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Report: Small businesses are seeing greatest benefits from Agile

Small businesses are the happiest adopters of Agile, with fifty-two percent saying it works “very or somewhat well” and citing that it is a “powerful productivity and organizational framework” that leads to better collaboration, improved software quality, and better business alignment. This is according to’s 17th annual State of Agile report, which surveyed 788 … continue reading updates platform to offer better predictive analytics

The DevSecOps provider has announced new capabilities to its platform to provide customers with better predictive analytics across the software development life cycle.  New predictive intelligence features include Flow Acceleration, which predicts development cycle times; Quality Improvement, which provides early detection of defects; Change Risk Prediction, which identifies risky changes, reduces change failure, and … continue reading’s AI powered DevOps platform allows developers to build and deliver code more intelligently

Digital transformation company today announced the release of Corbett, the most recent update to its AI-powered DevOps platform. Corbett is geared at helping organizations deliver applications with better user experiences while also enhancing the productivity of development teams. With Corbett, teams gain access to intelligence features that allow for the leveraging of AI to … continue reading

Value stream management provides predictability in unpredictable times

In 2019, most business leaders probably wouldn’t have predicted the changes that would be coming their way in early 2020 thanks to a global pandemic. If they had, perhaps they would have been able to make decisions more proactively and wouldn’t have had to scramble to convert their workforce to remote, digitize all their experiences, … continue reading announces newest version of AI-Powered DevOps Platform

Today, the digital transformation company announced the Banff release of its AI-Powered DevOps Platform. This release brings users expanded intelligence, automation, and collaboration in order to help companies accelerate their digital transformation.  According to, with this latest version, public sector and enterprise organizations can speed up delivery while still managing risks and focusing … continue reading updates DevOps portfolio to improve efficiency in software planning has announced several releases across its portfolio of Agile and DevOps products. Updates include Agility 21.3, Release 10.3, and Deploy 10.3. Agility 21.3 includes usability improvements, such as checking that required fields in tasks are completed before a story or defect is closed, and columns that auto-collapse if empty in … continue reading

SD Times news digest: AWS Cloud Control API, TypeScript 4.5 beta, announces AI solution for SAFe

Amazon announced the availability of AWS Cloud Control API, a set of common APIs designed to allow developers to manage their AWS and third-party services with ease. This standard set of APIs helps users Create, Read, Update, Delete and List (CRUDL) resources across hundreds of AWS Services and dozens of third-party services. AWS Cloud Control … continue reading

Why value stream management is a must-do, not a “nice to do”

Rome wasn’t built in a day and apps aren’t developed overnight. Or at least they shouldn’t be. Speed to market isn’t going to help drive business if the product you are delivering doesn’t meet your customers’ expectations. The digital transformation challenge Online sales increased 43% year-over-year for the month of September, as commerce and customer … continue reading

Why value stream matters to DevOps and the business

Traditional DevOps initiatives have enabled businesses to become more Agile, automate more, make smaller changes, and get releases out faster… but that’s not enough to compete in today’s modern development world.  According to Mike O’Rourke, chief research and development officer at, there is a missing link between DevOps and the business. “There is no … continue reading

Business and DevOps value streams need better alignment’s 2020 State of Agile report revealed that over half of its survey respondents either had implemented or were planning to implement value stream management (VSM). But despite its popularity, in many organizations it has fallen into the same trap as many new development methodologies — it’s not being implemented 100% correctly. Often, VSM is … continue reading

State of Agile report reveals an increased interest in value stream management

As organizations are looking to expand Agile practices throughout the entire business, they are starting to turn to value stream management (VSM). released the 14th annual State of Agile report, which revealed 78% of respondents are interested in VSM, planning to implement it, or in the stages of implementing it.  “We expect a greater … continue reading Protection Status