has announced several releases across its portfolio of Agile and DevOps products. Updates include Agility 21.3, Release 10.3, and Deploy 10.3. Agility 21.3 includes usability improvements, such as checking that required fields in tasks are completed before a story or defect is closed, and columns that auto-collapse if empty in Portfolio Item Kanban, story, task, and test boards. 

Updates in Release 10.3 include a new multi-select Listbox for managing multiple application releases and a Kubernetes Operator for Release and Deploy. 

And Deploy 10.3 also adds a new redeployment capability that makes it so that applications don’t have to be undeployed before they are redeployed.

“Integrating tools and tracking progress of work items across complex release processes is challenging for large enterprises. At, we have been focused on improving our ability to provide end-to-end visibility of software deliveries, increasing the efficiency of organizations’ release processes,” the company wrote in a post