Addressing backlog management to improve productivity, agile ALM solutions provider Aldon has introduced Aldon Agile Manager, a new and free agile project management application.

The Web-based product enables users to manage and prioritize stories in backlogs, plan releases and sprints, and keep track of development tasks and stories, the company said. Whether teams develop using Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, lean or a hybrid approach, Aldon Agile Manager can maintain a team’s existing terms and workflow, according to the product announcement.

In addition, Aldon Agile Manager includes inline editing and dynamic sorting features. Users can make changes to items in the backlog without going to a separate screen to perform edit functions, and it can sort the backlog so that highest-priority stories or most-current releases are displayed first. Users can also mass edit or delete multiple stories in the backlog, which helps keep the backlog up to date, said a company statement.

Aldon Agile Manager’s release-planning screen allows users to view, add and modify details of a story, as well as to create and plan multiple releases by moving stories from the backlog to a designated release.

“The idea was to have a centralized backlog that’s accessible to everyone while giving the right tools to those involved in the project (whether they are product owners or Scrum masters) to manage and prioritize the backlog,” said Daniel Magid, Aldon’s chief product strategist.

Aldon Agile Manager is available as a free download. Users can also access the Aldon Agile Manager backlog, make feature requests, and vote on other requests, which will help determine what will be done next with the product, Magid said.