Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for embedded software quality, announced today that ActiGraph, a global provider of activity monitoring solutions to the clinical research community, has selected VectorCAST to automate testing activities across the company’s software development lifecycle.

ActiGraph’s innovative and extensively validated hardware and software solutions deliver accurate, measurable insight into the real-world physiological behaviors of subjects involved in a variety of research and clinical projects. ActiGraph hardware and software products are the most widely used and extensively validated objective activity monitoring technology available.

ActiGraph’s activity monitors are small wearable devices designed for documenting physical movement associated with applications in physiological monitoring. The activity monitors are used by researchers around the world to capture and record continuous, high resolution physical activity and sleep/wake information. The monitors feature a gyroscope, magnetometer, and secondary accelerometer to deliver valuable information about movement, rotation, and body position.

After an extensive evaluation process, the ActiGraph development team chose the VectorCAST test automation platform for its advanced functionality and IEC 62304 certification.

The VectorCAST test automation platform provides a continuous test environment for the development of medical device applications. With VectorCAST, development organizations can achieve compliance with FDA General Principles of Software Validation and IEC 62304 medical device regulations. VectorCAST provides automated solutions for unit, integration, and system testing, as well as code coverage analysis, requirements traceability, and on-target testing.

“The VectorCAST platform provides us with the tools we need to begin development of our newest generation of activity monitors,” said Genevieve K. Murray, director of marketing at ActiGraph, LLC. “Key to our decision was Vector Software’s certification of VectorCAST for developing safety-related software and its ability to integrate easily within the ActiGraph development environment.”

“A growing number of organizations are using VectorCAST for the development of safety-critical software systems for medical devices,” stated William McCaffrey, Vector Software’s chief operating officer. “Vector Software is proud to be chosen by ActiGraph. We are committed to developing and supporting embedded testing solutions that improve software quality and reliability.”