Digital transformation company today announced the release of Corbett, the most recent update to its AI-powered DevOps platform. Corbett is geared at helping organizations deliver applications with better user experiences while also enhancing the productivity of development teams.

With Corbett, teams gain access to intelligence features that allow for the leveraging of AI to deliver improved software. now integrates and centralizes data from more sources from development through to production, so users can avoid ruined reports and analytics and use AI to predict possible outcomes based on past results.

This release brings new persona-based dashboards that can be used to analyze data for every stage of application development and delivery while also showing performance indicators for team and princess efficiencies as well as risk reduction. 

The company stated that this expands on the existing predictive intelligence capabilities that apply machine learning to help teams assess alternatives, manage tradeoffs, and make choices in a more predictive way.

“The release of Corbett underscores our commitment to provide an open DevOps platform built for the enterprise and to deliver targeted solutions that support the complexity and scale of the world’s largest organizations,” said Derek Holt, CEO of “With the Corbett release we take another big step forward as we deliver all new versions of our market-leading offerings and dramatically enhance the role of data, ML and AI within software development and delivery. As the pace of AI-based innovation continues to accelerate we are excited to harness the power of AI to unlock value not just for individuals, but for teams and organizations.”

Among the key enhancements included in Corbett is an improved Jailbreak Bypass Detection so that users can automatically detect the newest bypasses. This works to frustrate attackers and prevent jailbreaks.

Furthermore, teams get Release Manager and Platform Engineering Intelligence which works to cut back on risk by analyzing release dependencies and success trends to improve upon the identification of why releases might fail.

Lastly, Corbett offers the ability to integrate security checks into release pipelines for better governance. This lets organizations automatically check whether or not a list of protections has been applied to a mobile app by utilizing a new integration with OPA.

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