Accusoft the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, announces today that it has released PDF Xpress version 6, an enhanced version of its software development kit (SDK) for empowering applications to create, modify, and render standard Adobe PDF and PDF/A files.

A longtime leader in advanced image compression technology, Accusoft has added PDF compression functions in version 6. Now applications built with PDF Xpress can make the PDF files they create or modify dramatically smaller, with customizable settings to control the type and amount of compression applied. PDF Xpress now includes a new automated function that analyzes PDFs to find ways to optimize image compression and reduce overall file size with little or no visible loss in display quality.

In testing, PDF Xpress reduced a 12-page PDF file from 45.5 MB to under 2 MB, for a 96% savings. (The actual compression achievable depends on the size and number of images in the PDF and other factors.)

Compressed PDFs take up less storage space and display more quickly, especially when viewed online. That’s a boon to developers who want the PDFs output from their applications to be easy to view through mobile devices, and those who want to offer visitors to their websites rapid display of PDF content. Smaller PDFs also print faster, and transmit faster when shared, a plus for any service provider delivering PDF files to end users.

PDF Xpress v6 also offers convenience to designers and developers, who can now optimize multiple images contained within a PDF in a single operation.
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