Kaspersky Labs developed a black box that is a protected Layer 3 switch powered by the Kaspersky operating system for networks with extreme requirements for data security.

According to Eugene Kaspersky, a cybersecurity expert, this technology will be applied to other Internet of Things devices, because the operating system is “ideal for applications where a small, optimized and secure platform is required.”

The operating system is based on microkernel architecture, and there is a built-in security system that controls the behavior of applications and the operating system’s modules. Kaspersky wrote that it would be expensive to hack this platform because someone would need to break the digital signature. Also, the operating system has been built from scratch, which he said is safer.

IBM Bluemix can handle data-driven decisions
IBM has announced new cloud data services and features on IBM Bluemix that aim to help companies accelerate the migration of their data to the cloud so they can make better data-driven decisions.

The new services include IBM Decision Optimization on the cloud, which uses CPLEX engines. It’s now in beta on Bluemix and can ingest a large amount of data, including predications, transactional data, business goals, and business rules, said the company.

Other services include Bluemix Lift, which is a data migration tool for the Watson Data Platform. IBM also announced dashDB for transactions, which is a fully managed database service on Bluemix, and it helps developer bridge data for transactional or web workloads to the cloud. It is also part of IBM’s dashDB portfolio.

CA Technologies announced new agile capabilities
At this year’s CA World ‘16 conference, CA Technologies announced additions to its DevOps portfolio that increase agility in application management and monitoring to drive velocity and improve user experience.

New capabilities include real-time insights, automated workflows, and cloud connectors for experiencing intelligence and modern application management, according to the company. Organizations that are looking to deliver a better user experience can use the CA APM integration with the recently launched CA App Experience Analytics solution, which helps companies resolve any performance issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

For faster releases, CA Technologies announced that CA BlazeMeter has integration with CA APM. With both of these tools, developers can identify performance issues before the customer is directly impacted, the company said.

More information on the new capabilities can be found here.

DevRant creates infographic displaying developer personalities
devRant, a mobile application and its community, recently looked at the social behaviors of its developers. It found different personality types and how “social and chatty” certain developers are based on the programming language they use.

DevRant allows developers to share their frustrations about code, technology, and their daily happenings on the devRant platform. After looking at the average amount of comments developers post on other users’ rants, devRant was able to find how social they were in its community.

Findings included that PHP developers lead the pack with the most comments, while Objective-C had half as many comments per user as PHP. DevRant also looked at developers who were the most verbose by counting the average number of words in each rant they posted. C# developers were the most wordy, said Tim Rogus, cofounder of devRant.

The full infographic is below: