SharePoint project and work management software provider EPM Live has built out its solution with Agile Software Development for SharePoint, an application that helps organizations adopt a more agile approach to project management.

Under agile practices, development shops create pieces of applications in an iterative fashion, with requirements frequently changing and team members becoming available to take on work at different times.

Agile Software Development for SharePoint enables project stakeholders to log in and see the status of work items, and the application provides a view of all active, proposed and closed projects. Users can also drill down into each project for more detail.

The software also includes a Backlog Center, where items to be completed are listed, and from where project team members can grab approved items for specific iterations. Further, a Resource Center shows the work items allocated to the team and each member’s capacity to take on work, helping in a more even distribution of work. Additionally, an Issue Center lets users monitor the work of others so as to mitigate the impact of that work on a team member’s own work. The software also comes with reporting services, including KPI dashboards, and customized Chart Web Parts and SQL Reporting Services.