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Agile 2016: cPrime reveals a new approach to agile: the Software Services Lifecycle Management

ATLANTA — cPrime wants to address the fragmentation it sees in the agile space. The company announced the Software Services Lifecycle Management (SSLM) at the Agile 2016 conference today. SSLM is a new approach designed to support and promote the new connected world of software development and delivery. According to Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime, …


SD Times Blog: Agile 2016: Scrum is not done yet, and neither are you

Scrum has been around for the past 21 years, with fueling and supporting the methodology since 2009. According to the organization, today about 90% of teams use Scrum, and more than 1 million people have taken the assessments. But with the recent innovations and ever-changing trends in the software development space, is there …


Apache Kudu becomes top-level project

The Apache Kudu Project is, as of today, a top-level project within the open-source technology foundation. Originally contributed by Cloudera, the project is an effort to build a highly efficient and fast analytics platform for quickly moving data, such as streams. Kudu, in practice, is actually a columnar storage manager for Hadoop. The system is …

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Agile 2016: Happy workers are productive workers

ATLANTA — You can’t expect good performance from your employees if you are practicing bad management, according to Jurgen Appelo, CEO of the business network Happy Melly and cofounder of Agile Lean Europe. Appelo kicked off the Agile 2016 conference here with tips from his new book on how to manage for happiness. According to …


MIT CSAIL’s new way to experience 3D, Synopsys releases Seeker 3.8, and Yahoo sells for $4.8 billion—SD Times news digest: July 25, 2016

A team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science have developed a way to let audience members experience 3D films in a movie theater without the bulky glasses. They call it Cinema 3D, and it uses a special array of lenses and mirrors that let an audience …


Atlassian updates Bitbucket with Pipelines

Atlassian is taking Bitbucket back to its roots by adding support for the Mercurial SCM system to its Bitbucket Pipelines workflows. Mercurial was formerly the chosen SCM system of Atlassian until Git took over the development world. The move comes as part of the Bitbucket 4.8 update. Bitbucket Pipelines enable fast builds and workflows for …


Tableau 10 will bring with it redone analytics visualizations

Tableau is gearing up for version 10. The general availability of version 10 of its analytics platform will come sometime in the next few weeks, and today the company detailed the expected improvements and changes to it. For those generating reports with charts and graphs, Tableau has redone a lot of the basic visualization foundations. …


Announcing Cola BDK, Wave Computing to build deep learning computers, and getting veterans to code—SD Times news digest: July 22, 2016

The release of the Cola Bubble Development Kit has been announced, and it’s designed to let developers deliver new conversational experiences directly to their users. A Cola Bubble is a visual interactive and collaborative way to build new services for customers. Cola Bubbles are also simple app-like messages that work seamlessly with a user’s regular …


SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Hackathon Starter

Hackathons are great for developers who want to collaborate on their software projects, but getting a good project up and running can take some time. Getting everything from picking a programming language down to creating a repository or website for the code and project itself is a lot for one person to handle. Sahat Yalkabov, …


Stack Overflow launches crowdsourced Documentation for developers

When Stack Overflow launched its annual 2016 developer survey back in March, it revealed that documentation was one of the biggest problems for developers. Today, the organization is trying to address that problem with the beta release of Stack Overflow Documentation. Stack Overflow Documentation is designed to be a community-based, example-focused developer documentation solution where …


Report: JavaScript is still the top-ranked programming language

JavaScript is the most popular programming language of 2016, according to RedMonk’s recently released biannual programming language rankings. Following JavaScript, which topped the charts for the second time this year, Java holds the No. 2 spot, with PHP, Python and C#/C++ rounding out the Top 5. According to the company, it is important to note …


Splice Machine seeks to build community with open source

Splice Machine headed out on the path toward building a community earlier this week when the company announced a new open-source community edition of its relational database-management system for Hadoop and Spark. The Splice Machine Community Edition is now available for free, and can be tested within an Amazon Web Services sandbox. Monte Zweben, cofounder …


New app for C# and F#, NVIDIA debuts new VR tech, and Flash and Firefox usage changes—SD Times news digest: July 21, 2016

A new app called Continuous Mobile Development Environment has been released, and it’s a professional C# and F# IDE for iOS devices. The app was built with Xamarin and developed by Frank Krueger, a longtime independent developer who made apps like iCircuit and Calca. The Continuous app offers full syntax highlighting and code completion, including …


Java EE awaits its future

When Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems in 2010, the immediate worry in the marketplace was that the company would become a bad actor around Java. Six years later, it would seem that these fears have come true—at least in part. The biggest new platform for Java, Android, remains embroiled in ugly litigation between Google and Oracle. …

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    Welcome to the Intelligent Testing Revolution!

    DATE: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 TIME: 1:00 PM ET/ 10:00 AM PT Whether for holiday readiness, specific events, or general performance, many organizations struggle to create accurate testing plans. Why? Because they lack visibility into exactly how their customers behave. This webinar will explore the details of how test plans are typically created and how …

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    How DevOps Changes the Mobile Delivery Pipeline

    Building and testing for mobile is an essential part of modern delivery pipelines. Yet organizations struggle to fit mobile into their DevOps workflows because mobile presents special challenges. Among them are: the great diversity of mobile devices, and rapid mobile update cycles the fact that many organizations consider mobile development separately from their business applications. …

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    Embedded Analytics for Business Intelligence

    Businesses across all applications and in every industry are faced with mountains of data. The only question is: will data be your company’s weak point or competitive differentiator? After all, customers rely on your application to help them understand the data that it holds, especially in our increasingly data-savvy world. To capitalize on the value of …

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    Laying the Groundwork for a Scalable Continuous Testing Strategy

    Continuous testing is the principle of testing your software as often as possible, from early on in development and continuing through release. But what many organizations implementing continuous testing fail to do is to ensure they have a workflow that fits into every stage of the development process. In this paper from Rainforest QA, the kinds …

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    CDAP 101: A Developer’s Guide to Data Analytics

    Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) is an integrated application development framework for Hadoop and Spark. It integrates and abstracts the underlying infrastructure technologies to provide simpler and easy-to-use APIs to build, deploy and manage complex data analytics applications and data lakes in the cloud or on-premises. This guide goes into the underlying functional and deployment architecture, complete with system diagrams, definitions, …

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    The Importance of Data Profiling

    Profiling your data is the first, necessary step to identify weaknesses in your data. Profiling leads to a better understanding of your data, its problems, and what needs to be fixed. But today, generic metadata only provides a broad overview of what’s in the data, such as blank fields or the number of repeating values. …

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