“Doug Serena, CIO,” a five-part docudrama chronicling a fictional team’s move to orchestrated IT to deliver value to the business, premiered on YouTube in support of Serena Software’s release today of a new and updated suite of tools for DevOps.

“We take a process-oriented view of IT, from routing requests to development and operations, then releasing software into production,” David Hurwitz, senior vice president at Serena, said. “In support of that, we now have a rich solutions set that spans across orchestrated IT.”

The new tools in the orchestrated IT suite are Demand Manager, Requirements Manager and Orchestrated IT Dashboard.

Demand Manager is used “to capture and prioritize all demands coming in to IT,” Hurwitz explained. Prioritization is streamlined by an orchestrated approval process, and the tool also provides an automated time capture feature that helps IT estimate how long a task will take and how much it will cost, he added.

Requirements Manager reflects the fact that “requirements have been a resurgent business for us in the last year and a half,” Hurwitz said. The software has new dashboard metrics and best-practice Key Performance Indicators to produce higher-quality requirements, he said. Further, collaboration capabilities enable all stakeholders to weigh in on requirements, quickening review and approval.

Orchestrated IT Dashboard offers predefined processes and metrics for both development and operations, Hurwitz said, and it feeds that information up to the CIO. Among the predefined metrics are cycle times, queue sizes, wait times and SLA performance.

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