“SoftFluent’s customers built their applications using CodeFluent Entities and its Microsoft Visual Studio integrated graphical editor. We have had consistent positive feedback about this edition, and we think that these new features address developers’ need and really help them to improve productivity. As always, some customers are slower to upgrade depending on their corporate policies, and though our product works great with former versions of Visual Studio, we encourage developers to move to the latest version to benefit from these new features.”

Greg Lutz, product manager at ComponentOne
“As a third-party control vendor, when Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013, we [simultaneously] shipped our products with it to take advantage of the enhancements. One example is our XAML product offering. Specifically, closing tags that automatically change to reflect the opening tag, the ‘Go to definition’ feature, as well as the ability to edit control templates, make XAML development a little easier.
“Microsoft also added new Project Templates in Visual Studio 2013 that use a theming framework called Bootstrap. We have enhanced our support for developers working in Visual Studio 2013 by officially supporting Bootstrap in Studio Enterprise 2013 v3. By designing our controls to integrate seamlessly with Bootstrap, Visual Studio 2013 clients have a vast amount of tools available for building their Web applications.

“The improvements our customers notice most in Visual Studio 2013 are to the code editors. Aside from the style of the shell changing, this release has probably the most visual new enhancements to the code editors in a long time. A new visual feature for tracking your references in code is CodeLens. It allows you to view all of the references to a class or variable and quickly navigate to them. The enhanced visual features in the new scroll bar have been remarked on as being very useful when you are working with a larger code file.”#!AccuRev: The AccuRev application life-cycle solution allows software teams to deliver higher-quality software with more functionality faster so they can stay competitive and keep pace with customer demands. Its unique, stream-based architecture provides all the functionality of an enterprise version control system plus change-based traceability and workflow and process modeling. More than 400 of the world’s most popular brands use AccuRev.

Aspose: Aspose.Total for .NET includes every .NET component Aspose offers. Using Aspose.Total for .NET, developers can build applications that take advantage of popular business formats such as Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Visio diagrams, Project files, and Adobe PDF documents. It also includes OCR, barcode and image manipulation tools. More than 13,000 customers in 104 countries use Aspose products, including 69 of the Fortune 100.

ComponentArt: ComponentArt UI Framework for .NET 2012 provides a rich set of user interface components for developing ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight and WPF applications. It enables code reuse between ASP.NET and Silverlight applications as well as Silverlight and WPF applications. More than 10,000 organizations worldwide use ComponentArt’s UI and Data Visualization developer tools.

ComponentOne, a division of Grape City: ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is a complete set of data and UI controls for HTML5, Windows Store, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, MVC, Windows Forms and ActiveX. The latest v3 release includes theming in WinForms and ASP.NET Wijmo, new ASP.NET Wijmo mobile controls, Visual Studio 2013 support, Visual Studio 2013-compatible Bootstrap support, Windows 8.1 support, and many other enhancements.

DevExpress: DevExpress Universal includes every .NET product DevExpress offers. Using DevExpress Universal 13.2, developers can build elegant, fast, touch-enabled solutions for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, HTML5 and Windows 8 platforms using their existing skill sets and technology investments. The latest release includes enterprise-ready capabilities designed to help software developers build next-generation experiences ranging from Office-inspired desktop and Web applications to touch-enabled mobile solutions targeting iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Surface Pro.

Dundas: Dundas Dashboard is a Web-based platform for rapidly developing custom, interactive dashboards. It acts as a central BI portal allowing users to visualize and analyze data from across the organization. Dundas Dashboard 5.0 supports Big Data sources and includes several enhancements, including advanced usage tracking, an interactive HTML5 mobile interface, and support for Map/Reduce technologies.

Infragistics: Infragistics Ultimate makes it easy to build great-looking, high-performance Windows, Web and mobile apps. The suite includes comprehensive tools for Windows Forms, WPF, Windows 8, ASP.NET, HTML5 and jQuery. The latest 2013.2 release adds support for Visual Studio 2013 and iOS 7, touch and gesture capabilities across all platforms, and Indigo Studio, a complete solution for designing interactive prototypes. It also includes tools for building cross-platform applications that look native on any mobile device, as well as desktop and platform-specific controls for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.