Absoft states the performance pack is the result of improved tuning of algorithms used in the new Load Balancing (–05 ) optimizer.  In addition to the performance improvements, the service pack includes the following fixes for Windows, Mac OS and Linux customers.

  1) POINTER variable passed to RANDOM_SEED(PUT=var)
  2) VAX style STRUCTURE with UNIONS allowed in unformatted I/O
  3) Using -static without -apo link failure
  4) -Rp option no longer reports false errors for the ALLOCATED() function
  5) -Ra and -Rn options ignore compiler generated arguments for validation
  6) Front-end crash when syntax checking module with errors
  7) Incorrect error diagnostic for nested SELECT CASE
  8) f90 fronted parse error for character literal as argument – foo( ‘:’ )
  9) Fortran runtime error codes missing from Fortran Language Reference
 10) Infinite Find/Replace action in AbsoftTools

The Service Pack can be downloaded at NO CHARGE by registered Absoft Pro Fortran v11.1 customers from http://www.absoft.com/download/downloads.html.

Questions, please contact sales@absoft.com.