GrapeCity today announced the availability of ActiveReports Server Beta, a stunningly rich 100% Web-based ad hoc self-service reporting solution with built-in, secure, scalable storage and distribution capabilities that allow companies to rapidly deploy self-service reporting to a large number of business users more effectively than traditional reporting tools.
ActiveReports Server provides answers to these important questions:
• How can we effectively empower business users to develop and distribute their reports?
• What do IT administrators need to successfully deploy reporting initiatives with fewer resources?
• How can software developers add self-service reporting features with minimal programming?
In doing so, ActiveReports Server provides a highly intuitive self-service reporting solution that meets the growing demand for ad hoc reporting by business users while offering many features and benefits.

ActiveReports Server addresses the needs of these categories of users:
Business Users:
• Rich drag & drop end user report designer enables intuitive Web reporting.
• Logical data models provide familiar business context and jump-start user adoption.
• Built-in report design efficiencies help to create consistently great looking reports.
• Self-scheduling delivers reports to multiple stakeholders.
IT Administrators:
• 100% Web-based reporting platform eliminates the need for desktop installs.
• Scalable reporting server provides built-in load balancing and clustering.
• Central role-based permissions and administration secures reports.
• Report scheduling and distribution capabilities allow enterprise-wide access.
Software Developers:
• Out-of-the-box ad hoc reporting capabilities require minimal programming.
• Server side storage renders and distributes ActiveReports XML report files.
• Server-based perpetual licensing eliminates the need for end user fees.
• Web services and ASP.NET components provide programmatic integration.