app data. Business stakeholders …


Guest View: Choose wisely at the mobility crossroads

Today’s CIOs are at a crossroads. Bombarded by user requests for sophisticated mobile-friendly business apps, they have a choice to make: be a roadblock and force users to find their own workarounds, or provide a thruway that leads to innovation and enables agility. CIOs who assume an active role in leading their organization down the …


SD Times news digest: Oct. 29, 2014—Project Ara developer conference, Google Fit SDK, Code School’s iOS app

Google announces second Project Ara developer conference Project Ara, Google’s smartphone project allowing users to change physical components of their smartphone as easy as downloading an app, is getting a second developer conference. The first Project Ara conference took place in April. The second conference was expected to take place in July, but after months …

Gloria Lau gives her keynote at Big Data TechCon

How to prioritize what you’re developing with Big Data

The spotlight turned to data analysis and real-world business use cases at Big Data TechCon, which winds down today in San Francisco. Talk was of day-to-day work and decision processes needed to support large-scale Big Data operations, with topics such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and traditional relational databases, and how they can be leveraged for …


Developing FROM the Cloud

Microsoft describes its Visual Studio Online offering as being “based on the capabilities of Team Foundation Server with additional cloud services.” Productivity across teams is a competitive advantage that is not just nice to have anymore, and a big key to productivity is providing the tools needed for Agile development. The drive to do more, …

Microsoft presenting on Azure at TechEd Europe

SD Times news digest: Oct. 28, 2014 –New Azure services at TechEd Europe, IBM Cloud OpenStack and data services and WebRTC on IE

Microsoft announces more Azure updates at TechEd Europe Little more than a week following its Azure press event, Microsoft introduced new services including Azure Batch, Azure Operational Insights and Azure Automation at theTechEd Europe conference in Barcelona, Spain. According to a blog post from Microsoft Azure product marketing director Vibhor Kapoor, Azure Batch delivers job …


Open-source JavaScript platform Meteor turns 1

The open-source platform for building Web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript has finally reached version 1.0. Meteor was launched in 2012 to make writing software simpler, and since then it has been slowly working towards version 1.0. Meteor 0.9.4 was just released earlier this month. “It’s time for a new way to write software …


W3C: HTML5 reaches ‘recommendation’ status

It’s official: HTML5 is a standard. The World Wide Web Consortium today has elevated the HTML5 specification to ‘recommendation’ status, giving it the group’s highest level of endorsement, which is akin to becoming a standard. But Jeff Jaffe, CEO of the W3C, was quick to point out that work on the Web is far from …


Plumbr transitions from app troubleshooting to app monitoring

When Plumbr was founded two years ago, the intent of the company was to help developers solve memory leaks in Java applications. “The promise was simple: Whenever you have a memory leak, attach Plumbr and find the cause of underlying problem in minutes instead of weeks of troubleshooting and experimenting,” said Ivo Magi, cofounder and …


Microsoft offers new APIs for Office 365

Microsoft today has made available new APIs for Office 365 that will enable developers to integrate mail, files, calendars and contacts into their applications. “We’re seeing millions of people using Office 365 every day, and they’re not all on Windows devices,” said Arpan Shah, senior director of Office 365. “Office 365 is [Microsoft’s] most strategic …

Business use cases come to forefront at Google Glass conference

The usefulness of wearable devices in the business world was the focus of today’s keynote at GGDevCon, the Google Glass developer conference. The event detailed numerous business use cases for the device, and laid out the ways in which many enterprises are experimenting with Glass in the field. Steve Willinger, business development manager at Google, …

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    Use Service Virtualization to Remove Testing Bottlenecks

    Complex applications and the costs of setting up test environments are challenging organizations in their efforts to do integration testing. Add to that the pressures of faster delivery, the explosion of mobile apps and the reliance on third-party services and systems, and integration testing grows even more problematic. In this white paper, you will learn …

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    The Data Application Design Challenge

    Businesses need applications to provide great user experiences with high performance. But they also rely on the data generated by these applications to make critical business decisions. This massive influx of data makes it difficult for applications to meet the requirements of availability, reliability, flexibility and scalability. Among the obstacles to high-performance applications are: Massive …

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    Enterprise Integration Patterns Flashcards

    Here are the design patterns for enterprise integration patterns, based on the book “Enterprise Design Patterns” by Gregory Hohpe and Bobb Woolf. These authors created an integration notation from which these cards are derived, and which has been adopted as the standard for describing messaging solutions. …

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    LIVE EVENT: Security Is (or SHOULD be) Job 1

    LIVE DATE: Wednesday December 3, 2014 TIME: 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern Organizations today face increasing threats to their data, from ever-more nefarious, cutting-edge hackers who put any large company with a website or an app at risk. But there are steps that can be taken to thwart the theft of digital data: Ensure compliance to …

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    Maximize Database Performance Using NoSQL Without Abandoning SQL

    Recorded Webinar: For application architects, there is a clear tension between their desire to implement a NoSQL architecture to capitalize on faster performance and data flexibility, while still needing the integration and ease-of-development provided by SQL. In fact, these architects and developers should not be forced to choose when they can have both NoSQL performance …

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    Eliminate the database as the source of downtime

    The failure of to remain up and running is perhaps the most famous example of the cost of downtime. In fact, Gartner estimates the typical cost of downtime to be US$5,600 per minute. Can you afford that kind of loss? In this white paper, you will learn how to eliminate the database as the source …

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