Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announces the addition of a barcode API, an OCR API, a conversion API and the Viewer Wizard to Accusoft Cloud Services for a more extensive feature set and a tailor-made viewing experience.

Exciting New APIs
Three new APIs can be used to add new functionality to enhance your applications.

  • Barcode API – Through implementing the new barcode API, you’ll attain the ability to read and write 1D, 2D, QR codes and more. It even provides the ability to easily recognize multiple barcodes in one image.
  • OCR API – The Document Text Reader API allows you to read text from a raster document, producing either text or a searchable PDF. This product is perfect for publishing businesses and libraries that need to streamline their archival process.
  • Conversion API – Convert dozens of different files types to PDF, SVG and other formats. Because many document management systems require a single format, this API can convert to JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG and TIFF to accommodate your needs.

Getting the Online Document Viewer You Want
The newly added Viewer Wizard empowers customers to totally customize their user experience. Using the configuration tool, you can generate HTML to drop into your page. A step-by-step process allows you to choose from a host of viewing and search functions and easily select the size and color scheme of your online document viewer.

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