Absoft Corporation announces a suite of visual code editing, management, building, and optimization tools for Apple’s new OS X Lion and Xcode 4.1. Also compatible with Snow Leopard these tools are included with all new and upgrade copies of Absoft Pro Fortran v11.1 for Mac OS / Intel.

The visual tools for OS X Lion are components of the Pro Fortran v11.1 IDE and include Fortran syntax sensitive color editing; graphical code management tools; the Absoft Fx3 debugger with color Fortran and C syntax coloring; Absoft’s SMP code analyzer which provides visual feedback and context specific advice to help maximize performance on multi-core systems, plus color highlighting of loop, parallel and vector optimizations. Absoft Pro Fortran offers a powerful visual environment which eliminates the need to use a command line, but traditional command line development methods including Kitware’s CMake system are also supported. The same visual tool suite is included with Absoft Pro Fortran products for Windows and Linux. Sample OS X Lion screen shots and additional information is available here.

Existing Mac Pro Fortran v11.1 customers can update their software at no additional charge, by downloading the Service Pack v11.1.3 from the Absoft Service Pack Page.